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The general idea is that it has become more profitable for people to consult shrines that evil women keep for the purpose of collecting strengths and career prospects from younger people to accord them the respects of older people that know how to get linked to the cultures of the land; the prognosis is that if I were to spend a lot of time on a process of setting out a means of making sure that the idea of respect does not apply to Politics and business people, so that the workers of these evil cultures can then get to make their own interpretations about their lives which becomes a sub culture that can be handed over to somebody else, technically they were born into the world first and I will be financially worse off and therefore there would never have been a point to it – this is the most outstanding property and finances threat at present, not some economic conditions that have not been foreseen.



The new problem on this front is that the government that led the UK to the economic ruin it now has to deal with, and its other fans around the world who do not want to identify with it either because it is too economic risky to even though they are fans, came from a party which now claims they did some things right but never got the credit for those. The facts about this and what they did right besides clearly spending tax payers money on idiots and stifling British Businesses to bring about social equality, which is just plain destructive, are a different thing from what they claim which is that what they had available to them was the private sector and how they could use legislative power to fix minimum wage and liaise with businesses to get more people employed to protect the economy but what they really did was completely destroying the working structure and practices of the UK-setting the stage for Hyper inflation and requiring all the property of HH to fix the problem became their excuse that every idiot who had media to run was happy to buy as if it is something they can achieve, all of which they did very well by first scaring businesses which caused them to take more risks, taking more risks created more investment which made them more profit and paid their workers more but was going to explode which it did and then an expansion of the public sector to unprecedented levels when they know the government itself has no real way of raising its own funds except through tax from the private sector-hence completely destroying peoples chances of ever having any jobs that could be stable or sustainable.

More so because they were more busy using legislative power to fix minimum wage which was a good thing but were doing so for the purpose of enabling their voters to their own corruptions, which had a lot to do with little brains who speak of nothing but their plans to get rich and choose regularly people that they can conspire to name 'the secrete to wealth and glory' in order to abuse, people they have set out to damage as a matter of privilege, so their minds were never going to be on what they were doing but how to use what money they had to ensure those that need the money the most because they had a use for it, never even had the chance to save up some for their purposes because they were being set out to be damaged for privilege no matter who they are and so set up the best in the Country at a time when signs of inflation has shown itself in the world economy as far back as late 2001, to be abused by their political leaders, who then also set out to secure these games for them by being able to get things from people no matter where it was but the problem was of course that this had become more important than the economic issues, hence all was put in place in order to secure their opportunity to abuse the best in the Country sexually and nothing was done about the Finances of the Country, the attitude around the world was very similar too and all had the one excuse of 'because such people refused to have sex with them' in common and then being equipped by their leaders thereafter for some kind of oppression while they have no jobs and no money, the result was also the disappearance of some jobs which some of the most vulnerable people who did not go along with the trappings of power could get, because some wicked businesses discovered they could make more profit if people did more combine jobs such as 'loader/delivery man', 'driver/loader' and the list goes on, not to mention the jobs that were lost because the best had been obliterated financially, while they wanted more money and more equality with their stupidities and looked up to the vanities of Popular music celebrities and those who are always enjoying club life and taking drugs funding all kinds of crime and so on and less specialist jobs at that particular point in time appeared which made the recession much worse and also made it impossible to tell what the future of the economy really was because everybody could talk about something since government funds had been used to able idiots to get mobile (which they get punished all the time by HH because he was already looking into the matter of restricting their movements before they took that away from him and decided they had his property and whatever rubbish they planned to do with every bodys future was well settled) instead of get people out of poverty, hence made the recession many times more expensive, while the Private sector was barely clinging on for life, so they can get more ideas to get rich and know where to be to get rich claiming to have created a country where people look as though they can succeed in the real world not expect things to be brought to them.

Thereafter they set out to destroy the economic growth that they thought they had created which was incredibly infuriating for HH has since spent his property propping up LSE stocks after businesses started stalking him for help, which they did by scaring businesses into taking more risks first with rumours and perceptions about HH which were never founded on fact which now have a life of their own on the media, this pushed businesses into making more profit and then going burst so another party does not gain from their hard work, when they clearly didn't have to and got the entire Nation into the mess we are in today, which they are unrepentant about looking for trouble like Politicians always do as it were before they complain.

Now Businesses want somebody to trust in Government and they trust the safety of holdings of HH's Office, which the Political system claims has come to mean One was meant to share his personal life with the Country but kept it for himself and so he cannot trust anybody else, while he is trying to tell these enterprises to give us a second chance to get it right-so it has all gone private to HH's Office and he is doing everything in order to sell his intellectual property. What he is therefore saying here is that they understand that he cannot tolerate all that talk about how they did some things well but did not get credit for it getting out of hand at this point. The process of seeking perversion based privileges from people; where the best have their human rights abused and their finances destroyed and the worst, the stupid and the useless, get rich in bits everyday until they are able to brag and oppress people while others wait for jobs or indeed they spend everybody's time trying to, has never brought about any economic progress anywhere on this Planet, let alone the UK. For One's part he is a black man and do not take nonsense from them especially the black versions.

 Potential risks securitised

Another of their favourite argument is that the free market was responsible for the crisis we have today, which they are now being blamed for it. Whereas between One and them, they know as well as he does that they want to have profits in millions without actually working for it along the three parameters of advertising, marketing skills or plain necessity; while they think when people work hard to deal with crisis they look funny like they currently think HH does. Which therefore does not contain an ounce of truth because what has brought the crisis we have to deal with today, is the fact they have been trying to get rid of the free market and replace it with something socialist and the fact they are still having arguments with those who are not letting them a guarantee that when they do that they will not be opposed, indicates hence they have not in a decade (for what One am fully aware of), thought about what to replace the free market economy which they want to get rid of with; it beggars the question of who is going to wait for them after all? One is certainly not, neither will anybody see HH or see him stand in their queues so they can have political power and more so especially when they are black or come from developing economies and thus get to frequently play their stupid evil game of white majority and blacks who control community relations with every single one of HH's feelings-then intend to extend that to everybody else in the world like some claimed new standard for their black market, counter-fitting and illegal trade activities that they by the way also think is funny, by which time if they continue to use Political power to hold out on this matter any means of resolving the economic crisis would have been completely gone and spent while they will continue to have power to bully others when they want jobs.

It is always at this point that they then claim they have not been in control of wealth in the world all along and there is therefore no way of knowing what kind of economy they will replace the free market system with when they get rid of it and should be allowed to do so, experiment and be given time to replace the free market with whatever they come up with; whereas up until now they have been the ones that control community relations and use it for the purpose of being corrupt with a Nation which actually belongs to everybody, keeping fake marriages with their spouses which is more important than paying their way in the world and then finding whose life and finances they want to wreck to make up for the lack and the deficit, in order to make their opinions relevant in everybody else's affairs but it has not been important to them to think about what to replace the free market economy with when they get rid of it

For One's part, they begun it all by destroying everything he does for money, just so they can find out how he does it by following him around embarrassingly, claiming to have contacts and histories and with him as well, which now means they can do the same to anybody they like because of the access they have gained to people's thinking, more so because if they followed those lines it will be easy to convince both the electorate and the authorities it was about wealth sharing, after abusing One's rights and getting their Political leaders to to claim it was a good thing, as per it is a temporary occurrence to ensure people are sharing market and sharing wealth, since defending Oneself by doing the same to them was also seen by public attitudes to be a bad thing-the avenger who takes everything as though he avenges in their own lives and it will not continue to get worse and worse and worse if he does not kill off the problem; leaving him cash strapped and a think of scandals for them as well as a means of getting involved with people who have business to attend to, then attacking his faith and trying to exterminate it-which also resulted in the difficult nature of the crisis we have today because it gave them access to other industries and professions that exist in the same sector as HH's as something they can accurately make guesses about and then the cascade effect of industries and professions that are in the same sector as those as well, making sure structures were set for their voters to extract feelings of having sex and with HH because he refuses to have sex with them, which was more important than getting a job, which was then to be secured when they and their Politicians accept him as a gift from their society for their pleasure, all of which was more important than the looming and active economic crisis and then made a point of duty winding up HH every single day over the last decade on and with the use of Media, which is where their false confidence for the purpose of facilitated intimidation from idiots that want to get rich and were told if they got on media could have ones property for themselves is possible, of which they have no wish to pay for the damages, hence the claims they make about the parts they play in helping the economy of the world, which is just meant to say to them that such gimmicks are a good thing as long as jobs are being created from it, which will get rid of their image as men and women people laugh at-which is of course worth spending everything the Nation owns for; as though like HH, when they loose their temper they make more friends. So there is never time to wait for them to replace anything with what they have come up with and it is never up to or down to the Arch Prince.

HH's Prognosis: "Its like when they say crimes happen in the streets and people get hurt, that people they know get hurt and that it is my doing and my fault and something I should take responsibility for, while people try to tell them off attacking vulnerable people all the time no matter who they are. For me I have no idea; it is like the thing about billions that others put in a persons business being wiped off the business at the stock markets which happens to have been the loss of an amount of money that is beyond us; these things remind us of course that it is not the money that is beyond us but the fact they turn up here to hurt me for example to create for themselves succor when things are bad and then this progresses to the point where they are hurting me to create an atmosphere which suggests that there is everything, from jobs to money to women and of course you can never get their stupid girls and community croons to stop at any point whatsoever too, while hurting me does nothing to make these things exist but they will hurt me until it does. So it appears that with such things being so rife, the main problem is that somebody somewhere is crazy and completely looses it and they loose their lives, however where I come into the picture is that wrecking my big business abates extremism but the only way to actually finish off the job is to successfully make out it is my fault I am getting hurt and this therefore makes the best part about which it will end very well too since they have big businesses they want to go home to as well and I clearly will do nothing about those. It is not just a case where the politicians are increasingly unable to control the economy and what happens to it as a whole but the fact these idiots have no respect for anybody and are not fearing me enough currently. They say it is my fault I am getting hurt. Bearing in mind also that all my study concentration and work concentration gets taken away from me, while people think the career I have is a plaything and is bound to my personality which is something only foolish people will think is real or viable, because I am being hurt and that it is my fault I am being hurt with a big mouth (Best friends of the rich minus me policy, alongside which they want to own every thing that belongs to me to punish me for not sharing faith with evil and then finances and personal life and sex, which is why they want to determine what my finances are)."


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