(Company Literary Empire Trust Property Equity Product appearance and Arch Prince's Temperamental Colours Administration Record Date: 7 March 2012) My real feelings about republicanism do not need to be mentioned. I mean what we have is a collection of very lazy idiots-where a child is talented because of which he gets attention and surprise, surprise a 60 year old wants that attention and puts up a bully show as well, even though he has got a job to attend to. The way it operates is that when he does something and then moves to another and is excited about how well he did the previous one, it means he is republican and must have a new country. But the way it really works in reality is that he is incredibly lazy and expects people to do things for him so when he gets in touch with that his wife that like to change facts about other people’s lives with her lies and the security she must have by bullying people, they both think a time for a new country has arrived and there must be the sharing of other peoples fame etc. In the end what really happens is that the lazy fool who likes to reach for things he has seen other people have by years of work and experience of which I always decide when they bug me it is that my experience thing and I must put them down to experience in my life immediately, they will want it and if they do not get it they have inferiority complex that makes them lash out because they are certain that Politicians will be interested in them if they previously were or are planning to be criminals when they do not have the best education and the best opportunities there is, so the idiot that will never sit down to do anything properly has now grown up, naturally he does not want all the cake in the freezer anymore, he does not want all the chocolate for himself anymore, he has discovered he can have a job in which he is popular or gets to see most of the world and so from there he wants a new country and a new world and this is it; republicanism. 
They love those claims these are things said by a man who has no ability to fight but clearly you will never know what kicks it off despite the fact you know they are incredibly insolent. As I have mentioned on previous occasions of which it is a combination of intense naked greed and laziness of course. So they know that pop stars for example are less likely to harm them in way that will be massively damaging but if a pop star is likely to seduce them and make songs out of it, when they want to get rich they will attack a statesman that is not known to have harmed them in the past instead. 
Then there is the part where these their games relate to God of which the facts remain that he who stirs the demons in the same thing as the demons themselves and has not been doing it in order to provide himself with any stupid means of leadership. It is the same old question, how did they know, and “who told them they were naked.” As for the leadership aspect of things on the other hand altogether, when people have followed paths that they are certain will lead to violence and division they are supposed to get off it immediately, there is no other known way around it. the way the Bible puts it is that there is a way that seems right unto a man but the end is the way of death-the man who wrote that passage was himself a King not a pimp which would therefore have meant he was talking about sex essentially although being a king there was always that connection as well. 
As for the never ending issue between myself and the media, I have no idea what I am meant to do. convention is that I am supposed to set up a market place with items I am trying to sell, not set up a market place with items by which I will choose to exist in obscurity while another group of idiots will be famous with the same item but it is for the latter that a group of idiots cannot cease to get on Public media to create history with me that they control 24/7 literarily. I have no idea what they expect, it is just a market place, it is not clear where they were expecting the cracks to appear anyway so that they can do this, I will never know. As for what I will do about it however, it is the old case of International Mr. ageist who must be able to tell me what to do and his American friends who want to feel like they rule the world as well and you will never catch them telling people this is what they are doing, you will only find them complaining about others. But it is what happens to my market place every day and until they find some crack by which this is possible they never give it a rest and of course when they find that crack they gobble up everything so it is like a nightmare on a daily basis and their mouth is too big for their face as well currently. 
Their Politicians say they want a resurgence of the manufacturing industry but they all chorus how I do not know what I am doing to effect their insolent forced innovation. It does not bother me just like their claims the church does not believe in anything super natural but only in the heritage of the Church gets to show they cannot leave people alone and have been falling on the wrong side of the church all the time; since it is clear that people have not failed to believe in anything supernatural if they wreck your finances like they have mine a little to get me to say something about the gospel because they say it is better to be foolish to know more than pretend to know a lot of never know what the latest is – certainly of course not because they do Politics as well and of which the main issue stays the same i.e. when people feel like doing that their intolerance stuff, they locate peoples personal lives and peoples religion and then later on we all find out they do the intolerance thing deliberately and it has nothing to do with their nature but the issues remain still that they cannot leave people alone. In the case of the economy clearly my business is not too big for me to tell idiots not to sit in front of it causing trouble and when they do I am not too small to make them suffer for it. It was the same with British Leyland of course for it could never be Leyland it had to be British Leyland; I mean could it be Leyland, would it dare, let’s find out in the next episode of British manufacturing. So now they complain like they always do that Germany by Germans, France by French, British by every other country is the way things are going but does anything really change on the ground at all? What I mean is that the fact these hoodlums work on Public TV mostly these days is not to say I am too small to keep them off my business or my business is too big to Police. With respect to how I do not know what I am doing, the story has always been that I run a legitimate business of managing holdings and selling books but the Politicians will never respect my business as one so we have a problem, as for these idiots there is some way that the monster who has fame and does not share it because he likes to see little children cry find a way to ensure I exist in obscurity with my work while the fame goes to somebody else and their women turn up to help me defend myself especially when I don’t want it on media where they complain about their stupid careers to have a prestige story to tell about somebody important stealing their fame. So what has led to the current problems at the moment is that there was a time I wondered what the hell that huge painful knuckling elbow that kept pushing me hard while things were being created and sold was and the fact it was the Germans, who did it so intensely that the French joined me to push them back but as far as they are concerned still no body has seen anything of which they always do such things and there is never a story about it until you do them as well and then everybody hears all. I do not have to show what I know and what I do not to anybody; I just have to look into the matter of who is getting famous with my fame because it really does need to end absolutely. 
Then there is the Japanese as well, they got out in force to dig a hole for me with Pop culture and copycat vandalism, nobody knows how they ended up in the chasm they find themselves today, like dig one for the Japanese. 
They speak of what they know and huge amounts of work created for me on the Media these days, which is never clear what they mean. After all I have already been clear about where things are i.e. government spoke of big society and paying off debts and we are now clear the only problem is the lack of leadership with respect to how businesses get to manage their economic cycle smoothly or more efficiently any which will do, we all know if I get the big huge German knuckling elbow again what I will do will simply become much worse than what I have already done. There is no such thing are more bully work for me on the media, people say that if they are mad-clearly of which it is important I make my leadership available and make it strong as well i.e. a 20 foot poster of some girls picture on my intellectual space appearing in New York with no permission of mine which is how it always happens, resulting in a process where she earns my income instead of work for her own depends on this. Manufacturing is a community thing, they are always interconnected and there are always other very small subordinate ones that need lots of support, site must be available and so must the understanding of the nature of their community made clear too. The question is always that of providing them with structures and the other structures which ensure businesses that are a problem cannot exist; currently can I do this as it stands? Of course, so extravagantly it will only form a paragraph in a book I am trying to write which will then make me really needy. When people say they will ensure my leadership is weak so their vandalism can continue it is always because they do not get the way things are at the moment, the way I feel about those 15 to 20 year old millionaires that do nothing with that money extracted from my property but sit back and attack me to make more which of course is a process of peoples petty stupidities applying on my job and earnings on account an idiot is giving them leverage in that stupid Pop industry; it is not yet serious enough obviously. 
How vicious I become will depend on the intensity of people’s stupid homosexual and racial prejudice and violence against me; they always seem to think that they should make money profit with such things because I am supposedly inferior enough for it. Then of course they say I never do my job when I am supposed to do it of which I clearly know my job more than they do besides which it is not theirs and I am not necessarily interested in whether or not they think I do not do my job when it is needed. I am not as such getting around with anybody too, so that I might not have to take any prisoners, as it seems that it is my own leadership and existence and everything about those who want to feel connected to it that stirs the most evil attention in the world. Naturally it is always mentioned I talk like this but people have already got my stuff but clearly I am not the one complaining but the Politicians who think that sort of thing is funny; it is the racial and homosexual violence obviously playing itself out on Policy. 
I am aware the only way to earn a living is to deal with the press; here in the UK especially the BBC and its destructive career piracy competitions with other people’s lives and careers and the follow up threats because they are always in the right in their eyes; for now I tend to do that with interrupting their shows and programmes with things I say which are very intensely inspiring information that are something traumatic to ensure they are remembered and somewhere at their planned get out I place the information I want disseminated so they can do my PR for me whether I like it or not, then later set out abusive work for me to do with media and a big mouth. Those things they do contravene the very rules of journalism itself and the threatening me part as well begs revenge, which I am bound to fulfil on grounds of the rules the break and licenses they supply me by so doing. I mean it is not clear what possesses others to do such things on a job that is operated on moral prestige with other peoples jobs and livelihoods but clearly with their threats and boasting especially the BBC and its connection with local communities and so on which is why it is just a violently abusive organisation anyway it will have to be settled properly and of course there is no worry too since I will keep it in my office to stave off a process of stories about intolerance of the press after I get out of the Press and their own Royalty they have unfettered access to. Their socialist and Liberal parties on the other hand are a typical example of how peoples business becomes the intensely violent concerns of idiots bearing in mind those fools who do culture things around me with definitely vote for them again the way we are going since it has never been clear to them yet that it is either it is a legitimate business or it is not one.