(Company Literary Empire Trust Property Equity Product appearance and Arch Prince's Temperamental Colours Administration Record Date: 29 February 2012) The big problem with tax evasion is that of Government management. They have not provided people with enough confidence to ensure that when they go into their offices to work they will be thinking of nothing else but their jobs because of course when they think of other things apart from their jobs tax evasion will be one of those. These are reasons I am so stiff on the matter of discussions politicians have with other Politicians overseas; they are such a bunch of sell out goons. Until the recession is over National interest will continue to stay in liquid and intangible form-so people have got to be careful what they say to others.

I had three agendas here one of them was the Banks and the other was Wealth distribution and the other was my intellectual space. I was thinking these kinds of things about tax evasion will stay on the Background but the way they are discussed on the Media just means they will be everywhere.

Wealth distribution is not a difficult subject for me; as far as I am concerned, all it is are a process where Mr A will lose his job if Mr B loses his company. It blows my mind how those who speak of wealth distribution do nothing with their time but damage anything they will have needed to do to ensure they get themselves out of poverty then become better off out of the problems they must have created hereof. It is not clear what they expect or what they want or are thinking about. I mean people must understand how I see things if I own the liabilities of the currency. Mr A works for Mr B and gets 20,000 worth of that paper which is signed by the Governor of the Bank of England and Authorised by the Queen to be the Legal tender and Mr A then ends up in Mr Bs shop spending all of it to buy wares. In the end of which Mr B shuts it down, takes all the money and puts it away in a private account to spend on another shop somewhere pleasing himself, it does not work that way.

I am not saying businesses need to be looked at in a harsh way; the fact is that people must be interested in creating bread winners in other people’s families before they create businesses. It is the others that find money and buy shares and end up in board rooms that are the problem for most of the time. The internet of course is where they feel the state is completely powerless and useless at doing anything about them, so they do things like play communism against democracy because they want to be rich all the time several times as many as pleases them like boys and their toys each day. I don’t know what they mean because with respect to legitimate business, it is a case of file sharing: Mr A is speaking to a colleague and shows him a picture of a great product and asks him to buy it. So his colleague goes to a party he is hosting which is where social media comes in and there he buys the products: nothing more than that. How then it is impossible to police the internet with respect to playing communism against democracy and vice versa in order to get rich is not exactly clear; they themselves must be completely aware of how it will end.

That I am a shrew and need to be tamed is not a prognosis that has any foundation on fact. The truth behind the matter is that black people are mainly stupid South Africans and stupid Ghanaians etc who obviously know they are stupid and the politicians know they are really stupid and they both know I know this but decide they will with other arguments put them as monkeys on my back, with that their destructive rubbish where the way to make profit from their foolishness is to make some money and then use their stupidities to wreck people’s lives in order to ensure they make less money and this is why I always get them tied down somewhere where they can get into a fight with racists which racists are winning. It is not that I don’t know racists are wicked and evil people, it is just that they need to be getting into a fight with racists and racists need to be victorious in the fact period.

They say I am pretty boy talking rubbish when they know they can whoop my arse to this. The trouble I will get into at their hands however which is just one of those rubbish that means that I get to get involved with some really violent people who have been through a very difficult life who will kill and maim and hurt them all the time so that I might live in a two their society where no side likes me which I am already writing books about; books in which I mention things like the fact they have golliwog mouth in case they have something to prove about it. If I am pretty boy they can beat up then they are the idiots that are always getting them killed and beaten up otherwise nothing will operate normally because they always feel like messing it up. All that rubbish about mothers that gobble up their own children and sisters their own brothers etc so that they can gobble up members of other peoples families or the entire thing if they want means they can fight and pretty boy is talking with a golliwog mouth. So yes of course they have a certain president Obama looking after their needs too which I am really impressed by since the way I live is to get attention from their society in order to be famous and of course bully them to get a good feeling about life like they must have anything they have through bullying me, especially when I must provide for my mistresses while I spend the rest of my time with the film industry having fun. It was always obvious that I will never in anyway have a thing for pop culture as a result of this; bearing in mind also my government office and the fact that they on the other hand will play communism against democracy and get rich. I am not saying it is a problem I am saying their Politicians need to keep their insults to themselves as I am had enough, they need to work their stupidities somewhere else and leave alone my intellectual space and empire, especially my book sales. Otherwise they can always talk about pretty boy talking which makes me really want to make an example of them and the games they play with my office using the stage of that their stupid football and of course I regard this point as their last warning over it as the next time they tick me off I will make good this threat and it will be nothing like tying them up somewhere to get into a fight with racists that I will make sure racists always win too because that is largely leniency. Bearing in mind the reality of the things I do in Government and the fact there are other men on the right doing things about racism as well which of course is the reality they will understand in no uncertain terms.

I am not talking about my plans to get rid of black millionaires in the world here; that is not up for conversation. The way it worked was that I needed security for my property and got vandalism which is how whenever an idiot who lives in a family where people gobble up each other so they can gobble up other people’s children feels like it he can play foot ball and think he is really tough and therefore knows how to fight and as such I am pretty boy talking because each time you don’t want somebody to take up your stuff and put it somewhere to get rich with they will take it and do so anyway; most times of which it is the fact they know of this that tickles them the most but never got any security from black people. What I got was the interest of the Queen and a Royal Estate with which I put it into government service and now securities and equities deployed by the military and the Police and the Royal mint to mention a few is being used by black idiots who are the fathers of the boy that owns it with that stupid black money; what did they expect I was going to think about it as a result anyway? The issues on which this question can be raised of which will never run out because they never leave people alone my favourite of which is their insolent daughters and back stage media where they can work and bull me over absolutely every single thing I do which has gone on for the best part of a decade now as though there is nothing I can do or plan to do about it. I have no idea why people have conversations about what I do with idiots that buy shares or pick off my property from my market place to make way and get a job in companies that broke equities with me in order to sit somewhere and deploy my securities for their insolent purposes on Public media especially, I have no idea which part of it is any of their business. Again it is the old question; what did they expect?  Never mind when they tell me these things happen because of crimes I have committed against black people, whole told me never to invent anything around here lest racists notice how easy black people are getting it because if there is anybody that should invent anything around here it should be them. so that when an idiot who is younger than I am as well uses my stuff to get rich feel good about life and then dress well for a change with his stupidities to play football he thinks I am a pretty boy; this occasion of which will of course have been the last time they picked it off and got away with doing so. Next time it will be settled for good however long that may take. I mean the pretty boy talk story is mainly a function of how I cannot keep them away from me because I am being held down by their Politicians so they can get attention from me and build up that their stupid insolent excessive confidence with, which will not go away either until I break it for them too. It is what happens when they have attained that false confidence made real on media, people become pretty boys and their Politicians continue to claim they are being discriminated against while they tell me to go get their money from my work and property.

They say socialists and Liberals will never please me but as far as I am aware they could always do if they were interested. The facts behind that are that I come from a broken home which was broken by scumbags like them and nobody knows why their biggest concern is always what my bank balance says. As it stands the status quo is that while they are using me stuff to get rich and famous which is actually making them rich and famous, I am only recently settling up at college after a decade since they started and as such completely unlikely to be offended at all. This is why I think the problem to be that nobody has taken it personal and then done something about it on a global scale before-I learnt very well from my father’s problems and of course he has other kids that will make money if I don’t. I am aware as well as such that if I say things without raising my voice I will be taken more seriously but it is a show off whenever I do, a clear sign these idiots could not take me on even if it was an act I put up. The real me is the one that does not care and does not want to know because we have nothing in common and saying so of course will mean their party has been damaged and must be fixed with my job and earnings of which you will get no more and no less from racists themselves. This is before they talk about being discriminated against; somebody wants to control anything in your life that stops him from doing whatever he likes with it with a big insolent mouth. I say something about not making as much money as my Dad did in his life time because it is just for the saying. I know how to make that money and they are building up that history they will complain about too with that stupid party in my personal life because they know anything I say to harm it will hurt me on account they have their fingers on my Bank balance.

Of course it is the secrete powers of socialism that I am not aware of a decade after the most important thing in their lives was to be glorious through the process of using that ideology of which a significant part says I am inferior to them to settle a history forced on media where they fought for my civil rights before I was born. I have always known it is the secrete powers of socialism just like I am aware they think my actions will jeopardize interests in communist territories but currently China is dealing with problems in Tibet and Russia several others, so I am pretty sure communists do not really like evil seeds like they would suppose. I suggest they stick to getting people to like them because they promise to spend tax payers money on people not talk rubbish all over the place.

I mean people write books which contain hints of racist views like I do because Liberalism and socialism is something their parents do which runs in his blood. They really do know what they are talking about after all. Especially when they also think that telling me how to write my books is the reason I write it the way I do, which of course I intend that attack on my sales will end very badly as well. the facts behind why I write the way I do being first of all the process where they have opinions about my books when they will never buy them considering that books are not open media that anybody can have an opinion about just like that, so saying don’t judge a book by its cover with respect to my books is likely to see me change the cover and that is why I change my work as often as I do, the other reason of which is that those defects in my books help me out with the problem of the fact I do not really and I am not allowed to have a popular activity because they will tell me years later it has created an instability as well, I am just a writer and have no popular activity. As for the part where they have joined racist parties and therefore have things I have said and written which they share with racists regularly, I am only aware black people in far right groups was something I masterminded myself because they cause me more trouble than racists themselves do, besides which they think racists do not know this anyway. So it is as far as I am concerned a thing I have beaten out of them a fight I have won again. We are always being treated by them like animals you see, so naïve and innocent and waiting to be chased down left right centre back front and rounded up like animals. I suppose they think that if those brave old men that did things with them according to the Bible of which they created their second world war to butcher knew what I know now would do it that way again. That if they knew the way to shut them up because their war and murder is based entirely on the things they kill you about because they have gotten a one up on you over your own life, which was worked mostly along the lines of them getting together from all or certain strategically placed races to pretend they have diversified their views and are no longer extremists waiting for us to get together to lend our intelligence to their cause to provide them arguments they need for the next set of genocide they want to carry out, was to break that their stupid self excessive confidence before shooting them, it would have been Hitler’s men doing psychological warfare first and of course Monarchies would have fallen too.

Here of which they always realise something; that every extremist has something abusive and derogatory to say to people. In my case it is the fact I am inferior and it sound good to say to me while I carry on with my daily affairs, for others it might be the fact they suffered genocide, for some it might even be the fact they got abused violently or sexually etc but it is completely beside the point because what I am really interested in is their insults and how it will get off me one way or another. They always believe what they say makes sense because I indulge it, it does not make sense to me, I listen to it like everybody else does, and I have got ears for goodness sake. To me it is the entire one and same old story about the evil sibling that picks up arms against me or everybody else because he does not work for money and is telling me to go get his own etc with a big mouth. I am nothing like that contraption they make out on public media that I am.

To which some always tell me the purpose is to create me a different character now that they know all about my life history, so that they can be me and I can be someone else, for the reasons they want to use my life for their purposes. I personally wonder when people are going to stop behaving as though these goons do not plan ahead with these things, do not wonder what people might think and do not think about and creatively set out arguments for their purposes. Their lives revolve around making grabbing another person’s fame and fortune while the person is then left in ruins and obscurity somewhere. If they do not have it this way they cannot live in a city no matter how impossible it is to apply such plans on certain chosen victims. So I perhaps intend to do marketing for my books in about five years time but if they want I can tell them all about that so they will have to win this and can win that too – you know, spend my stuff for me so I can see clearer what I am doing.