(Company Literary Empire Trust Property Equity Product appearance and Arch Prince's Temperamental Colours Administration Record Date: 29 February 2012) Hatred in my direction from Ministers and other Politicians is not a matter to which I am particular concerned. They always think the devil is incredibly powerful and I too will not be robbed of thinking God created him as well. This is not the 1980s when somebody can tell the US another person’s religion is getting in the way of freedom and then make capital out of it, I got rid of that, in fact I cut it to pieces. Yes I know what the effects of my actions are, the question is always why it is impossible to get into the House of Commons and do a job to which you were elected by the people without having others question your faith every time that you get up to do it? I do the things I do to show them I am not half of half because I am a Christian. I do not make anything out of those things anyway contrary to the way specific conversations I get involved with create the idea that I do; the reason I am always being attacked is simply not just women that want somebody on whom they can force sex and feel like they have gotten power from doing so but more of the fact that if you have a religion that primarily advocates in self sacrifice not retaliation when people attack you, everybody wants to attack you to feel good over their frustrations nothing more. As for the MPs it was like that with Mr Blair getting out of Downing Street to chase me around the streets of London while people knew it but voted for it, they love to get off and realise new things which have happened at my business and market place that they tell media they want to be famous with. I have no idea what they are waiting for either so we can find out in this country as well, bearing in mind I have always told them I think they are socialist and liberal racists like the rest of them anyway. The effect it has of course for the most part is that you cannot walk into your office and say I have been trained for it so I need to do it because every idiot already knows it as well, in fact is trying to do it and never will which means you will be doing it for the idiots.

As for claims of diplomatic failures the UK is having overseas that I need to be more concerned with, I have no clue what they are talking about anyway, when international communities have always been filled with Political scum like them who spend most of their time confusing people about facts so we end up with pervaded votes on a matter which involves helping people who have been dealt a bad hand by a tyrant that is now murdering them as well to gain freedom, which rather seem to think of the internal problems that these people who seek freedom have as a people of which nothing about why the tyrant is murdering them is being looked into either. The reason I pay any attention to any of the things they do is that it makes no sense because even if they destroy the job I will still have the career but that the reason they act the way they do is that they want to get close to the treasury and then use it in a certain way to affect me the wrong way. Now we end up with a process where I am famous and my finances have been wrecked for such purposes which please them and of course since I am not a child anymore my career path is now set in one direction, the one left of all the other directions, so I have no choice but kill or be killed. It is of course something they cannot enforce for if they were able to enforce it, then it would have long been over and I would by now have a life. So yes I have said this on other occasions and they have responded with signs of enforcing it now which I suppose has more to do with them trying to create a situation where they re-orientate themselves with the correct sense of respect and regard for others when they are trying to draw their pensions. I mean I was followed and cut off due to power they had as a result of being in the work force for a period of time and therefore having stacks of money that can be used for power and now when their days are out it’s as though they have gone back to being 18 again but the difference is that my case was the one where I could go somewhere and theirs is the one that lasts for good so I can always have the last laugh. So I always try to ignore them and carry on but they always try to get a provocation out of me because they think I cannot enforce such a thing too on account they will surround themselves with skin heads which would be good anyway since they would therefore have begun to learn to be democratic people and does not necessarily guarantee I will not get what I want from them.

For the media and the process by which I make myself vulnerable to them saying these things; I am never vulnerable to the media they are just big boy bullies who don’t know the difference between their bully pleasures and other peoples livelihoods, then try to get Political prerogatives to enforce their will. I know them as much as they do me and we always beat what we want to extract from each other out of each other, the difference of course is that it is always one sided I beat it out of them and inspire them all the time so when it is intense enough it will become news and what I want will get done. They on the other hand have their revenge all the time by making up their own perceptions which run wild on TV that they then find ways of enforcing with no reality insight for it except the ones they conjure up. Ultimately they walk around boast and fester all the time like powerful presenters as it were which I mention here because I have warned them ample times about that their excessive self confidence with which they think they can turn up here and push themselves as deep as possible into my personal life to get anything they want, powerful presenters of which nobody knows if they are presenting the front side or presenting the backside. 

I will never converse with their MPs about how the things they do applies to my life not some celebrity idea I have made up but that will waste a lot of time and come to little profit as well, so it is still the least of my worries and they can continue to think as well that my threats are a bluff-I am only likely to build up publicities for them to that effect as well. after all it seems that each time I draw a line between me and them because they hold public office it does me no good and the idiots that have opinions about my self defence are things I can never count on for support. After which they understand the way to destroy anything I do to deter them is join me and slash my supplies then tell me what to do of which it happened to me and not them and they always never fail to get into trouble too. Of course they speak of how I have taken everything to make myself famous as though nobody can see that MPs know what to do to make themselves famous if they want to and that be it on television or radio or society it has got nothing to do with me. First of all they always think that I can do nothing about them, I mean there is no reason I should because they are MPs that is their names and I ought to wait until I am about 60 before I think it does not work that way so the boasting and insults can take a new dimension. It does not trouble me either, they make up these things so they can make themselves stalkers and enjoy their privileges and desires without restriction-as equally as they know this is a city and that the most lazy scum live here and love to choose people and set people out as the source of all their problems, secure people they can do horrible things to in order to get good things in return. So it might sound like the worst if I mention the things about pushing them deep into my personal life until they can do things to affect my finances in a general sense but it is not because the worst is that these political fools know that what they are messing with is my personal life but like to claim it is a celebrity character because their media goons told them so; this is what I mean when I say it is the least of my problems because it is my turf altogether.

They love those claims of theirs they are trying to take care of me. How on earth a collection of idiots that like to speak of Laws being made in alternative ways will look after me is not exactly clear on the other hand. They always say these sort of things they do is a process whereby they link their children up with rich children but obviously it has now come to involve me as violently as possible a process where I am used like some kind of lamp to light the way, then they follow it on with so much noise about things I will do or have refused to do for black people are though they cannot see developments in the middle east which should well inform them about their place in this world. I have already set out my revenge for that black peoples millionaire rubbish; as I have mentioned before they never say that what they do with their time is stifle peoples children claiming they are using a virgin and then before we know it they are stifling people’s lives and getting somewhere to claim their fame which is exactly what these socialist idiots do with my faith and threaten to teach racists all about it if I do not cooperate. They never say it is what they do before the so called western powers speak of democracy and crush the ones they build, so as it stands at the moment they are everywhere bullying people to have money and I have no idea what their problem is with my empire and my intellectual space and my intellectual property, it seems to have become their most loved target which they follow on with back stage media where they get jobs for the purpose of bullying and attacking me over absolutely every single thing I do if I as much as twitch and that is why they are also aware I intend to stifle that black peoples millionaire thing which of course black millionaires is not something that is good for my personal safety and well being, this I will do no matter what the changes to the world have been because it is a preset out revenge over an attack that will never go away as well.

However to deal with them, it has not become serious enough for conflict for the time being. So maybe if the US plays its cards right we will be able to control them by economic isolation or sanctions. Here in the UK situation is as it has always been, they come in and pretend the UK is the US and because of that and also the nature of courses they studied in the University, they are off to my empire where they will get technological jobs and thereafter which they will set up their insolent daughters with the money on the left to wreck people’s lives being rich and famous, then use the money to wreck people’s lives and grab their privacy. This is not the United States besides which I intend to crush that rubbish in the US as well for good measure.

The infatuation with doing things to me to ensure I cannot move while I am being used to ensure their kids get connected to rich people has not only developed to the point where I am being held down somewhere while they gobble up everything that comes out of me but have also taken so many forms that we have now reached the point where I am said to have offended them by choosing mistresses that are not black when there are black professional mistresses everywhere who can give me my heart’s desire which is again getting violent as well, so of course when you tell people not to do things to do and it continues to be done to you, you get to the point where you have to stop talking. So yes I know that my actions should rather have been spent fighting racism but to whose benefit; we will both loose and the racists will win this is what I want. Some say this is bad but I cannot make out the difference since I am some despicable little creature that piles things up and tells people not to make a mess of them so that he can use it as a means of preventing people from fulfilling their hearts desires and needs and this is not their own fucking lives. Makes so much more sense when they talk rubbish about their faith which the British establishment robbed them off after giving it to them that is which was given them after robbing them of their culture.

Then we hear them shoot it off about Class and culture and the fact everybody has an idea about it and how they must express their own. Fact being of course that my idea about it on the other hand is that when you speak of the difference between doing the right thing and doing the wrong thing or doing the righteous thing and doing the sin and doing good and doing evil, this is where class plays out the best. The upper class is good and the lower classes are evil and that is the end of the class story, everything else we say can only expound that. Such as the fact the upper class get corrupted by evil but the lower classes are just evil-I mean it takes something special and super natural for somebody to plan a hurtful thing to do to another human being which they will discover the extent to which they were harmed years or months later, then somehow know about all the possible complains the person can lodge and make up stories that frame the person in such a way that they become the victims on the facts they have fabricated and pushed deep into people’s minds on public places especially media. For me it is a always a case of realizing that if I express my faith in public in a way that is not organised, it means I will disrupt somebody’s evil and Politicians will come to their aid over civil rights. So when I don’t the Politicians will do it for me then set out to come to the aid of people over civil rights? What we end up with is an abuse of my privacy, which is then coupled with a vicious attack on my right to have a religious belief; and that is always before they had complained on and or about homosexuality, complained about prayers in Councils before the affairs of the day are opened, questioned my faith every time I have a job to do and of course my personal favourite, have a problem with my faith and seek to get rid of it but go after my job instead.

Then they make out I ferment the evils myself; of which what is means on the Political side is that the country now exists on a normalcy that I have built and the attack on my book sales has not yet been explained or more so explained properly-all we have is their insults and the process where they will move me left and move into my right hand to sit in a place of glory. On the social side the question is whether each time I get involved with my friends what I really want for doing so is all those violent responsibilities of which they will complain thereafter from that angle. The religious side is always the whole point anyway because it will always take a special kind of wickedness for somebody to claim the Monarchy took their faith away from them which has resulted in a process where they have to make do with imaginations. This of course then means that they are out to take the faith of other people and have it then leave them without any faith and the reason behind it is always the plan to have sex with the person because they know that as long as the person is seen or known as a Christian or the person has the faith of a Christian they will never have sex or more so with them and with this they will wreck absolutely everything that makes sense in such a person’s life. As for the justice part it is where the fact I am a Christian means people like me always give up the life we were born with to choose a made up one which is why others take the life we were born with away from it and use it for their own ends, of which they complain from that angle. So naturally of course if you are a religious person then you will have to destroy everything about their lives as well so that either way of any of these things happening to you especially with respect to marriage, you would only have married and then divorced them but if you are not they are going to cry wealth distribution pretty soon enough alright with all that violence they stir up from the things they do to you so that they can when they want summon you with the use of their desires. Then they claim it is all the price of power or the price of wealth for me when they know it is about shoving those their stupid cultures into which ever part of my personal life interests them recently and thereby holding me down to make that happen all the time and are therefore deaf and do not hear me mention all the time I am a Christian and am not interested in knowing about their stupid cultures and the way it may work but it happens in that way and then there will be another fight later that they deserve to win no matter what happens the none blacks like the blacks, that involves a condition where my Christianity has damaged their culture but of course which is all their media and Politics is for and will never show any signs of stopping in anyway whatsoever.

Then their Politicians get into so much love with that old process of making out I give businesses corporate citizenship status and that the rest of my property needs to be confiscated which I believe makes them feel like they are men and women on the people whom I will never stop hitting too because it is not clear why a Politician is right to get out of downing street and chase me around the streets for personal glory which then results years later in a condition where I make rich people rich by giving the cultures of the Nation to them, not clear why they don’t show such disrespect for their white kids who have cash to spend presently and not me bearing in mind they continue to stifle my cash anyway.

There is no such thing, what we have is an empire I built by things I do to provide leadership, the books that are created for the company to that effect and then the equities and securities and their derivatives which I broke with those I broke them with, period. So their problem it seems is that I cannot use certain words and phrases anymore because they and their parties exist and this is not how it is supposed to be as well. I mean it is said political parties take over peoples social and political history instead of creating new ones by winning election to provide leadership-these are in a completely different league, what they take over is peoples businesses and market place with a big mouth, looks as though the socialists have evolved and it will not get any better until other people evolve as well. Besides which if they told them to provide leadership on the recession using the country their heads would explode with power and they would not be caught dead doing any of the things they are expected to. I mean what have done them to yet? Nothing, as at yet and it will not go away for the time being so far too until I make it.

I have no idea what is the connection between their stupid party and my business anyway; on one hand their primary Policy is to wreck the country so that they can use bureaucratic delay while it is being fixed as a means of power against others and on the other they take over peoples Businesses with their parties and then also peoples Political history with it instead of make new ones by providing leadership. None of which is clear how it is meant to have created the economic recovery that they like to claim to have created anyway.  As for the protesters, they are the best example of the fact we are creating this history that we will definitely complain about later; they and their media cannot leave people alone besides which people get along with them one day and the next realise suddenly they are fat cats that do not care at all. For now they have more money than I do but I am the one that is always being targeted by wealth distribution programmes. So the question they have created after creating the facts and experience of how to take over peoples businesses and markets is that of how to crack the security that people who get employed by others and do not have their own business to make a living with?

They say the cold war has returned; there is no such thing. The real problem here is that the US does not wish to step up to the matter of foreign Policy, they think what will happen is less worthy goons like myself getting spent so they can get on the stage and feel glorious but they ought to realise too it is a western insult that is likely to wind me up like madness. After all the things I do are a factor of the fact these tyrants and their fans always have people who love to target and bully me whenever they want anything, from personal life to somebody that will die for them when they hurt people, to a good feeling about life in general and I am always a target like their Politicians and media who think it is a matter of boys and their toys over claims they make that I am the one they can beat. So how I live is that I am completely obsessed with their lives because I want to be able to terrify them whenever I want anything, especially when it involves playing with my mistresses and so it is only when I have finished having my fun that they get any kind of mental freedom. So it is not as if it is a mystery that you only get into the kind of problems we have at the moment if you are irresponsible, going around having sex with people you are not married to, taking drugs and attending gentlemen’s clubs but it is being effected here on our lives from Government office, it is being administratively enforced, it is a history they want to complain about. Besides which with respect to the matter of how to crack security people have by being employees instead of employers at the beginning of their plans to get rich, there is always the process of arranging songs in the music industry in a certain way which gets to affect the sales of any establishment they work in.

There is no concern here about what US politicians get up to. The truth about it is that first of all this company is not public property because I am a Government official and secondly business works in the sense of an 8 month period of trading and a 1 month break by which time people get to the banks to get their loans for the next cycle and nobody has yet done anything to ensure that is easy or working smoothly or safely for those who have to create jobs. What they are more interested in is my book sales the fact kids will be bullied and they will be connected to the rich the rising powers of the insolent South Africans and other idiots of that category for example all over the media and of course how I will get burnt for people to be glorious and I don’t know what their problem is with my intellectual space and intellectual property, my empire and my book sales and earnings – which of course is an establishment from which I intend to move them and their stupidities on complete with a process where they pay for the damages in pounds sterling and for the Politicians, they are more busy looking after themselves and so bearing in mind which when they wind me up they pay and if they don’t I have revenge.

There is no major issue here with respect to business efficiency and how I am paying the price for that trying to get around with big boys. When people do such things they are only playing up that thing that media goons do about getting me to settle for less than I have or am all the time which creates so much sexual abuse and perversion following me around everywhere too and worse still of which it makes no sense when they claim the purpose is wealth distribution but if I happen to do it as well they cry wealth distribution too. I am perfectly aware of the value of this site and this business and do not need to be sold or swindled to understand that. These equities are my property, I own the Liabilities of sterling and my intellectual property is deployed by the Royal mint for the work that goes on there, it must be easy for people to see then that if their property was deployed in such ways they would do worse than I have and need to stop playing these expensive games on the economy because it is costing me huge sums of money as well, besides which it was always easy to see that a statesman will consider the interests of the country to be paramount. So when those about whom these equities patented and kept at my office get out of it, these things will all still remain my property through and through which I can deploy for other purposes. As for those who play games of how there are rising powers all over the place, I have not got a clue what their problem is with my temperamental colours book sales and intellectual space, I have not got a slightest clue of it. I am perfectly aware I ought to deploy my private little army on media to do what I need to not complain but I am a very busy man with important things at the moment-this is not to say that I cannot.