The Company Literary Empire trust and Literary Emporium Community: For the Better person Entrepreneur (Having been the lack of respect for what places institutional limits on activities that are unbecoming of human beings have received less and less regard and Politicians are at the helm of making this happen, there has in turn existed here in the Firm, the need to create ideological religiousness which is unquestionably more important than the laws that have been made and therefore above it, however the fact that some of us do not think we should behave in such ways is not to say we have no plans to reward ourselves for not doing it).

The claim of robbery, vandalism and insecurity is that I come up with all these things just as they are about to develop with something I have no need of or show signs I have no need of because I will not give up my privacy to their insolent Political masters, whereas what really happens is that when people I work with are ready I get to work. For them however as I have mentioned, they always like to claim its all my fault whereas in actual fact they are the violent and unsuccessful versions of idiots that only ever pass exams in school and do nothing else and it seems to be impossible for them to find another way of earning money that does not involve using something to make me penniless by going after my income on account there are people who develop businesses and work around me, some of whom are financially better off than I am and like I mentioned before, their desire to extract inspiration from my faith has meant it is impossible to have a love life, concentrate on a job or academic work and this helps their bragging that they are superior to me as well to operate the bullying they have found a way to profit from.



The main issue here is still the old matter of mockery for moral people by get rich quick idiots. Their obsession with extraction of fame inspiration and success needs from from my faith means that I cannot concentrate on any job or academic work, hence damaging enough alright because they are so determined and so violent and my action taken in its direction will assume an angle tangent that is designed to ensure that the stupid violence that accompanies it is cuelled along side those activities as well - aim here is to completely shut down the popular music and popular culture by doing my own version of stubborn things I love to do with it as well.