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Oxford English Dictionary Definition of Intellectual Property 

"Intangible Property that is the result of creativity." Soans, Catherine and Stevenson, Angus Concise Oxford English Dictionary (OUP) 2004.

On Tunnel Light Books are sold and brokered Intellectual Property and brokered or exchangeable Securities and Equities are created as Book Titles for business leaders and owners by brokerage but because they are created from an already existing Global Intellectual Space and Property and more so which exists in a Royal Estate are therefore operable with any Capital by The Governance of its creator as Property from his property. They are also packaged as stories which have their roots in reality and Governance, which can also be read for self provided security and exist  as thereof as Equities: a) The Quality of being fair and impartial b) A Branch of Law Concerned with Fairness and justice formerly Administered by special Courts. 3) The Value of Stocks and Shares issued by a Company which carry no fixed rate of interest. 4) the Value of a Mortgaged Property after deduction of Charges against it. 5) A trade Union for Professional Actors. 



Of course I am aware the whole lot, the fact that an object is desirable suggests that some have the right to expect profit from a life of vandalism and especially that of other peoples Intellectual property and that having media on their side means they will always get away with it and buy other persons class with their money. In the same way I believe I cannot allow them have any kind of social sustenance or any means to it because doing to will mean that neither I nor indeed anybody else I may have brokered My Equities with will be able to get on with the production of our goods which are objects of desire they so desire unto desiring our personalities in the first place. Hence as a result of living up to this I and those affiliated to this company in one way or another can get on as normal and none can with the worlds insults buy either my personality or class by buying any product. I am certainly not trying to accomplish what the US Government is trying to do through surveillance, I have been getting it done for the last five years quite successfully. It is rather interesting to note how much idiots all over this world with a thing for greed and wickedness and personality dysfunction which thinks others work and they spend think people know about their stupid lives and or the how much they think it is relevant that people did.

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 

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The idea that I actively engage in subverting means to justice for those that are oppressed in order to secure favour with Monarchies in Europe especially in the UK has no basis on reality; I know it is a completely worthless point of conversation to engage in but the reasons I have is to set out the securities I have created for the Company around such matters i.e. that black people especially ought to learn to chose the moral path when they are at a loss as to what they ought to do and of course to set out clearly and more so especially for the American ones that whilst doing so is even more difficult than the problems they face, clearly those who do and turn out to be successful Arch Prince’s while they are still students are inferior to them in their opinion. Hence the attitude continues they instead of doing so they wait for martyrs and then turn out to put information through to me when I want no conversation with them or their insolent corrupt stupidities, that I have no respect for the legacy of those martyrs wherefore it seems the idea we are not mates or equals and I desire no conversation with them will never get through until I drive it like the violence that these things dish out for me, considering I warn them endlessly I find it offensive, it is generally therefore assumed that out of fear I will cease to fulfil a duty to show the famous off as evil fools and charlatans they are when I know I will lose everything else if I do not do so. It is not that I do not know that I set out and lead trends all over the world, its just a case of how when I become another persons property and all they need to do is find money and get rich and I therefore set the trends in that capacity and they do not like it very much - the envy freaks who envy will certainly clash with my jealousy provided this behaviour continues and they do not stay away from me and move on. It is said of course that I speak of a literary archive that is in the hands of the British Establishment but of course it is, that is what I went to the University to develop so I might end up being pushed out of my studies by black people and their stupid white Politician lovies because they want to create a great thing the owner didn’t do so others can do as well which is one of the main abuses in the Country and the audacity with it to handle my person and reputation and possessions that I am completely fed up with. It is about my research into how to release money from my Royal Estate that eventually allowed me to stumble on the inexhaustible human resource but of which the catch is that we must agree as a plane to live in a utopia before it can become reality. The need that these individuals have for access to my personal life is only measured by previous successes concerning a greedy corruption of anything they believe to be religiously pure and recently occurred claiming it is freedom and civil rights which creates the need to shut down every means they have to enjoying or replicating the proceeds of such things and as for the girls and women, they are supposed to have been the most insolent fools who find derogatory ways of profiting from those that are greater and more important than they are to whom their stupid power always applies with respect to jobs at stores and historical of hospitality environments but in the end for them its always a matter of issues taking their course in time due to benefit of ignorance because we soon realise there is nothing more important than an insolent manner to enjoying life and that is when it is time for them to put matters where they are meant to be.

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Firm Asset Equities in Functional Aesthetics  




In the Early Part of first decade of the 21st century, I had been a very active Christian for the best part of 3 years. My faithfulness to God or perhaps his graciousness towards me gave me the privilege of having access to some things about the supernatural world of the being very few people get to believe really exists. This access left me with a knowledge and sight of some things that no human being can ever understand about what the needs of the human race is, as well as alienation from the normal world. By the 21st century itself when it began in 2001, I encountered a new series of problems; in form of the fact that the idea of God and the existence of God is engrained in the very code of National life of the United States of America. As we all know there is a very ferocious consumer society in that part of the world and my problems simply grew and grew, engulfing Communist States and getting me into trouble with the two blocks, along side the vandalism of Media firms, who relished that it happened. It was therefore not so much as the fact that the primary purpose of these activities by the Political leaders of various parts of the world was built around the prognosis that the best way to get wealthy was to ensure the fundamentalisms of somebody who had some kind of a connection with God was available for perversion but also the fact that at the time I had worked hard to create securities, which were being transformed into Equities by firms and companies who wanted to have some asset that is stable or some item of it for securities created into their assets properties and products. So by the beginning of 2005, I already knew that what they were getting from me was Intellectual Property Securities and Equities. At the time however, I thought I would make good of this by getting qualified to work in the Financial Advise and Management industry , with some out of industry challenge of intellectual advise work from companies that I may have made an impression over time but by academic work did not pay off and this of course was due to both poor performance and ill health. After my botched Studies, I had decided that I needed to put my career at work, since a large part of my problem at the time was western theft and some kind of persecution on public places which seemed to drive towards the need to ensure I did not exist, after idiots had gained access to my work and manipulation of the rest of my life; in fact they had planned to base the entire economic recovery on the success of this, even when most of the businesses and jobs did not actually belong to them but since politicians were playing into their admiration of power based wickedness, after which they realise they do not have money to look after their need and begin to attack other peoples finances, they were growing in strength and the destruction that was to be excused was building up, except that I did not want it to happen to me or more so anymore than it already did as this was and is still not their own lives or property. The result was that having known what people like about what I had to offer was Equities and Securities, wrote them for sale and Established this company for the purpose of distributing those books. In this I have made enemies building normalcy for the world and silencing ideologies of evil, especially those that wish they had more and love to appear on public places to induce fear and grab attention, which has now become a means of getting rich on media and one of my prime concerns to put an end to because the abuse towards me and their admiration of wicked power is excessive, while they enjoy it and so get to talk so much rubbbish about how I have power and nerves and they need to have me to their stuff like that for them as well which is always violent and also costs me too much. Hence the need to break up those evil establishments with which they do these things using the little access that their access and vandalism has offered me and to sell the Equities with some Security to those who have a better use for it.



I guess that will respect to this matter it is important to keep the customer away from the dark, though this problem is largely a function of perceptions, what people think as we all know, bearing in mind the running of a business and the buying of deployable securities and equities for private use and otherwise. The existing security issues of this business I suppose should not affect equities and securities brokerages. The long standing aspects of which are that of Media and Entertainment industries, where the allowed political intrusion of the last recession has meant that brokering equities cannot enjoy the security of anonymity bearing in mind the needs of the products. It is not to say in either event that the Equities do not meet their purposes but that the process where these individuals have the financial means to buy some of the high profile products among other products in the market, then set about to deploy the equities of their creation for personal gain has its destructive effects, taking care of which is a work in progress for this firm and bearing in mind there are firms responsible for these vandalisms, which exist backstage of Media and Entertainment industries for their purposes, will take some time.

In essence the problem there exists for this firm and and its Literary Empire Trust system is that of Media firms that claim all the intellectual property in it belongs to them,which lies and public display of my property and work without permission claiming it is a tease has eventually led to a mental condition where they genuinely believe that it does belong to them; this has been a long standing public place fun that has gradually grown to have great consequential outcomes. Its entire purpose has been Popular culture elitism bullying and Popular culture Celebrities getting money from its profit margins and finances with big needs to fund and big bills they have amassed for themselves, to pay with it, which is very provocative too, even more so when the money with which they acquire products from the market for their destruction are gained from this method.

It is therefore as a result Popularly suggested that I am responsible for the inability of Politicians to make public policy on the economy but clearly as long as insolent threats I can do nothing about because those who issue them are doing so on Television and backed up by stupid men who talk so much nonsense about the kid who learns the law so he can play games with the minds of his fathers who want him to give up things they want to be rich with continues, I will continue to intervene in Politics and make decision on economy impossible by so doing. This is all that everything they do with the media is about and nothing else and the products are the usual products i.e. violence on me all the time which earns reaction because it hurts and they are stupid and of course parting shots every time I defend myself from them, just so that they can copy what they do not know to get rich with but make good of it by dominating me as well; hence they do not know and wish to copy to get rich and they will copy from my personal life and they have their ways of getting there which will also involve covering their tracks quite well. These things are a result of years of causing me suffering to set me out as the one less of well to do people in the world they wish to sacrifice for the greater good, by which they get to talk so much rubbish about their culture as well, which has now gone on to facilitate con activities with my company that are masterminded by stupid legal firms run by idiots and facilitated by media idiots using stupid abusive and destructively wasteful documentaries of property that does not belong to them, making claims they think will not stand up in court about which the money they use my market place and acumen to extract from people will be worth it never the less and I have done no wrong in setting them out as one less of evil insolent idiots by which I will sacrifice to sell books and this is what Politicians do not understand. I speak of it with respect to what is public policy hence it is so, although the situation must always remain that I tend to have something that is above them which I and not them the Politicians get to control.

contrary to the claims of badly behaved violently greedy culture and cultural idiots, no property in this firm belongs to another firms; they just will never know they are insignificant and the money they have is something they cannot account for and more so have never really achieved the minimum requirement for anything in their lives but play the same old evil insolent violent products on media to get rich earning other peoples income with. I had to provide firms with securitisation of their negative equities because the recession had ultimately meant that the buck in their establishment stopped with the Politicians and administrative leaders and so the interference by which Government runs peoples businesses for them had to be made to be worthwhile therefore and so there are the three relationships with the firms I have in any way mentioned. I provide them with a securitisation of their negative equities and the Politicians take over their companies in a social sense temporarily until the crisis is over and they work with the Politicians and have access to equities and securities displayed, put out or brokered.

Much the same with claims that I appropriate property which belongs to the British Crown and without permission; this is created by those who feel they have a lot on common with me but are being ignored and is used as a means of laying claims to my earnings on fabricated grounds I know them when I do not. I have every possible legitimate authority imaginable to run this firm not as my own property even if I could but as a property of the Royal Estate which I have been given by Her Majesty the Queen HRH Elizabeth R II Patron of this Firm. 

With regards therefore to enactment and re-enactment of claims made, that my do not get to bring about peace and love among humanity like I claim it does, that will have much to do with my Mum pretending to be something she is not and when I decide it was not good enough for me and left home, instead of an unfettered access to my sanctified space I share only with God, it got worse; so the result was that I worship God without the feeling I have got a real connection and I go after their freedom of speech and right to be popular. In both cases I have now developed a real dislike for men chasing popularity, fame, money, sex and youth and the politicians will never be free to say anything in public without feeling that I am interfering. This is what really happened. The matter of how I need to show myself in public is not something I think of as a problem as such either. I have mentioned or discussed it on other occasions because I just love to indulge the arguments as most of them as a factor of people seeking conquests; I should say maybe that they ought to be aware that those who sell equities and securities for a living, unlike those who live of ratings, live in the real world and are likely to be formidable opponents, a fact thereof they should take into consideration. However the truth about it is that whilst their lives continues to depend on popular culture (these days without the fame because I am using it to pay for damages they do here) and mine does not, they continue to suggest people can be famous without money by the things they do with my work and my privacy – like some giant process of covering their tracks which should inconvenience me too.

The morality conundrum is never half as difficult and tough as insolent me shoving Corporations, Politicians and Media make out they have made it for the religious and especially me for that matter; I had made my peace with the idea of having illegal and unauthorised sex, so I really have no need to get involved with it, then find somebody whose life I think I should take up and clean up the mess I have made in mine with - as it plays out in the real world too, they all want to be idiots and it comes down to anus fucking fools telling me how to write a CV and a covering letter at the employment service which means I must do the fool part as well and sell up the good stuff. So is the process of providing for and Governing the City and Governing the Country side minus migrants, especially those that always seem to do things to instigate people doing horrible things to them over money otherwise they do it first, two very different things.

With respect to security matters; that will largely have been the abuses that this firm suffers at the hands of International Career pirates, especially those that work with and or are bred from the White House in the US. It is not my wish to allow anybody to become insecure about it, just making it clear here that the abuses this firm suffers and what they build from it on their media does not change the fact enough equities of security have been supplied on the matter, even on this site as well i.e. it is all about ambitions on the left and those that consider themselves to be international statesmanship worlds worst envy freaks and on the right cultural wickedness and vandalism that has the effrontery to ask people to shut down their business when the owners of such businesses do not approve of their nature of fanaticism which they have always been aware like in my case that I do not, beyond these two issues is lots of lots of rude behaviour that is meant to  bring them on all sides; Statesmen, Stateswomen and Celebrities alike fame and fortune, about which it is my forte to make as much capital as I can from it as well.

It should be mentioned therefore that the media vandalism are done as recognition that Industries are aware that the only way to ensure their equitable communities have any kind of security or are occupied by normal people and happy children, is if their products at any stage of making a public appearance is linked with this Company. It is therefore also understandable why Politicians will feel it is perfectly okay to fund these vandalism with the public purse and the use of quangos on being aware the tax payer will not necessarily support it and of course roles they play to create international insecurity that can be deployed for blackmail therefore, especially displayed by their friends on media who seem to assume that media appliances in peoples homes are things they can use at will and more so for their own ends as if it were their own and hence talk through to people via it.



I appreciate the fact that people have come to the point where they have realised that seeking to be able to stand in my world and personal life to talk freely and do business freely and act freely while making sure they never buy the products I created to ensure the whole process worked because they needed me in financial suspense to get rich with, is an uphill task that will never pay off but it has taken so long for them to realise that saying they needed to do administration for their businesses bearing in mind the recession was global not wait until it all falls apart for the administrators to be called in so they might be forced to do it which is how I explained my work, which if they did would have cleared up for them the absence of any link between their various corporations and what have you and my work and property, that all that is left is a question of how on earth they came to the money they have got today when they are so stupid, when they are so thick. When people have been able to put a products that helps others into the lives of a large portion of the population of the world, of course what gets you is not as much as their money as the fact they have been able to achieve that but their villainy was meant to have been successful if they were more powerful than I am and not necessarily so because they had media – the fact is still that they are a collection of business scum and compared to me are nothing – nonentities. When they have said that you can only have an empire if they say so it makes you really curious bearing in mind all there is to it as a content is the existence of insolent Americans through whom what people give up to do their jobs in form of money and property needs to have killed off their finances completely because it has become other people’s concerns and business all together. The lack of respect is astounding but then again I have made it clear what they need to do is count their leaders and then count me out and make sure they never on any occasion do what I do as well and then there will be no problems; why would it take them more than five years to realise this anyway, how did they come across the money they have now when they are so thick? I have taken this risk because I need to make it clear for the level of commotion around here every day by get rich idiots of which the largest proportion is led by American fools, that not everybody in the world which is still a very normal place by the way, wants to get through their lives doing as well what I do and so if they want to make it violent that is entirely up to them too.


In the UK I have no clue actually whose idea it was that people like to live on benefits but that it is better for them still if they are working; we all know the benefits never provide you with enough money for anything and that the reasons you sign up for them is because you want to find work, not because you will die if you do not act to find work soon. I personally do not think people ought to worry about being on benefits, I should mention as well that I worry about it because I am not normal – I do it to brew my own problems I can shoot at people as well when they start, since each process of thinking about the length of time in which I have been on benefits edges me so close to clinical depression in the first place, let alone people beating me up because I beat myself up over it.

I know for example that people want to ensure I am unemployed and living on benefits because they have societies where people hate those who have talents they are not using to get me stuck in, I know the Politicians who take decisions on benefits are aware of it because they are part of it among other kinds of society like the ones that want somebody beautiful they can abuse to feel good daily etc, hence it is never clear to me why they create the rhetoric of people living on benefits thing when I am on benefits because they stifle my book sales over the fact they have got my property out there somewhere and plan to use it for their own fame. Hence I always think about it as something people do because they have thorny areas of their society which they wish to shove me against; therefore the creation of claims of sponging off the state is meant to have been a suggestion that the existing ones are not doing enough damage to me. Hence I regard it in the same manner as well and therefore take into account all my problems are a result of people who want to via politics and media get things from me without as much as offering up a word of thanks for it due to how doing so would make them inferior. These things suggest especially when the benefits issue has been raised that they have no recognition for the fact I have the right to get up every day and get around without having to deal with the evils of society and to which I say the personal dairies are full and they need to move on soon enough as well.

 As I mentioned, the abnormalities about me which causes me to worry about it extends to the job itself i.e. writing and selling equities and securities from others which I have built up to trade with and then creating others that will sustain a safe environment for it, means a process where I should ignore and mock them so they can never be famous but cannot do so because being aware is part of my job. Hence my position that they will need to take the direct decision to move on; concerning which they like to say my books are not available to the public in anyway like I have claimed that it is – this is utter nonsense too since we know that such big publicity issues happen around my earnings everyday as the fact when I open a face book account it is everybody’s face book account and when I open up a twitter account it is everybody’s twitter account while politicians run the show and complain. They talk rubbish like claims I have stolen their history and their society and so on for it and I have decided those their industries are a personal property of mine too; so they have decided it is simple text book competition, in which case if I am being crowded out of what I do, my actions and activities have become even more surprising.

What I am saying is that I have a perfectly good job and it is those who are responsible for signing me on or off the benefits that are the biggest problem my job faces; so they are still unable to see even now, that they need to get off my book sales and allow me get off the benefits, what they are saying instead is that I am stuck doing a job I should not be doing which is a stupidity you would be hard pressed to find taking place regularly. Hence the importance of beating me up because they never seem to have an ability to resist having a go as well; concerning which they will mention to people I am very manipulative but it is the general idea, next turn is theirs. There is no frantic mannerism to the way Equities and Securities of the firm are put up on this website: One is just obsessive about matters i.e. how far do you go to make people understand you do not want them peddling you to get rich and famous and how far do they do to do precisely that? I am referring as well to the question of damaging their cultures and so on which they present as the reason for it, which is utter nonsense as well, since reality is that when you come to for example the UK, you are met ith a raster men and a theatres with a stupid minister of parliament stuck in the middle who will all ask you for your personal life so they can peddle it to get rich and famous and will take it by force if you do not give and turn out in public to tell those lies - there is nothing frantic about the way I do anything, the only frantic thing around here is those desires to get rich they have showing up on media these days and of course no body enjoys at all those infantile stupidities they get up to when they cannot get what they want, I certainly do not as it were.They think the world is full of evil and greedy people, I think I do not feel they have the right to live like that too, no idea then who told them it is how to make a living: somebody has got to be the Police Officer and another the Soldier and another the Journalist, so we can pay taxes that Political fools and foolish men and their women think are at the disposal of popular culture idiots but this Empire trust and its books and Emporium of Industries and Enterprises, Company and Royal Property has never from day one been free for all or free to access and if that does not stop I will throw up the challenge very soon and find out who dares to use it one more time and that will really kick it off too.I need to determine 100% who deploys My Intellectual Property and Securities Administration Property, it is the only way to ensure I am selling the books which facilitate Equity brokerage and I do hope people no matter how stubborn and no matter how dumb and no matter how female understand that.As Indicated above these services are available to aid but are to be consumated by Book purchases and not alternative media vandalism or access to my public work and personal life and product income like the example shown by those who want their Companies to be handled in the same way (a familiar sight and a family occurrence of course; while the Politicians think it is such fun games to control me which then means I must not be allowed to earn a living or complete any academic work which again is then such fun as well, the business ones all over the world are playing the same game as well, except that theirs is directly involved with a "candy from a baby" prognosis, which fame and fortune and popular culture and popular music idiots get involved with without question or fact finding, lending their services and foolish popularity of vandalism like there is no tomorrow and talking nonsense about whom they expect should be or become a dog, so that when you hear they complain of their problems, you might be forgiven for thinking they are entirely innocent and no body will ever know why it is such fun for them anyway: The skill applied here is more to do with when it is claimed I mention people put together figures with equations that will end them up with X amount of money on a certain group of variables and constants, then do something amazing and make those variables and constants a property of this company, I heard it from somewhere, whereas everybody knows that once they had done the fame and fortune thing, then reality is all about them taking big pictures of themselves showing off money and excluding people on the belongings of the same they handle in such ways, on big bill boards all over the City to sell products etc and I have mentioned they do need to shut down the advertisement and the Media and the Politics and the Popular culture over my books anyway - all I need to do about it clearly is to take records and to make the records credible take them as closely as possible at all times and all the time; result being that as it stands I am writing books on these records hence there is every indication this matter will end terribly well. Besides which it is entirely normal to consider the matter of ideologies of evil being associated with The Company and its Property from greed idiots and of course the matter of publicity that those who patronise it give to it over ones trading activities).


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