(Company Literary Empire Trust Property Equity Product appearance and Arch Prince's Temperamental Colours Administration Record Date: 12 February 2012) Now for the sake of clearing it up I want to move this into Political matters. Typical example being that some stupid girls and their greed and wickedness are yet to realise or figure out that the diplomatic world is a very violent place. Some of them seem to have fame and then maybe they look after themselves and dress well therefore assume already that this will save them, when they match their social thugs to combat situations armed forces  get involved with and presume to be on top of the world. They are not on top of the world and I am in no way whatsoever intimidated by them like their media fools like to make out on Television to help them to my earnings and wreck my property every day. I have set out on my journals things about the Working Court and the Court fringes, so it is not as they can see like the ancient days where we have bare breasted women in court and people normally announce their presence in the Country with giant entourages etc. It’s all computerized and wired these days, the call it cloak and dagger. Now with respect to the financial world, there are still those socialists thugs that like to make out they do not believe it is okay for Bank bosses to give up their bonuses. I for my part do not think it is any of their business either; if somebody gives up an insignificant but considerably large bonus as compared to how much his company has made recently by perhaps making services more expensive to consumers due to the economic conditions or cutting costs elsewhere such as job cuts or both, it is a gesture that exists between them and their consumers and they should be allowed to profit from it. I do not believe that idiots shooting off their mouth about what is fair and what is not do anything to improve anything whatsoever; they rather love their claim that they need to be like that because of the things people do to socialism whenever they want to be rich but it is not a strange story anyway. What is never clear to socialists is that a percentage of the things people get rich with belong to other people. The fact being that if somebody takes 50% of what belongs to me and destroys the other 50% so that I can never defend myself, it applies that if I destroy the 50% he has taken because he must not have it if I don’t, then there will be nothing left. Most people do not want to fight over these things, not because they cannot or are cowards but because they do not want to, socialists idiots shooting off their mouths and manipulating people will lead to absolute disaster and they will be in the middle of it too. All people really want is a job and the ability to keep their homes and not lose it to debt or anything else.  I am not saying this to please socialists either, socialism is very corrupt and a very wicked ideology; I for example am a typical demonstration i.e. if somebody got rich by taking half of what I own and then destroying the other half to control me and I did not destroy the half he took because there would be nothing left, what exactly is the wealth distribution involved when a government barges into my privacy to explain away my projects as part of their culture so their stupid children can tap into it to get rich quick without doing any work? It is getting worse and worse; first they were my business cycle and economic cycle tease figures, now they are becoming enemies altogether.

What I have done for my part is take steps because to me only two groups of people exist in the world that actually do bring about the economy we have: those who have jobs and those who can account for every penny they earn. The rest are trouble making loose cannons that can only have what they are looking for when there is enough wealth in the economy and enough competent management to create a condition where it comes back to those they take it from. Stock market trading, which is basically sitting somewhere to secure deals and watch stock demographics then come off with thousands of Pounds at the other end everyday does not do anything for anybody. Nor does media and advertising ratings-I have no idea how they work out the worth of those ratings they talk about all the time when they know it is a case of finding something that already belongs to somebody else, then show it off on Television or other media and ask others to join them and fight to have it. It is nothing but financial thugs, financial upheaval in front of the door of my House every single day people with lit torches and sticks and stuff because it was said I have something they badly want-I cannot sleep I cannot rest I cannot wake up feel good at any point every single day (this is how I see it I don’t know if there is a better explanation, hence the reason I have taken steps to get them to declare it is what they are as well due to the closeness they have created between their activities and my privacy) because I have no right whatsoever to exist and so if they wind me up with it I intend to positively cut it all to pieces for them. So far I have tried to make things so much less painful and it would have been even better if I was able to complete this job which is still uncompleted on time, however not being able to do so was never my fault because that was a financial issue and guess who were responsible. They always say the things I do pushes people towards homosexuality which makes no sense since it was their idea to persecute me because I am a Christian using things like the beauty of their wives. I do those things because I tend to get the feeling they pawn their wives in such ways because they are homosexual. Besides which if somebody leaves his wife and covets the wife I have not yet married then there is no point complaining when he could be fighting instead-its very touch talking and for now there is a lot of negative vibes in my direction because I have not yet separated them from those women so that they might cook their own tea for by themselves etc.

It is always suggested that I am too laughing and too playful and as such it is impossible for me to get on with my job when anybody can pick up on such moments and use it as get rich quick and be famous capital which is what they do as well all the time, making it look as though I approve everything they do around me with their celebrity culture, then pretend to control that until it becomes real and try their stupid hands on bullying me all the time.

It is nothing to worry about for me as far as I am concerned. The truth is that they are nothing but a group of people that like to have people’s lives and property in a condition where they can pay for the damages they do and they cannot pay for any that they do here, they just cannot and more so I have had enough of them and do not have to be angry all the time to make that clear.

All that flattering women on TV and then getting involved with me to tell me they are talking to their age mates and not to me and stuff; I mean they are not talking to me, it gets more and more and more incredible every day, as though I don’t know that with those cameras with which they don’t know the difference between people’s privacy and their stupid jobs, each time they train it on those women who get on TV to report the news it is not a problem for me.

They tell me I have no regard for women who clearly know what they want obviously so they will hunt down other people’s children and make them into what they want them to be with media and bully society they have connections with. This of which is not the main issue because it is the things they do to ensure society is a good place for everybody which I have no respect for that is more interesting. The point of course always being that she lives here, she now lives in my life as well not withstanding of which anything she does to completely wreck anything here especially what is incredibly expensive and difficult to create has a perfectly good explanation which always makes sense no matter what it is.

As for the men they are more content with endless complains about how bad my views on racism really is. I have no idea why they always do that anyway. I mean what is racism? If we need to know what racism in everyday life is? Maybe it’s a white man who is scared of a black man behaving or living in a certain way because if the black man does, racists always come round to bother him. Then again if you say leave alone the black man to be himself and be yourself how much is the black man helping anybody to enforce that? Besides which everybody knows if you tie up a black man and tell a racist to use a weapon on him, regardless of what the law says the racist will, so we all know that and it is therefore not clear what my views on racism are always required for by a collection of idiot who were dunces are school and have now found a way out through media to get lots of money without having to get a real job and therefore think bullying people is meant to have been a normal daily event that the victims are supposed to get used to while they make money from it and can never stop. I mean the Politicians were gave them this upstart on me were dunces are well which is why they got elected yes but do they realise that they now have a problem too? It is a democratic society and I don’t have a problem with who elects who and for what but I don’t feel bullied, it is only when I do that such idiots will win besides which the Politicians must be doing the things they do because they want to be famous as well which is mind blowing because they clearly know what they need to do to be famous and that this is not it. The truth of it is that these are pockets and pockets of gangs whose primary existence is anti Law and order, clearly they are members of a gang somewhere and think that if a have a trophy member they will win their fights against a rival one but if I am more successful than they are and am a Royal Prince while they are no body without having to be a member of a gang what does that mean, that we are equals? And if it does not mean we are equals then what is going on? The fact that what is happening to me is racism in itself? What do they want my views on racism for, to fight racists? Everybody knows an established fact here which is that they are cowards.

Then they talk of the economy and this has never been an issue. They are always with that stupid media and celebrity culture that I intend to cut to pieces to send a message, cashing into an empire trust that businesses around the world hold on my behalf with which they do things in my interest as well and it is particularly my earnings that tickles them the most because they are not just dunces, they are incredibly lazy and always want more than they need too.    I do not remember myself on any occasion permitting anybody nor have I ever signed any contract allowing people to cash into my intellectual property or my intellectual space and as for the games with the Politicians with which they create me really difficult copyright ownership and management over my book sales, it will lead to a condition where every act people carry out which involves buying anything from them will be an affront to my personal safety and well being which is what the fact they are stupid and cannot have a lot of money with stupidities so they can follow me everywhere to bully me gave me in the first place. They never ever create or sell anything unless it involves abusing me and why would people buy such things because the can buy anything?

On this matter I must ensure that it is the day that people will make use of the correct apparatus to be rich and famous to be rich and famous, that they will ever be free of me.


I should make it clear that the biggest problem that my products and temperamentally developed colours face is American insolent self improvement based vandalism and in general Media based self improvement Politics, which I have taken steps to deal with accordingly and therefore likely to be expressed today with violence and 'dis-empowered' anger. These things do not change the fact that security had been brokered on this firm on the fact products are to be purchased and consumed not purchased for their equities to be abused by those who feel as though they should take an opportunity to create a history whereby a Prince served them, on account they deployed their socialism to find out who brokers equities with who to create products and do not in any way feel that it is provocative either.