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 "The Social Problem, Gang badge Theft and some Tacky Colloquialisms"

We all love to profit and prosper in the factorisation of what we best understand democracy to mean in all the offerings of a democratic society based on consultation, this is what is Universally acknowledged. The truth which we must face however is that the largest part of the world can only afford a free one.

A democratic society considering that society is made up of what we know about it which in actual fact forms the tiniest aspect of it because what it is made of largely is the things people do within the minutest second when they meet other people who most of the time may come from the other side of society opposite to theirs, which means that society is a function of how people interact with other people and the things they do to be able to do that so and actually changes every single second according to the varying number of faces people see; where people can be put to use if they are seen doing nothing for themselves or indeed nothing at all with reason whether or not they agree with those who are making them, in an overall sense of the workings of freedom offers too much power for those who seek to control human life all together and so will not yield results in large territories.

This means that all we desire from the factors that are produced from the development of freedom does not come without its problems no matter how good the intentions we have. These problems come in the form of 'criminalities' to which I must reiterate that the sole reason they are so important is barely except for the treachery of those we have trusted to handle matters of authority by which it gains notoriety and excuses from the familiarities of those who are being abusive of leaders, which are both the trust abused as given to some to tread the fine line of change.  
Such is because having made what is universally acknowledged and accepted subject to anomies by which these anomies are possible in order to disrupt and completely devastate the lives of any who begins something since nothing exists without being started as a plan to crush any good in the world and develop trappings of power for evil as some will agree, this forms the basis by which it is possible for some to restrict the rights of others to practice and enjoy the factorisation of democracy by the means in which they factorise theirs. An act which may not have been universally acceptable necessarily as abusive and therefore wrong but nonetheless a 'criminalism' because of the mosaic nature of global democratic territory of planet Earth that does not belong to a single Nation. 

HH became the Golden King of the United kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Charged with the task of broking the goodwill which exist between himself and HRH Queen Elizabeth R II. His world stretches across Europe, the Middle east, the Far east and some parts of Africa and the United States of America. One's Prime purpose has been securing the twin factors of democratic stability and democratic change for my people which I protect from the will of pervaded Majority: he had already witnessed the idea of change and a public that goes along with it afford 'criminalities' the opportunity to develop from such goodwill temporary royalty in the minds of the peoples of the world by which they attempt to rule them on the excuse of fairer society and equality. In Europe: after years of these same kinds of fundamentalism both classically (from what can be termed as a necessary derogation) and in Category (from what can be terms as harmless disruptive-discrimination) offering their services to what can be seen and understood to be the most wicked and what we can and may describe as Biblically evil rulers or Kings of Europe to afford themselves the sense of fundamental superiority that they have today.

Yet after these changes in the world in the last two centuries, one of them being the notorious Second world war, having found out over 80% of society in the world is free not democratic seek powers of democratic society, while instituting and seeking to exist only in a free one which is an alternative cleansing of the world of those who may oppose them, where democratic society will have become to them no longer somebody else's existence but a matter of fundamental power which they can wield, naming their actions thereof "revolution" on account it is the most 'followable' excuse when the UK is governed by a Monarch. When they are perfectly aware that a Country in Europe even so in these terms can never begin its life with a black leader, hence he knows he is just being attacked for the sake of their privileged wickedness and nothing more. Fair to assume thereof of which is that to sit down at community level to blow away facts no body asks concerning privileged fortunes is for the benefit of the insolent men of gay culture who will never change and are always the best things that could ever happen to women still, especially for those to be found in Royal Circles.



However currently in the United Kingdom these are the things which make them consider themselves to be at the bottom of the pile after the world has assumed some many States of rebellion. Hence found themselves a new reason having located a new good in the world to exterminate because of the pleasant feelings they get from hurting  people, become increasingly evil and ruthless towards vulnerable people which they never stop deploying as blackmail to acquire anything their minds drift into desiring. 

Which is a matter that HH feels the world should be aware of because of the possibilities of an interaction between them and other peoples like them in the societies of other countries in the world, as they travel around the world to create threats to the UK Government moved by their new found auspice for it of the existence of an Arch Prince that serves the Government and the Church on the diplomatic front and must therefore be forced to create his own religion and get pervaded or exterminated, otherwise in anyway including the seizure of anything that may have something to do with his faith with rhetoric he has no right to exist. It does not apply I acknowledge that people necessarily appreciate those who bring them ill will but these matters are becoming more politics and a function of some kind of race for acquisition which I must warn people not to take part in.  For One's part, this is nothing but the desire and tendency to breed violence with his goodwill hence in his defence; the Monarchy must remain in office.

It is imperative after recent developments all over the world that Politicians in other places in the world seek to develop less of the excuses that enable them to use these individuals as instruments of blackmail; mentioned it One have done mainly because he knows he has no advocate in the international communities, not in a real sense because everybody there is a Politicians save the workers, which are by the way run largely by politicians who corrupt the application of human rights, claiming some are no different from women who have been violated and should not seek to be like them. Thus these facts about these things are made clear and those who agree to them make themselves seen.

For his part on a personal note; the reason HH has done so is that his work does not and never will involve the enriching of poor and vulnerable people with wealth or perhaps culture that brings them death or violence because it cost him so much to attain them that he perhaps cannot keep his own problems to himself because people want to mock and abuse him over money matters with their cultures.

Poorer democrats do understand their problems and it is very important that their leaders do and are able to keep theirs.

HH has written this introduction which clearly exists as a function of his duties in service of the British Government, simply for the reason that defence from an ideology of evil does not constitute an act of repression-contrary to claims Politicians make as they are poised to steal something, those who should not practice such evils have better choices available to them but prefer the vanities by which they hurt others, cannot have enough of doing so and get a feeling of community from doing so as well when they have succeeded; that will make two groups of mad people especially when we consider the vanities and foolish arguments that Politicians make. The carnage that can only be Imagined of themselves telling HH to get rid of a business which more so involves selling securities because they are planning to and can use it to ensure that after he had been set up for community idiots who have base opinions to abuse him sexually, they can then use it to protect themselves while having sex with the most beautiful women and not having to deal with any of the social issues involved with doing so as well, as well as having homosexual sex which One is aware of and providing security for, at the same time of which an income from his property is being extracted by them to help them pay their way in the world, while one is to find something else to do for a living while they wait to determine what it should be based on their desires and needs, looking for trouble as well over what is not at all their own, which they have other explanation for when the overall economic consequences have come through, expecting not to pay for it: As far as they are concerned, HH is the one that is trying to do something about a thing that no body can do anything about currently because they have got media to play around with.

Their greatest strength obviously is that they were born into the world first, which is why and how HH had had his finances ruined by their familiarities and insults that no body thinks they are because stupidities are normally attributed to Children and not grown ups that are useless while those whose property such grown ups are, get away with things, to keep him cash strapped and single until his Thirties, which he accepts is their power but must ensure it is as far as they go and do anyway.



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