(Company Literary Empire Trust Property Equity Product appearance and Arch Prince's Temperamental Colours Administration Record Date: 7 March 2012) 

Now there is this popular issue raised on taxation in which people have mentioned that the problem is that the Government is not speaking to the correct people i.e. if people tell the government that it is taxation that is causing them to leave the Country with their business then the Government has got to change the way taxation works but the function is that it is the right people that would have brought about the decision. I quite agree with the consultation aspect of things, however what is driving businesses from the UK is their inability to realise their earnings and that is not because of the tax level at all, it is because of the wrong Publicity that has continued to rage on the media over government Policy right as the case may be and wrong as the case may be too. I mean how do we begin to discuss the tax rate when there are people who lay off workers just because there is a recession – they don’t lay off workers when the economy is okay, they do when there is a recession; what are they doing in the enterprise community, what do they want? We see it everywhere in this country; every little cleaners job requires a drivers license and vehicle ownership and those that do not are for 18 to 24 year olds that will be placed on the lowest of minimum wages for some time, so that there is always a little car out there that is of no good helping people to stave off taking public transport and causing lots of pollution, making a mess everywhere. 
In the case of the economy, people cannot understand as such that Government leadership on the economy involves two structures; one of them involves helping legitimate businesses to thrive and the other exists for the purpose of killing off businesses that are a problem. I personally think the government is doing very well but the NHS has driven attention away from the economy and so has the Euro zone which is the worst possible condition imaginable. So far the big society programme is something we are still working with and the debt payment aspect as well, it’s the confidence for good legitimate businesses part especially for the smaller ones who actually get to create employment easily. At the end of the day you really need to ask who would leave the UK for the US for example where the democrats wants to destroy the rich and the republicans want to own all the wealth in the country or indeed Germany or France etc. 
I am perfectly aware too of the issues around consultation; it has more to do with the fact those people who like to know a thing or two about business so that they can set out papers and go to the Banks to get money are playing their games and playing them really hard too. They broke the Financial system and now have taken all that money, put it away somewhere and do not wish to spend it, worse still they are off to get more and there are people joining them as well for the purpose. They love their friends from the Euro zone, the US and other parts of the world, they love their media thing and of course some if not most of them have now been showing signs of turning a new leaf and setting up a legitimate business once they get money from the Banks again this time around and I am not interested. Like that old story about the fact I must be made poor as a prerequisite for a condition where they change their ways which Politicians want to implement if I refuse to serve them; whereas in actual fact being poor as a requirement for a process where they change their ways never was the problem as much as the fact their stupid children will pick up on it and know huge big facts that are greater than me that I am not aware of, I can do something about it. the way things have turned out on the international scene has nothing to do with how I am a naughty boy that always wants to have my way like the Syrians claim it is. It is a matter of the fact we have tyrants take up countries these days without any of the responsibilities which made them tyrants in the first place, then draw inferences from the way the history of the UK used to be in the past to link it with us as well. They say we have jobs for life in the UK which is simply a matter of the way our society works i.e. one person is the career who always thereof because of much consultation look like the fount of all wisdom and others cannot have enough of abusing them to get rich all the time. At some point of which it is society that will give the person some royal thing and then when those who continue to do it resist that they get into trouble as well themselves. The way it plays out in the rest of the world is that some of us want it if they work hard enough can get it and others don’t for obvious reasons of course. Then there is our prized culture of obsession with the underdog as well. Now that they have murdered a few thousand people over it as well, it appears it just got easier obviously hence I am the naughty boy that always wants to have my way-it is clearly one way to go obviously. I have no idea why people always love to bring up that stuff about things media do to harm me and so on; these things are the fault of the Politicians. The process where my life is split between the part where I am a poor extremist and the part where I am a rich liberal and the part where I am a poor Christian which is the make belief life I have chosen for my life and the part when I am a normal sinner getting rich which they will confiscate is something they physically target people to do to them and not a matter of how they are. It is the politicians that supply them with arguments they tell speak of when they do it and stories they can tell even when it is not their own lives and is none of their business they will get involved and do it anyway. 
When Nazism is mentioned by these people they always seem to assume I should break to pieces hence the expectation and the follow up abusively violent distant fascism. The fact behind it of course is that nobody ever talks about the war on the facts it was based. The fact that it was a case of the excuses any tyrant would make so that they can go around invading other people’s countries. I mean the British were so inferior they came up with better planes; their sub commanders were so inferior they blew up their subs all the time and prevented them from getting important messages to their friends and allies and the mathematical abilities of their infantry commanders were so inferior that their artillery always had pin point accuracy. Now it has simply created an outcome of a war that the media cannot have enough of. 
It is like the thing about my inability to do well academically, which of course has no basis on reality. I am a social scientist and not a mathematical one, the problem I tend to have is those idiots that cannot cool it with their academic show off turning up here to ensure that because I am not scared of what they are scared of which can cause them to lose their precious show off academic work, I must be set on once I show any signs of being relaxed towards a vital course that I just need to pass and not necessarily make high grades with and then that will be used to control my life i.e. Maths is something I must pass not necessarily make high grades for because of the fact I am a social scientist means that I must always make low grades for they are very busy building up those things they cannot deal with to protect their academic show off and then dumping those on me as violently and insolently as they possibly can. So the usual thing with the public insults is that they get to the point where I leave the academic work for them so they can do it bearing in mind I am doing mine when I want to which is how it results in the fight that it is currently at the moment. They do not get to tell me how to live my life or what to do with it, much less when to make my grades etc – so they can show off. It’s the thing about the claim I am scared of competition when I have been conscripted in my time to represent my school at different occasions 7 times, 2 (exploring how lime stone is made into Cement and exploring commercial farming on a giant farm) of which never made it to air, 2 (debate competition and drama of which did) of which went to air, 2 (another debate competition and another drama) of which I was dropped from and another one which never made it too. So I know what it means to compete, I know what it means to be chosen and I know what it means to be dropped. It is the same story all the time, they wreck your life and work to do these things but when you do compete they get in the Politicians to wreck your own so they can win and get attention and be beautiful and to show off. 
They speak of course of the fact they used to dominate people like me back in Africa and so wish to dominate people like me here again in the UK to get connected. What those who do these things of which socialist idiots are connected to are really talking about is the things they used to do when they lived at the northern parts of a state that does not exist anymore because only half of it goes by that name these days at the north while we have our own state at the South and I was in the Country and lived in it for a further 9 years when that happened. What they mean dominate people like us is those discriminative insolent rubbish they get up to which operates in a society where men pay the dowry for the women, in a certain way to the point where they get to the top locally and then that is it. they did it during the time when the country was a democracy and lost to those who later became the insurgence during the Nigerian Civil war, then they did it during the military dictatorship and the result was of course the history were each time one of their important sons reaches a position of high importance they suddenly die and somebody from the north which is mainly Muslim takes it up and they can cry all over the place. In my view of which such things can only happen to idiots with opinions about other people’s civil rights, who never think through anything they want to do for power because there is no capacity to in them, they are light weight. So later on after spates of these kinds of things we had our own state now they speak of how they used to dominate people like me which make no sense. For the thing with our society was always that the older ones always like to do things which will ensure they are able to control the younger ones which makes no sense whatsoever but happens because there is their own corruption going on in there (just like the outcome here in the UK always seems to be that the most stupid of them have the upper hand so white idiots always cash into things they can hurt themselves with and then have an inferior boy to take their problems out on which never goes away too because it is involved with some kind of extremism or another and it gets violent when there is delay with a big insolent media mouth and it is never enough yap yap yap). It is not the same with the east end west end thing we have in UK the east end west end thing we have in the UK is the one where you one day realise old women who do not know they are past it have been fancying you and now they have taken it personally and it has begun to get violent, bearing in mind the result will be that of a condition where you cannot get a job or sell your wares because you hold the keys to the freedom of people’s hearts, which is where stupid girls get to start off their own supported by their men. After which it develops into a habit of getting into an embarrassing fight with peoples leaders so they can show off some trophy victory in the fashion industry which continues only when you tend to have friends there as well of course. So either way of a process where they or you or these deeds get west end people involved, west end people do not like to get involved with them and they like to force themselves on west end people. Later they think everybody forgets it started from confiscating my personal life for those that can do violence for others when and if needed which later developed into a process where each time I do something about that, they get on public places to barge into my life and tell me that is powerful and that they will get somebody even more powerful, which of course is always violent as well. This is why we have ended up in a condition we have today; for the women I take away from them anything and everything which enables them to be good women and good mothers so they can keep their foul tongue where it belongs and leave me alone with their insolent self improvement abuses too, for the men it is that old story where they will never give it up, the process of moving into my right hand because I have an empire trust that businesses deploy to do things in my interest where they think that men like them should be able to make it in life to get rich and like to cover it up with even more expensive music industry. Last we checked it was a combination of a process where I had to say something about witchcraft murders and white trash on the left rounding me up because I hold the keys to the freedoms of their hearts and will therefore never get a job or sell my books until they have it and it was only when I came home to declare that I will be off spending all my time dealing with charities that look after starving children in Africa that they all just got together to cool off. However even if they have I am still implementing the process where the job will be done when my mistresses will be helping them out with financial issues after white women that want to get back at me and the system had become tired of doing so. For now I will continue to concentrate on the problem of black millionaires and their problems with my empire and their daughter’s problem with my fame and the process of getting rich with it in order to confiscate my personal life when they are finished. Black millionaires not good for my personal safety and well being and this is not the US, they need to go there. This is what I will provide for my consortium with, all I need now is a push on license from their insults and abuses like they always do and of course they have never once failed me with respect to that. 
I belong on the right and not on the left I just have mistresses on the left. I can account for every penny I make even if it runs into billions and if anybody’s demographics continue to cause me problems I will cut them to pieces which is what is happening at the moment. It has no link with truth or reality those things idiots who hate me because I am a Christian and also know I hate their attitude and it is all about money and the vandalisms of their daughters as if they can pay me in pounds do, those claims I allow people to get rich around me and now think I can choose who does. I don’t allow people to get rich around me I just have mistresses that have disposable cash they will want to invest and based on the vandalism of my empire and intellectual property by idiots that Politicians have given money to go around abusing me to be rich and famous, what would people do in my shoes, tell them not to? It is the old money issue; you get respected when you have money. 
So the question these days is how I feel about the fact these things happen on the basis of culture and not Politics, which is course is really provocative because that is never what they say when they are doing it. They rather expect me to do something about it when I am 60 and realise I have no home and no savings and no pensions so their boasting will have no limits, what they always say it is, is that it is civil rights and civil liberties which are protected by law. So I guess first of all they are not aware I am a Christian or are simply deaf and have not heard it, after which I suppose the main issue is that their Politicians are not yet answering precise questions about what is right about their culture on my Christianity all the way to racism yet. I mean I have nothing against Politicians and do not think they should be extinct because I got a royal estate but the problem here is a group of them that are bent on completely destroying my life in order to create themselves trophy victory because I care about my friends which then makes me liberal royal to be taken advantage of and they never say it is what they do with all of their time either. So far it has been a decade of making sure I cannot have work so that they might have this trophy victory but it is not enough. I mean if we put the whole thing about how I feel about the fact it is culture and not Politics we have the media where idiots get off to find themselves problems they can get into which will mean people can strike them over the head because they have a boy they can bully into taking care of it which if he does not he will get beaten up for as well and like to think of themselves as people who are aware of privilege which makes much sense, the neighbourhoods where they tell me I am lazy which must mean those sexual insults from women who know how to tell their husbands about men that have fantasized about violence against them by the way they look live and will never get out of home and get jobs in hell because they can push people into crime and so in a country with a welfare state like the UK it makes people a little less concerned about their evil communities with paedophiles running wild and evil kids who run it with them together with Politicians that abuse even further anybody who gets into a bad place in public and of course their stupid men as well and then the Politicians who corrupt peoples children with the knowledge of how to harm others with reasons that are so stupid it fails to turn up as government issues which will affect the Queens Government, before they then dare them to a fight. Of course I am aware that the things I say should be spent by me on making me important and famous but this whole thing started off from a competition with me over who the best man is and nobody knows what their problems with the respect things is which is why they do things to me that are fundamentally racist and primarily violent such as striking my chest to see what I will do about it, then get off to ask me what I think about the fact it was culture and not Politics. I mean I already have plans in the pipe line to make an example of that stupid music industry as it stands so I have no idea why they would ask me such a question and not stick to the way things are since last they made it so. 
By far the most provocative is the idiots who say such things in the first place because the 10 years of cash flow crisis is something they are using to ensure they have a rival to me and my own personal life before I am allowed to move anywhere and this is where fighting racism for wicked people whether you like it or not has ended, it progressed to what shows that what they are doing at present is not the first time because what happened the first time was a process of spending money on any contraption in the music industry which involves abusing me to provide it with custom and then turning up to ask me how I feel about the fact it is culture and not Politics because I tend not to notice the fact when I go anywhere the next time I go there, there will be violent cultural activities taking place, bearing in mind taking steps to ensure that those who get money by the security of working for others do not have this security anymore takes time and that once it is set up, it becomes something that you can clearly come down from like others have done in the past. 
I mean you will never know what triggers it anyway and all I can say to them is that when I walk down the streets and they meet me they will either strike my chest to see what I am going to do about it or indeed show me violent body languages. I mean these are not kids and neither am I one but that level of disrespect of course only but makes you want to carry around a weapon and go into it with them with a pre intention of maiming them so when you get killed it becomes a good thing. I think I am looking into it very well as a huge copyright ownership and market problem that comes as a result of idiots getting involved with me because my friends do, in order to get information from me without buying my books so they can fight me and fight my friends and tell me they own me and they do need to shut it. they never say I have a ten year cash flow crisis they are keeping up because they are tying me down somewhere to wind me up daily and find out everything about me in order to have a rival to me before they will let me go, what they say is that it is civil rights and civil liberties protected by the law and therefore once they feel the time is opportune enough, ask me how I feel about the fact it was culture and not society. All I can say to their Politicians is that at some time it will be me and my Christianity and them on the other hand with those their cultures telling the world exactly how good a thing it is when it does these things to me and my faith on a global place to whatever end but for now all of it sounds and seems and looks really funny to them and this of course is the demagogue. 
Naturally it is always said I am lazy and then when I hurt myself being so take it out on others but clearly that will be all that stuff about attacking me over the aesthetics of my career and the way the neighbourhood feels whenever I have gotten into my room and they can see the windows etc. the one where they bang the doors of their cars at me all day to get new beauties or get in touch with their music industry idiots who tell me to come outside and when I don’t it results first in spending my money for me and then vandalism of my empire trust as well to get rich and famous. It carries on like that until somebody makes sure they watch their attitude and nobody especially bus drivers can get jobs if they do not repent; maybe that will never happen because I will wait for all that my beauty to be destroyed first before I start getting involved with the Politicians. I personally do not think it is a hugely troubling matter save their violence that must never go un-avenged; I think it is enough bullying them to get good feelings for looking after my mistresses with. I mean it does not get better at the Job Centres where you go in to find work and end up being bullied because people do not like how you are doing it. You have your own challenges up to your neck of course so the only thing left is a job centre scum telling you how to look for work and this is how it goes endlessly. First 6 months you set yourself targets to find work and then by the next six they have called you in for an interview and have set you their own targets, at the end of it the time spent is a year but all along the problem is that you hold the key to the secrete of peoples freedom especially the freedom of their hearts while they keep their wickedness to get rich with and the next year will take exactly the same course and then once you decide to get back to college it becomes something that happens at a time when they have begun to suspect you of cheating the system and of course this will lead to conditions where a single slip will mean that you default on your payments for your fees, cannot attend college and of course during the next instalment twice the amount will be taken from your account and then the bank charge for your default, so it will never stop unless you kick them as well and in my case the media fight this and fight that bullying does not make for an excuse, I always tell them their problem is that we want to exchange positions. I think the NHS needs a similar arrangement as well but since I am not a sick man I have no idea how to go about that; all I can say is that when people have a guilty conscience because their children drink to death and go for treatments in the NHS, it is not an excuse to play politics with my health in order to be powerful as well. 
They say I have been trapped by businesses these days and I am being used so badly I don’t know what I am saying anymore but it is the old story about why they don’t stand to me and say it whenever they are saying that. It clearly of course would never turn out as per messing with my business and talking rubbish all over the world about how I get involved with theirs when I don’t know what I am talking about at the same time would it? Of course I will do them again the way it appears. We are not talking about how fearful they are for the future of their stupid children these days here; I mean the reason they love to wreck my academic work is that I am too old for it, they cannot leave people alone and I will do them as well. I mean great talk about how to orientate young people with exams when we go to school to train our sense of commitment and can do the academic work according to what we need later on, although the evidence of the commitment is the academic work itself but again with distractions such as this taking off intensely at an international level, I must get my academic work fixed and finished and it will be avenged as well. It’s not exactly clear beside the fact they are fascist, why they always want to do harm to me and escape the natural consequences for doing so with things such as children who do not respect their parents being punished at the Job centre when they try to find work. Over this matter they know something around the sexual aspects of my life and work which implies the kind of sex they want to have and the insults and cultural abuses begin already, they never pipe it down, never cool it off and never go away and of course this will be regarded as destruction around here which I am pretty certain they already know they will most definitely pay for. 
Then of course their stupid kids always turn up on Public places to try out that stuff about knowing me or getting to know me. I have no idea what it means; I am a Christian and so it is all very well when people try to be good people but it is only through Christ that the world which has sinned and fallen short of the mercies of God can get anywhere near God. I mean what is their business anyway, I am a writer obviously and I am pretty sure their profession is not extracting good stuff from other people’s lives. In the end of which there are only two matters to it, one has to do with things I say about the US economy which are not very favourable; with respect to this which the Liabilities of sterling seem to be costing me more and more and more these days while American Politicians like to discuss things with people such as how the US makes economic progress from American misfortune. They think that it is cheap and this is just the most typical example. Nobody wishes to sit back and do anything properly in and or for the country, they want to have this freedom where they make incredibly wealthy with corporate and cultural greed but the part that blows my mind of course is where they tell me that I or the value of the currency of my Country will be paying for it because it is more stable. I have no done anything to them, all I have done it set out what is what, nothing like the big massive anti American trade like they want to make out I have and if I were acting directly on their problem I would have been telling them businesses which broke equities with me in the US whether or not they are British or US owned are losing money because of their stupidities while their idiots make money without working for it so the situation is unacceptable. The only reason I have not said it so is that the recession is not the only reason that the US has become fond of claiming the UK creates a stable currency and makes economic progress by their misfortune, the first time it happened we thought they would not attack our diplomatic interests if he allowed them to benefit from the stability of the sterling but it simply got much worse than we could have ever imagined and that was before the recession began, their excuse was that we deserve it for we live in a country where the currency belongs to the presiding monarch who has a job for life and therefore should be able to afford it without any problems at all. So these games have taken huge unimaginable insolent American toll on my finances over the last couple of years and as a result I have to pull my resources together to sustain anything I need to enforce hence the main problem becomes time constraints. So if they are all over the place at the moment because I said something about the economy they should be rest assured more is coming at the point unexpected point in time. The other are the UK ones who already know I have described them publicly as bad stock Inc and they say this is unacceptable too which makes no sense to me. I don’t care what is acceptable to them and or what is not. In the end everything I do is to make sure they are living up to their insolent boasts and the damages it does to my work and property too. The really thrilling part will be one day when they will have a racist on their right and I the filthy black buffoon like they love to put it, on their left and somebody will ask them which they wish to abuse and it will be the filthy black buffoon for their purposes. They already have one mad man here that is completely determined to ensure they pay those prices they like to say can never be high enough because he is inferior to them because he wants to observe and monitor how far that their stupid money can go. Back stock Inc is what I said they are but isn’t that what they are? I mean the biggest pleasure these idiots love to have all the time is getting somebody important who does things for people obviously to work too hard and get appreciated too little for the beautification of other people, so I find it impossible to understand what is wrong with being bad stock Inc hence I must assume it has not gone badly wrong yet too. For each time I let them get away with any damage they do to satisfy their insolent familiarities that operate along the lines of getting involved with me as well because others do, the punishment of course is that others like the government and businesses I broke equities with will do the same damage to secure their market, so they know I am not supposed to let them get away with it and everybody else ought to pay for damages they do using my work without buying the books especially when they do on Public Media and more so claiming it is due to media pressures as well. The problem at the moment is that the stage is set for some of the most vicious things imaginable that I could possibly do but I am not the one making money from popular culture and its music industry. I mean they tell me most of it has nothing to do with me but that remains to be seen since they are not telling their backstage camera idiots as well and have not been trying to at all. What they want to talk about from time to time is that I clear them out first then want to talk about it which I find funny since I was under the impression music is something people do for doing sake to get followers, I never knew they had to do music as in music industry altogether. However the real issue on the ground of course which is a more serious one is the arrangement they have made where rich white idiots pick on poor white people to get rich while rich black idiots pick on poor black people to get rich but the difference between two types of poor people is that the white ones are superior so they use the black ones to get rich while they are being picked on by rich people and of course I am always their prime target. So I have no idea what those who have careers in these things would want me to do if they were to imagine themselves in my shoes. I don’t know why people think it surprising either, these are supposed to be home wreckers and marriage destroyers of which what tends to wind them up the most is women breast feeding or feeding children and those kinds of things, whose antics I have completely ruined so they have no other way of defence against me and anything I do while they are at it but that old game of love and sex which can never be wrong according to them but seems to get intensely violent all the time at the same time. Notwithstanding which they are still rounding me up like I was an animal to play those stupid games they find funny and oppressive where they get on media to consider themselves my fathers who hoped I will grow up to look after them and cannot stop spending my property and market place and derivatives of my books thereby my income on themselves through some stupid fame freak they recruit in order to pretend they are babies again. We have not even said anything about media simulation of my emotions which are deployed for various reasons and the most distressing being that which shows I am nervous and thus running away from duties each time the Queen attends or holds a public function. As I said I am not the one making money from these things on that silly media or Pop industry so I am not obliged so think about the risks like they suppose I am. 
Personally I always wonder what they mean when they say government must reduce taxes; it never makes sense since it is not true that the rate of tax is responsible for determining whether or not people use properties and systems in the UK to get rich elsewhere in the world. The present tax system in the UK of which was developed at a time when the only route to international trade was the high seas and so workers paid their income tax to look after the Navy and Producers who were corporate citizens paid excise duty and all those other costs associated with their means of earning a living. I have no idea what people mean when they suggest tax reduction during these modern times when we have air travel and Train for international trade and this particular source of finance for the work the government needs to do gets broken up to cover all the other areas apart from the ports and High seas. We all know Tories will like to reduce taxes of course but the question is that of the price that will be to make friends with people because they are rich and whether people will want to accept friendship from people who pay such a price to make friends with them. I for my part wonder what makes people think that tax reduction is the answer to what businesses need, they are just as guilty of making life difficult for businesses as those who increased the taxes some years ago. What I really want is a cap on how much tax a government can impose on high earners in this country not a reduction of the present rate of tax because it undoes the whole purpose of the work that the government got paid to do for them. This should fix the problem of the obsession politicians have with the bank balance of businesses, especially the competitive kind. 
Naturally of which the other story circulated about how I am unaware of who I really am, are not actually based on fact. The confusion is that I play personal games with some fans when I am really bored and that is all I do with some TV presenters, I mean they are all fans Political fans, diplomatic fans, society fans and media fans; I do not work with or have sex with them like it is always claimed all the time. Those things I do when I move left is much the same; idiots like to make out it is very respectful of them of which there are no answers to such stupidities. The truth about it is that some of these people are allies and those you earn when you do difficult generation gap work which involves avoiding things idiots who pick a fight with you and send in their children when you beat them because of your age or other idiots who tell you to chase a cause and die for some purpose and of course you have to look into the matter of their lack of respect for their own age mates as well for the purpose. I know who I am. 
It is not true that I never take things seriously. I find it impossible to fathom when these are a collection of people whose desire to control me and make me do things for them goes all the way to the highest levels of government; it is even more so when considering the fact it started when they realised I regularly stayed up later into the night to work i.e. the light switched on aka the window. So now they have pockets of communities lined up one after the other after the other after the other who will make me do things for them that they want done and also have the security from their politicians for the purpose. It is the laziness of course of these things that is comical not me. I mean for the Politicians they get elected and then the bag log of things they should do but did not causes them to get involved with the people from Government office, when asked what they are doing they say it is open and representative government which is brilliant. For the people they are so lazy they work harder for the laziness than they need to for the work and like to try their hands on making lots of noise about the notion they want to live their lives in the knowledge if they want me to do something I will do it and it is this that causes me to throw the laziness issue out of the window and try to find out what it is exactly they can do; it does not mean that it is not the central matter. It’s the same old story, always impossible to get your head round why it is that they bully people no matter how many these their communities are, into doing things for them and when people know pain is coming they will deliver but in the end the way things tend to work is that they are getting what they want but are also inflicting the suffering as well, none of which makes any sense why they would inflict the suffering when they are getting what they want. So it’s the same old story when they do it to me; I tend to ask them what their problem is and they tend to tell me I am the one that can fix things and belong to them, which soon progresses to the fact when I know pain is coming I will deliver before hand and the pain will come anyway, so I have to decide too who gets to have any rest in this country and as such ban them from resting as well so media idiots can do those things they do to get them out and have power doing so in order to incur my wrath. I am rather preoccupied with Politicians these days it appears I do not chase them around so often they commit suicide and the Police will go check it up.