(Company Literary Empire Trust Property Equity Product appearance and Arch Prince's Temperamental Colours Administration Record Date: 12 February 2012) If their bullying does not come to an end we will continue to have little conversations all the time about the things I am meant to say when they complain.

It is not as such on my part an interference with Government governing space like it is claimed. The fact of the matter is that these envy freak idiots and their obsession with my income is an insult that does not have a description and must be put in its place. If Politicians want to be a part of it, then there is no point complaining. I have never said people should always allow me do what I like lest racists get out of hand because I am black. I have always maintained that if racists get their hands on things they can improve their racism with they will certainly do it, so why make me available. If they will not leave me alone I will be famous because I need it and they will not be because I don’t care what their feelings are. It’s the same old story; imagine Politicians and Celebrities having sex-of course both occasions are horrifying eventualities but they have got their insults their hands on my finances with all kinds of media rubbish and of course Television Cameras. Being prepared for a royal life has not actually got anything to do with them and their interference makes it increasingly more and more and more annoying, it does not make sense that they complain.

That I bring the things which happen to me upon myself with respect to my earnings specifically is utter nonsense. I mean the fact here is that the best day of my life was when I got a royal estate from the Queen, now I am certain everybody can bear witness to what has become of my fortunes because of them and what my fortunes have become because of them. I have not started hurting anybody because of this at least not yet, so why would people presume so early that I bring what happens to me upon myself because of the things I do to others. I mean what are they doing with that stupid insolent media these days anyway, giving me a different life from the one that is mine?

The idea I am in some kind of trouble because a set of idiots cannot refrain from contacts with me on Public Television using wrong Publicity about me which is then used to destroy my earnings in order to give some stupid girl her own to make her proud of herself is entirely fabricated. I am not in any stupid trouble of that nature especially the one involving how they control me and my life and my career and so on. They control nothing around here or anywhere. The truth is that they can see I am somebody who has continually had very important things to me damaged by stupid women and opportunistic men they take advantage of as well and so having been I am now a rounded individual and successful, it must mean there is a defence I have built for it that nobody else should have access to. In the end the way it works has more to do with things about me I should share with none because they help me to be me and especially choose a woman properly with whom I can spend the rest of my life but they will barge into my life and make a mess of it in order to create a scandal with it and when I scandalize it for them as well bearing in mind it comes from the horse’s mouth it hurts them instead and then they get on that Television and public media to do all that rubbish they usually do about death threats towards me that only I can understand so that I might give them anything they want.

The last time I checked it was a case of getting off to run those death threats along the lines of how they are fans of Russia and that I will be dead soon if they don’t have what they want especially the kind of sex they want to have. I was on course to ensure it ended with a case of questions about whether they think they are sitting somewhere in the UN security council and that this is somewhere in Syria or something but that moved on quickly and so I had to settle for putting out equities for regulation of the internet instead.

The Politicians on the other hand always seem to want me to make conversations about their part whereas it seems every idiot that you can ever get into trouble with by leaving your home to get involved with them is barged into your life because you are a Christian and somebody wants to move into your right and cause you to be angry and temperamental so that it might attract racists whenever he spins it while running away with everything you work for because it is how they work harder for the laziness than they ever need to for the money, then make it out in Parliament to be a means of telling me where I am supposed to be while they also tell racists where they are supposed to be which will never work-they can tell the racists but they don’t tell me. After all these years; I mean wreck people’s lives because you want to move into my right to have evil cultural victories against their faith and be glorious over 5 years or 6 but in this case ten and counting; and for what? where I am supposed to be will lead to something else entirely because until I met them the workings of my mind has always been on the prognosis of living where I live working where I work and getting on where I am; so it still operated along the lines of finding out what I can do with myself at the Labour market to earn enough money to make me okay somewhere in Africa but now security for me in another country is not a guaranteed thing since they got involved with their persecution because they want to move into my right and feel glorious, it can only be balanced if they understand their stupid country will be torn to pieces for them otherwise they will continue to make out it is funny that when they do those their racist rubbish of planning to make sure I am in some kind of suffering which they find funny, knowing somebody will be giving me a job somewhere, somebody will be marking my papers in school etc, those things will never be remedied. So there is still the one question; if it is funny, what is so funny about it. I mean it is likely to be until I walk in there with arms and while they are being funny shoot or stab them seriously because the outcome of what they have done is round me up like an animal and drag me into their pathetic lives where they can then issue death threats at me, so what is really funny about it?

It is not a problem, that is not what I am saying, I am not giving back that stupid left hand side, that is not what I am saying either. The way I relate with it personally is that all I have said above are facts the way I see it is that they are still the same old incredibly evil people who never tell others it is about their wickedness. When they were young, they were immoral (I.e. when they depend on their parents for everything what they could think about doing with themselves is immorality-which I guess is so because they never want to be thankful to their parents for anything-I just fail to see what it has to do with me. It is not to say they don’t have problems either because their parents are just as twisted and until they grab a child and twist him seriously with some stupid doctrine of hate that they think only happens in their country or community or whatever they will never rest and the purpose of it will always be that they wanted to move into my right to be glorious and I refused so they found some other person who gave them what they wanted), when they started earning money with things like lies their socialist Politicians tell on their behalf and the problems they create for others to add to the ones they already have in order to make power, they become evil all together and when they start having children they become selfish and more so with respect to all the other issues. I am just not their father, I don’t keep their money, I don’t keep their health and safety and wellbeing or any procedure of that kind and these acts of lunacy on my property and earnings will be funded.

It is safe to say the war is over, all those get rich quick youths and their fame industry idiots are probably dead by now and I have done my best to ensure the deaths are minimal as well, so I don’t expect them to wind me up again (half looking like they know what the wrong thing is and are ever prepared to do it, whom I should never get into a fight with unless I am armed as well, while the other half is completely naïve except for plans and ability to kill other human beings, whose problems are not my business).

So let us start from the old case of Homosexual and Civil partnerships that must be blessed in Church. The fact of which first of all with respect to church bureaucracy are that it is not against the Bible to preach the Gospel in a gay bar but it is against the Bible to bless homosexual relationships and civil partnerships in the Church. However the reason no body preaches the gospel in gay bars these days is because homosexuals do get to make it clear to the rest of us which gospels they have heard and which ones they don’t want to hear anymore, so first we are not responsible for them when we stand before God to give an account of how we have lived on earth and while we are not dead yet it applies that what two agree upon it is agreed in heaven as well, apart from which it is in the first place up to the Holy Spirit who gets a change of heart and gets converted. On the side of Priests that may want to go along with such things are that these are very twisted and deceitful individuals whose arguments about their homosexuality I have heard murderers use in the past, therefore never what they think it is. With respect to society and marriage in itself on the other hand is another ball game entirely because we call homosexuality for example a marriage not because it is one for there is no such thing but because in a social context there is a marriage of tow ideologies and two issues in society when two people of the same sex get married. A typical manner of understanding these things is gut instinct for example. Judging from a Me and my mother and my wife circle of all that matters to me about the sexual and procreative side of life-in a scenario of show me yours I show you mine, it is easy to see there is nothing about homosexuality that is natural, there is nothing about it that is good and there is nothing about it that is a marriage, however being that peoples freedoms must be respected. It’s as though an old man did a stupid thing and you tried to understand it for example, it does not mean anything and you need to work on your respect for people. I don’t want to know about it and I don’t want it blessed in Church otherwise the status quo of which gospels they have heard and which they don’t want to hear anymore will be undone and then there will be need for a new one.

Inferences always seem to be drawn with the things that Jesus Christ did but clearly the Christ we had in the flesh is not the Christ that is glorified in the flesh. The Christ that was the Christ in the flesh was the Christ that performed the atonement and gave us the gospels we have and the central culture around which the atonement was performed was rooted in the fact that the buck stops with him. So we have the atonement we get it whenever we want it, so do us the gospel but we cannot perform the atonement as well. I know because I am seen the face of God before and cannot perform the atonement. It is clear to see from the things I write and say that if I committed my blood to the salvation of another person I will likely to have saved his soul for the Kingdom of God but even then I still will not have been able to perform the atonement. There is the other side to it as well which is the plain and simple fact that homosexuality is born out of hate and the end product of homosexuality is hate of another person-its like that Child that never wants to sit with somebody else when he sits anywhere, if you ask him he will tell you the other child dresses and moves around in a way which irritates him. The grown up versions will never tell you what they really think because they are always making plans to put it to some privilege of injustice; we should not merely assume that it is perfectly okay to blame everything on racist who have deep intolerance for people that are not of the same skin colour as they are.


I should make it clear that the biggest problem that my products and temperamentally developed colours face is American insolent self improvement based vandalism and in general Media based self improvement Politics, which I have taken steps to deal with accordingly and therefore likely to be expressed today with violence and 'dis-empowered' anger. These things do not change the fact that security had been brokered on this firm on the fact products are to be purchased and consumed not purchased for their equities to be abused by those who feel as though they should take an opportunity to create a history whereby a Prince served them, on account they deployed their socialism to find out who brokers equities with who to create products and do not in any way feel that it is provocative either.