That the fact I watch Pornography is a huge problem is not one of those matters that make any sense whatsoever. Of course I watch Pornography but it is not anywhere near half the way the idiots that create problems out of it say it is. The way it works is that all we ever see at the Pornography is fools that have made alliances with some stupid community croon that has given them power and right to have anal sex which they then do in Public tape it and sell it but because it must have something to do with me and my importance and my office and then have something to do with their fame and fortune in opposition and contention with the good kids that always get all the attention and are good because they want everything to be given to them etc, the question becomes that of who the hell they think they are. So when I have no privacy I watch it and put out statements in Public that I have accompanied by my own interpretation of their sex lives which is also convincing because it is sex we are talking about and people always want to explore it. Bearing in mind they have not given me back my 20 thousand pounds they cost me while I tried to get my degree done because when they have orgies in Universities during their drunken social lives etc there are just some people out there that they must take it out on at all times and endlessly too. Later on the justification I am a fool when I have begun to need medial help with the state of my mentality comes along to ensure they are justified to do it and we will see about that in its own right as well. For now it seems that when they do these things they expect the privilege of a condition where I do something about some of it but not all with a big mouth, so they can win because they are superior and I really like the other bit where they want my job because they are older than I am, I can see somebody older doing this anyway and more so without any experience; so I can rid the world of some of them too. The bit where they will create a new scandal for me over the pornography and then make themselves a new past and new history having been they have worked it all out with flashy boys getting famous so when I defend myself against such things I get worse of - now they have got it all figured out with their idiots that always want to do other peoples jobs and have other peoples lives, who when stopped find ways of earning from it instead to provoke them and cause destruction; it will be looked at in its own merit, just like the one about how it is justified because I am a dunce and those their fame idiot can talk, I intend to shut them up as well.

I mean, in their minds it is meant to have been the case that when I live in nice people street and they live in Pornography street and usually have this open sessions where people go to see them have sex with each other as an event developed on the basis of my life which I have been detached from and more so if it happens to have been built from my privacy, when I look at it I am looking at myself because they appear on media, hence the new lives and histories that they will now have. Stupid catch-up spat losers-this is how I put it to establish touch with reality and to detach it from my job.

It is a very familiar story with sociopaths and their help from Politicians to stalk people and get involved with peoples business; in my case they know that if they mess around with my book sales when I trust others to do it, which I have to, I can call for aid from the fans and this is what their biggest problem is; bearing in mind they want to make a lot of money with my work and give me peanuts in return for it having this power to call for aid from fans has filled them with determination to ensure I never sell a copy of it, so such aid can never materialise and this is where they fight is; bearing in mind stupid boys are already having sex with older women on me, then talking rubbish at me all the time on Public Media, while I over develop my talents and wait for accusations and punishments with their big mouth.

It is not a rise high and fall hard thing; it is a matter where we are returning to the point of effective revenge from me over years of wasting my years, so I might have no time to catch up on academic work in a way that they will control i.e. I might have narrowed choices until I have a single one left and they can tell me what to do to have it and if I don't co-operate take it away. The same attitude has already been extended to my books and caused me huge amounts of damage; three years gone and more attacks on my academic and professional work, reputation decimated fame destroyed finances destroyed, so they can get involved with the process of the business of getting it sold or distributed in order to control me have these their stupid desires met. I seems we have come full circle and it is my turn.


They speak of the things I do which I have no right to. Last I checked they were the one who saw me and my business and thought it would be a great idea if they started breaking out colloquial news that I sleep with their wives. I mean I have already begun sleeping with peoples wives at the beginning of a business on National Media for good measure to speak of it. This was ten years ago. Since then it has been a case of women who come to me for help and securities I provide them which they are well aware is part of a business and that at some point I will need to deploy it for its purpose and what I must do is give them time having been they had settled in on the fact it is better for them to be part of something that to be part of nothing. Then they will get involved from there and it will be an endless game of wrong publicities where I claim to know people who are better than me and do not know me. How many time exactly must I set up my business and then take it down and start again because each time I settle in on what is what they wait for me to set up the business then tell people its all a lie and that I claim things and make assumptions about people? They have their destructiveness and their corruptions of involvement and their media and can get involved with anything and I want to find out just how destructive too for my part.

The idea that it really troubles me when they laugh at the condition is absolute rubbish. it does not; it makes me want to break them that is what it does. Because what we have here is a set of people that like to barge into a livelihood that belongs to others in order to sit down and do personality issues over their earnings. What do they mean exactly by the persons who have gotten them to let go of all they know which has been clogging up their mind so they can start again and become even richer and more inspiring? How do they get to where they get to when they are so stupid? I can only conclude it is a factor of who they take advantage of and I am not one of those. I mean all it really is about is how somebody’s life will be completely destroyed so that their businesses can be used to locate market for them by people who will give them money to get rich and there is no vocational or academic means by which any of these things they do to get rich are possible and of course it completely wrecks and wreaks absolute havoc on the economy as a whole with an injection of unemployment and lack of revenue for the government.


As for the stupid Politicians anyway the question is still that of what exactly would make them give tax payers money which they clearly worked for and those they give them to worked for as well, to sociopaths. We all know what they think about is how to ensure people will have careers but it will still be one they dominate, people will have relationships but it will be on the condition they are the dominating force in it etc, so why would anybody aid them with tax payer funds to follow other peoples around with? The normal course of events is supposed to be a process where they start people off and the stronger rise above them and help the weaker out of it because you simply cannot keep them away from jobs for eternity, they need to plan for their pensions as well, they have that right but each time they have jobs they must seek domination and those of them with cultural rubbish to throw around must ensure it exists as an advantage over somebody else which serves the devil; so they are left with their fantasies of power and everybody is okay. I am a sociopath's medical condition is incurable and lucky would be anybody that sits down somewhere to talk rubbish about my Cowardice over these things. Who on earth, what madness gets people to give them tax payers money to rampage all over the place following people around with? What do they hope to accomplish and what does it mean when they claim they are unleashing them on those through whom ideas and glory needed to get things done and bring about economic progress? Do they think that when sociopaths get rich history is rewritten? The question now is my own tax payers money that I need to be given so that I can manage them and if it is not forth coming, the Politicians will pay in kind. Anyhow they want to, I don’t mind.