(Estate Property: Ethnic minorities' violent Finance selfishness, destruction and extremism bating, Administrative Racism wish demagogue)

Now they say I have a problem with famous people but since school we have always known people who tell lies all the time and spend most of their time in public places working very violent lasciviousness and an inane desire to see people get into trouble with high criminals when their needs are not being co-operated with or met as notorious, I am lost as per whom exactly they think considers it famous but so have I always maintained the person who told them they were famous must have been as insane as they are, showing up here to tell me I have written Books that cause nostalgia and should not have been written, therefore they will confiscate my Royal Estate and overwhelm everything I do in public in order to, then sit about mocking and laughing when every single thing I do is met with a labour over their insolence – apparently of which now it is becoming a fight, it is not clear how people get killed on my account just yet all together in their view. There is that old question of why it is people hate me so much but it’s an old case of pure evil and plain opportunism; they always say their wickedness are things that may not be alright to be as a Christian but helps them get through life all together, on the other hand however you soon find yourself fighting for your very life and existence in a neighbourhood because they might have seen it as convenient – they will then build a sub culture out of it and expect others to think it is right to assume that when an extremist group captures them and turns the whole business into an imagination it would not have amounted to torture but then again of which these are very stupid people and if they will not be keeping their senselessness that allows arguments that scare people off my Books and show the devil is powerful away from all my concerns on the asking, there is no doubt as they can see, that I will cut their own to pieces and see if it will not play out a prognosis that not enough have died yet as well as it were. So that they can tell me my actions amount to torture too but that is largely a matter of where you are as a stateman and where people need to be as well if they want to drag you out of an office that cleanses you of violent behaviour as a way of sorting out problems into a fist fight on the streets and so if an extremist group handles the whole thing it will not amount to torture as well. it’s never really a problem save the bit where peoples senselessness is developed around my career to prevent it being financially successful when they build up reasons to scare people off my services on Media and become some money market bullies as a result; so now they know how stupid they can get, that they need shut down their insulting media comments as the Books are for sale, they have realised too what normalcy should be and where respect is located even though they are not giving any. They do say its an official welcome to the club of those who like women that are older than they are but it’s never really been an issue – I have people interested in me that have as much to lose as I do because there are certain public places responsibilities about my person which are not a second question or a problem for me in anyway; so, this gimmick about those who fancy older women was natural and entirely predictable, I simply do not see myself losing sleep over it. I hear of that complain I am throwing it all away at Journalists and entertainers but we all know there is nothing thrown away if people are not going to the Monarchy to wreck my finances knowing it will leave the finances of Royalty to be determined by Journalists and entertainers which will create a problem for them; it’s the same case we see with goons ripping up the bits where other Royalty around the world may fancy my work and help me to a break at some point with television advertisement especially the Germans and it’s all very well until I start to display it on my U-tube channel with comments attached. It’s like when we hear them say I use racially aggravated language which of course I do except when I do it’s a matter of following on from the desperation of fools that have built all they want in this world around seeing me claim I am a better human being than others are, so the problem is that when I use it I tend to get away with doing so; it’s very evil stuff you see – that there was a fight at work today and then another the day after and the day after and the day after because there is this fool who does not think you can exist without him spending your temperaments making you grapple with the evils of his society and his personal problems especially those associated with his immoral lifestyle and they do always say it happens because they have problems but so is it always clear that they have problems whenever they are evil.

They do claim I exhibit racist tendencies but it’s an old story where it is so difficult to forgive all the stupidities of black women and their plans which means they dream only of when I have such financial difficulty I am eventually forced to be gay so black women can be powerful; after 16 years of this mess, they are still getting bits of this feeling and I dropped out of University because lesbians were trying to do male behaviour to fuck their partners by etc; so obviously it is not normal retard and likes to show up around my concerns when it does not have anything I want, it cannot fulfil any of my needs but am always being forced to see its fucking cleavage because I share a skin colour. So it’s so unfair for people to keep giving them that stupid insulting civil rights due that says every black person is the same thing – as I have mentioned before I troll through my parents photos when they were younger and full of life thing and when they grew older and saw the behaviour that led to the civil wars that happened immediately after independence and the changes they made; these idiots only change when they have caused suffering to religious people and such change will last a few months so they can set up new positions at International community for aid when the war breaks out, then go off to continue – I mean my parents are Nigerian for instance and there are places in Nigeria where if you run out of cash you will be lost with no prospects of ever seeing home again but it wouldn’t not have meant that you were not lost in your own country all together; so it’s so unfair for them to keep having it and getting their stupidities and insulting deviant threats put to me ever so regularly. It’s not that they do not know that what they are doing is bad; we see I am a kid breaking the record of some successful idiot who will only learn his lesson when you go to the stock markets to rip up that stupid pyramid sales scam of his to shut him up all the time, a hatred for my activities because it shows where the respect they have not been giving is missing from; which has now developed into something of the fact their biggest problem exists when I mention of talk about it, so they are now out to make sure I do not talk about it and I am out to ensure they get another fucking life – a Christian kid that will be gay so black women can be powerful, insisting for years in a society where their stupidities does have racism to worry about. They always say it’s a fight without end for me which is utter nonsense: the fascists are a group and its like imagining there was a Church of Fascism down the road, they would go there to get refreshed but it’s the day I step out of my door to go shopping and do not think these scum should be picking off my life and work to run their stupid existence by while they say it is blessing god bestowed on me for sharing which I am not allowed to keep to myself and trying to will lead to serious problems with that big mouth, to be told on my part that peddling my Public image will lead to serious problems too, is the day I will be racist; it goes beyond the fact they know what they are doing and what the likely consequences are, so any who resists the proceeds they are expecting from it is racist already. So the rest are the same; media and popular culture all come from specific groups where they organise themselves have meetings and plan how they want to live but when they show up in Public their whole lives are about attacking me, then they want respect while my respect is missing – so it’s not a fight without end for me in anyway, just that stupid disobedience I have warned them about before, the one that got me making them chase their lives lest somebody else takes it from it because they lived in the suburbs while others existed in the big wide city, they are hanging around the same case with those civil rights insults associated with problems they create for themselves because they are hoping to rise up and get rid of those in power to take over seats of power in the world which never works unless they are attacking those who want to live them behind and seek better things to express their stupid problems all the time. I can always make excuses for the fact everything I learn about my trade takes couple of years, to a stage where their behaviour means my business reputation says its delayed success that will result in a denial of it but I cannot argue with what the account Books say which is that getting a job from them is impossible and they have appointed themselves to have a problem with your right to have a livelihood too and it will not stop in my view unless I cut their own to pieces as well, starting with that popular culture they are so proud of but I can judge my actions towards it in a dispassionate way for since I am actually not a fan, considering fans are not made through abusive involvement. Then we eventually hear this talk of a certain guy that is responsible for the threats that Politicians face all the time; whereas what happens is that because they all want to confiscate a Royal Estate or be the guy Industry people like to play with instead of me, I am being beaten down in my own bed all the time which they claim means they are sorting out problems of extremism and I need to pack up and get out of where it is being sorted out if it makes me uncomfortable; so people have been losing prized businesses and job roles as a result of it too obviously and MPs are increasingly facing threats everywhere including the very grounds of the Houses of Parliament itself.

So, they say I am in a dabble with British Politicians, which I am not; it’s an old case where they use peoples work and business to perform dirty tasks they have invented but cannot stop talking nonsense in Public after which eventually gets the victims to react and all I have to do is wait for them to start blabbing about the good bits of their careers whenever they wish to win elections as well. I mean it is as annoying as a condition where two Countries in Africa say they want to change their names to break with colonial past and the reality is that the British cannot run from colonial past like they can and it’s a part of their history and is seen around their economic footprints too, so you have to work with that as it is what you have except that when you have companies you broker equities with, the while business system is deployed by a fool in the House of Madness at Westminster to please some million owning scum in order to develop some structure of superiority which purpose nobody can actually understand and it’s never clear why they never use their Offices instead or why they never make use of anything as was intended. The other bit around the way side which reflects where the government fools come from is that old case of a group of female idiots that want to put an end to my activities showing up to bother me all the time; about whom it is obvious they want me to work for something and leave it behind for a woman who is renowned for knowing something about money and what to do with it in her stupid neighbourhood but I do not fancy that they are actually the community I leave any work I have done behind for, whenever I want to look towards other aspirations anyway and I would like it if they only got involved to buy a Book and did try to stop preventing the community I leave my work for whenever I have other aspirations from buying the Books, looking for trouble the whole time. It’s not a crisis for me as imagined actually; whenever I say such a thing their insulting reaction will be that I need tell it to the men and given the right tools and correct measures they can be made to listen when I want them to make themselves scarce too; the last time I did, I ended up dealing with pornography because it is where they usually go to get themselves sexually assaulted contractually; the rest of what they rely on so much happens to be the idiots from overseas blabbing at their mates about a ladies first Policy that eventually results in hatred for women, which makes no sense whatsoever, except we look at it in terms of idiots who want the rest of the world to assume women are never criminals but which is hard to since the goons will find no other way to get rich save the benefits of mid-sized gangs knowing what people in authority should be doing to make them feel at home all the time, that ends in abusive popularity fame and fortune money which they spend enjoying the pleasures of women to show that we usually assume they do not believe in all that hate for women stuff but actually they have always known what they were doing and had a plan in mind all along. Hence eventually it is said the way I run my concerns is very risky as the world is thinking that it is all a personal project; of which half the time it could be but mostly the other half the time it is the result of people passing insults at me – insults that cause a diplomat to drop out of University and end up somewhere to react to the stupidities of their cultures and society which reaction they find exhilarating and helps them punish him with their stupidities to choose self-improvements they can get rich with knowing in their perverse and very evil nature that such behaviour eventually leads to war, unless they are fighting for their lives the whole time; so we see the Public transport operatives talking nonsense about how I need to show myself in public whereas the US President and sometimes the Russian one listens to what I am thinking without me leaving my roof, thus I have any use for showing my face in public on account they simply cannot keep their mouth shut and operate a Public transport – it’s an old story with public transport anyway, it used to be a straight up world of people you need to respect not in terms of whether it is more or less but in terms of different respect, now it’s full of goons who want everybody to think they are interested in the jobs and careers which are the latest trend on everybody’s lips but are actually only interested in filthy popularity culture they can mess up people’s lives with, so the insults abound because I do not look the part of somebody that will likely get after the most famous of their popular culture idiots who cannot make money without handling people’s lives and so it seems that when I do it, doing so will have created something wonderful. The story about being a diplomat having been something I made up is an old one; everybody knows as well as they do that I work in the bedroom asking questions of the world and how it operates, with a Court on Media whose temperaments I transcend to a point where I can communicate with them while they are on TV and that I always tend to get diplomatic projects from the British Monarchy and the Royal village in Europe and the Middle East Royal village as well; hence is usually something done by a group of idiots whose activities have led to civil rights fools incessantly getting involved with me to cause me to drop out of University while they pass their exams.

Its like the case of people not honouring their National Anthem while the vice President attends a Sporting event and they are always trying to excuse it in some way leaving us wondering if they really world have where it was Trumps Republican rivals that won the election instead of Trump. In any event either way it means I win again and the next time student Union characters telling me what to do all the time a hurting my bum striking me a fantasy, they will have a reason for it too; I mean I do get told my case is largely that I want public support for my actions which I don’t and this is the kind of occasion where banishing such nonsense is worth its while i.e. if anybody is likely to damage your livelihood, these guys will do it, Celebrities will do it and Popular culture goons will do it, thus one gets careful when living with parents and does not like to be messed about when living alone – its about how they justify what they do the way I justify the fact that Security services have a job and we are looking at those kinds of incessant abuses that are completely pointless but tend to facilitate a process that allows a drug dealer to abuse others until they cannot go anywhere and when they walk down the street feeling cold and all, get called up by a drug dealing in an expensive car and offered solutions to problems and some drugs to take, some to sell and bring in the money, no selling means getting shot; I do not need public support for the way I want to make use of them as well when the Politicians and Media are done – we know they love their servitude so much and that is because they understand they are bigger and stronger and can work for more money where work concerned, so if everybody were stuck in servitude, they would have the means to dominance but while that is going on, they are never the ones paying the financial price as they are poor and have got nothing and are in dire need of civil rights; so handle their case when I walk down the street and get noticed, next time I walk down feel subliminal messages come through that I am their kid they are rounding up and controlling, on whom their future depends, such that when I shake it off, I end up being detached from black people and racism stirred on my account, so that the racism I never knew existed and that which never existed all together started to exist and so on my account specifically – then anything I do to defend myself especially after it starts blabbing a need for me to fight racism without a job while the racists have jobs, will mean it will get off to the Politicians and Media to get help that will ensure I cannot go anywhere, once it has gotten the help and I cannot go anywhere, it starts all over again and ups the ante refusing to honour the National Anthem, one among its many excuses being that it will be satisfied when I get beaten up, which is the option it prefers to simply keeping its stupid self and concerns off my Books. The women are an old story; simple case where if they know it will devalue another person’s Royal Estate they should never do it and as for the insults, we are getting to that stage where I am developing a habit of telling them to keep it where their money is; for their case, when it comes to the big stuff, I really do wish that News reporting was a serious job, since if it was, I would have been prevented from going around kissing them female journalists and playing with them all the time – otherwise we can see that when it believes it has an ability to get away with a process where more than 10% of activities concerned with its job is allowed to screw with others as much as it likes, then nobody will have a semblance of normalcy where its salary is not paying the Bills.  

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It is normally suggested naturally that separating the British House of Lords from society is something I cannot do and that my ideas about doing such things are born out of one of many people have to get things done in the most comfortable way imaginably which excludes some other people but of course with know that with respect to the first argument we are looking at the fact some things people do to others as crimes that are not written in the Books can be tolerated as culture and diversity but that at some stage when it had created its own sub culture the reality is then faced that somebody somewhere somehow will lose their lives over that particular culture hence if I am a Christian and think about saving my life, it should be equally applicable to everybody else hence for the second issue the answer is that the devising of comfortable ways of doing things which excludes other people is an invention of liars who believe that the crimes they have committed at every stage and level of society and social life which is not specifically written as law must be allowed to form a conversation in the House of Lords where the fate and outcome of society is decided but when occupied by socialists then the outcome of society is decided by society itself which is utter rubbish, hence making this separation is the best set up for a very bad situation and not something I cannot do. Money is not what the Law is.


It is normally claimed by Americans that what we British talk about happens to have been problems that we have created for ourselves, this is rather very distant indeed from the truth since we no longer live in post world war era where rations were rife and anything that was to be done was debatable necessarily, hence what the question of what Human rights means was at the time. We live in a period where the question is that of what Human rights is when an economic crisis strikes and we can see what the challenges are; that big businesses leave the heavy lifting for the small ones and keep all the money and then when the crisis hits, the small ones have no means whatsoever of recovering, soon it is time to plan for the future and they return with their money to seek free products and services from the small ones to get the economy running again with plans to pay for nothing whatsoever, which is what the problem we have presently is i.e. if you refuse to give them your services for free having been they will go and work with their plebes instead of you, not only will they get the plebes to steal the services and products from you for them, this will also mean you will be excluded from the recovery itself. It is one of those points where cash strapped small businesses need to become the bigger ones and I always knew they would behave in such ways and long since planned to run this Company on something as ground zero thin as Books, books which will now it seems turn out to be the worst nightmare some people ever had and of course they can use my services and or products without paying for them if they have got the guts for it and thereby assume I have not had enough of them at this stage. The reality is that if the design systems and Intellectual property are safe and secure then bypassing idiots in Europe on the other hand speaking of other problems, to get funding and or Market from Communist Businesses, Oligarchs and or even Governments will have exactly the same recovery effect. It must be observed however that these things are done so often that those who actually work and practice the democratic things and democracy itself are then put at a disadvantage to a point where they are underdogs and not just as a function of the issue where the UK for example is either one thing or the other and not a country that is both good and evil like the US has the luxury of being and becoming as the worlds biggest democracy but onto the process of allowing criminals to accumulate all these crimes against people that are not stipulated by law to a point where they debate their trophies in the Houses of Government with entirely normal and same leaders and pass them into law.

There are concerns by Security officials of how much damage Americans are doing to UK Interests and Government Property of course; I have not said anything about it because I do not know what to do or am scared of the consequences - there really are no consequences and Americans are doing less than a tenth of the damage that British Politicians would like them to do. So British Politicians behave as they do from a twisted and evil and immoral House of Commons which is as common as they come as it were because they think they want the rest of us to show them a certain respect they deserve before it tends to apply that what the Head of State does is a process of governing the Country and these British Interests that Her Government has secured and developed are things they are supposed to follow and toe the line with and of course that is never going to happen in hell. Normally Americans would say nothing if we had a thing or two to do in South America for example but if a Politician decides not to follow what the Monarchy is doing, then they will ask questions - hey that is our backyard etc, so it is entirely something that Politicians create and bring about all together not the Americans. I do not think it a major issue; we are simply so close to the Americans they do not think of us as a separate Country over many issues, hence as a result there is that tendency to question some things that are wholesomely British National Interest which it seems only our enemies tend to notice as we well which is not so bad anyway since they can simply disappear and no body would mind. In the end it is a matter that goes right down to society in the UK - for example you might own a small factory but will soon discover the biggest problem to be that 25 year old, you know, like shooting dead a wounded Afghan Insurgent and Prisoner and being convicted of Murder at Court Martial for example, that does not have a job and lives in the City Centre and although he gets unemployment support has enough left over inheritance from his parents to travel around seeking involvement with exotic cultures and then there is that stupid Popular culture and then those stupid popular music and then those stupid glossy Magazines and of course we already all know they never ever listen, so it does not necessarily imply that they are winning the power section of this matter either. They are rather taken it seems by claims what I do when exasperated by them is a property of their own and that they have gotten themselves into social problems that mean they have ear marked media to spend all I own which provides any kind of security with that big mouth as well - so it apparently the reactions they are interested in and we hear the complains and tales they can tell for it all of the time too. 




  • Environment protection.
  • Leadership for the Readers of all Books written by HH.
  • Defence of the English, British Protestant Faith.
  • Defence of the Frontiers of The United Kingdom and it's Church.


  • Defence of the Freed Alliances between and of  Democratic Law and Liberty.
  • The Equity of the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  • Defence of current built National security for UK Businesses.
  • Defence of British Economic interests and aid for the British who have none.
  • Defence of the intellectual space and Intellectual Life of the City of London.
  • Separation of the  British Supreme Court and House of Lords from Society.
  • Support for the Global Integrity of Democratic governance.


  • Defence of the Privacy of the Global Naval Community.
  • Separation of the Worlds worst Ideologies of evil - out of Reality and Normal life. 
  • Defence of the borders of Justice and crushing of  over-enslavement and its influences.
  • Company Holdings, Equties, Intellectual Property and Financial Property - the War on good doers.

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 The Social Problem, Gang badge Theft and some Tacky Colloquialisms

We all love to profit and prosper in the factorisation of what we best understand democracy to mean in all the offerings of a democratic society based on consultation, this is what is Universally acknowledged. The truth which we must face however is that the largest part of the world can only afford a free one.

A democratic society considering that society is made up of what we know about it which in actual fact forms the tiniest aspect of it because what it is made of largely is the things people do within the minutest second when they meet other people who most of the time may come from the other side of society opposite to theirs, which means that society is a function of how people interact with other people and the things they do to be able to do that so and actually changes every single second according to the varying number of faces people see; where people can be put to use if they are seen doing nothing for themselves or indeed nothing at all with reason whether or not they agree with those who are making them, in an overrall sense of the workings of freedom offers too much power for those who seek to control human life all together and so will not yield results in large territories.

This means that all we desire from the factors that are produced from the development of freedom does not come without its problems no matter how good the intentions we have. These problems come in the form of 'criminalities' to which I must reiterate that the sole reason they are so important is barely except for the treachery of those we have trusted to handle matters of authority by which it gains notoriety and excuses from the familiarities of those who are being abusive of leaders, which are both the trust abused as given to some to tread the fine line of change.  
Such is because having made what is universally acknowledged and accepted subject to anomies by which these anomies are possible in order to disrupt and completely devastate the lives of any who begins something since nothing exists without being started as a plan to crush any good in the world and develop trappings of power for evil as some will agree, this forms the basis by which it is possible for some to restrict the rights of others to practice and enjoy the factorisation of democracy by the means in which they factorise theirs. An act which may not have been universally acceptable necessarily as abusive and therefore wrong but nonetheless a 'criminalism' because of the mosaic nature of global democratic territory of planet Earth that does not belong to a single Nation. 

HH became the Golden King of the United kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Charged with the task of broking the goodwill which exist between himself and HRH Queen Elizabeth R II. His world stretches across Europe, the Middle east, the Far east and some parts of Africa and the United States of America. One's Prime purpose has been securing the twin factors of democratic stability and democratic change for my people which I protect from the will of pervaded Majority: he had already witnessed the idea of change and a public that goes along with it afford 'criminalities' the opportunity to develop from such goodwill temporary royalty in the minds of the peoples of the world by which they attempt to rule them on the excuse of fairer society and equality. In Europe: after years of these same kinds of fundamentalism both classically (from what can be termed as a necessary derogation) and in Category (from what can be terms as harmless disruptive-discrimination) offering their services to what can be seen and understood to be the most wicked and what we can and may describe as Biblically evil rulers or Kings of Europe to afford themselves the sense of fundamental superiority that they have today.

Yet after these changes in the world in the last two centuries, one of them being the notorious Second world war, having found out over 80% of society in the world is free not democratic seek powers of democratic society, while instituting and seeking to exist only in a free one which is an alternative cleansing of the world of those who may oppose them, where democratic society will have become to them no longer somebody else's existence but a matter of fundamental power which they can wield, naming their actions thereof "revolution" on account it is the most 'followable' excuse when the UK is governed by a Monarch. When they are perfectly aware that a Country in Europe even so in these terms can never begin its life with a black leader, hence he knows he is just being attacked for the sake of their privileged wickedness and nothing more. Fair to assume thereof of which is that to sit down at community level to blow away facts no body asks concerning privileged fortunes is for the benefit of the insolent men of gay culture who will never change and are always the best things that could ever happen to women still, especially for those to be found in Royal Circles.



However currently in the United Kingdom these are the things which make them consider themselves to be at the bottom of the pile after the world has assumed some many States of rebellion. Hence found themselves a new reason having located a new good in the world to exterminate because of the pleasant feelings they get from hurting  people, become increasingly evil and ruthless towards vulnerable people which they never stop deploying as blackmail to acquire anything their minds drift into desiring. 

Which is a matter that HH feels the world should be aware of because of the possibilities of an interaction between them and other peoples like them in the societies of other countries in the world, as they travel around the world to create threats to the UK Government moved by their new found auspice for it of the existence of an Arch Prince that serves the Government and the Church on the diplomatic front and must therefore be forced to create his own religion and get pervaded or exterminated, otherwise in anyway including the seizure of anything that may have something to do with his faith with rhetoric he has no right to exist. It does not apply I acknowledge that people necessarily appreciate those who bring them ill will but these matters are becoming more politics and a function of some kind of race for acquisition which I must warn people not to take part in.  For One's part, this is nothing but the desire and tendency to breed violence with his goodwill hence in his defence; the Monarchy must remain in office.

It is imperative after recent developments all over the world that Politicians in other places in the world seek to develop less of the excuses that enable them to use these individuals as instruments of blackmail; mentioned it One have done mainly because he knows he has no advocate in the international communities, not in a real sense because everybody there is a Politicians save the workers, which are by the way run largely by politicians who corrupt the application of human rights, claiming some are no different from women who have been violated and should not seek to be like them. Thus these facts about these things are made clear and those who agree to them make themselves seen.

For his part on a personal note; the reason HH has done so is that his work does not and never will involve the enriching of poor and vulnerable people with wealth or perhaps culture that brings them death or violence because it cost him so much to attain them that he perhaps cannot keep his own problems to himself because people want to mock and abuse him over money matters with their cultures.

Poorer democrats do understand their problems and it is very important that their leaders do and are able to keep theirs.

HH has written this introduction which clearly exists as a function of his duties in service of the British Government, simply for the reason that defence from an ideology of evil does not constitute an act of repression-contrary to claims Politicians make as they are poised to steal something, those who should not practice such evils have better choices available to them but prefer the vanities by which they hurt others, cannot have enough of doing so and get a feeling of community from doing so as well when they have succeeded; that will make two groups of mad people especially when we consider the vanities and foolish arguments that Politicians make. The carnage that can only be Imagined of themselves telling HH to get rid of a business which more so involves selling securities because they are planning to and can use it to ensure that after he had been set up for community idiots who have base opinions to abuse him sexually, they can then use it to protect themselves while having sex with the most beautiful women and not having to deal with any of the social issues involved with doing so as well, as well as having homosexual sex which One is aware of and providing security for, at the same time of which an income from his property is being extracted by them to help them pay their way in the world, while one is to find something else to do for a living while they wait to determine what it should be based on their desires and needs, looking for trouble as well over what is not at all their own, which they have other explanation for when the overall economic consequences have come through, expecting not to pay for it: As far as they are concerned, HH is the one that is trying to do something about a thing that no body can do anything about currently because they have got media to play around with.

Their greatest strength obviously is that they were born into the world first, which is why and how HH had had his finances ruined by their familiarities and insults that no body thinks they are because stupidities are normally attributed to Children and not grown ups that are useless while those whose property such grown ups are, get away with things, to keep him cash strapped and single until his Thirties, which he accepts is their power but must ensure it is as far as they go and do anyway.



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