There is talk naturally of the games that Washington Plays and how people are unable to see the good work the EU is doing, which is utter nonsense; the colonials made the world what it is today and so unlike the Nations that were colonised, they do not actually have a choice about what to do with history – when it comes down to it, every country then gets to decide what their colonial history was like and why it is not so much in their interest today, which tells us all clearly what they really got up to and there has always been this relationship between the UK and the US. For me personally it’s a matter of peoples fun at my expense having come to an end, ranging from wanting to wear those stupid suits in peace while at the same time telling me I will be cut off from my income if people are unable to peddle my faith and public image and lay claims of ownership to it on account I have already got a Royal Estate, right down the bits about being an ethnic minority meaning that one is always in a disposition where people can make me feel flustered and it is the ethnic minority scum that work it the most, meaning I will never stop breaking those stupid hearts every time I fucking see any of it as well, being perpetually tired all day long. peoples fun at my expense where being a fan of Elon Musk and Richard Branson should mean showing up here to buy a Book not showing up here to get what they do not have as insolently as possible and I believe I have made it clear the reasons to be that I do not wish my audience thinking about this nonsense while I am trying to engage with them or I talking about it while I am trying to, so they might want to keep it shut unless they have something to say along the lines of having written my Books themselves, not doing so will see me start a programme of cutting their own to pieces as well within a week. I mean no normal person gets out of bed to work women thing wondering what whole crowds and communities think of what is happening in other people’s wallets all day long anyway and the accusation concerning the things I have done to them will likely go on for eternity of course, I just need to have them lay off the need to compete with those who have hands full and cannot possibly win, find a way of making money that is civil within my ultimatum to avoid trouble. Every time such an occasion arises we see that they revert back to accusations that suggest I am doing the wrong thing, cling to my finances and try to extricate processes that work with ageist idiots who attack me all the time and tell me I cannot do anything about it because a younger person will avenge them – a structure they have created to send out secret services to spy on others, seek out small businesses that are doing well and attack the owners to establish a sensation that people work for them of which I don’t and those stupid media insults that say there is nothing I can do simply wants to find out what I think about idiots building their own version of my public image because of their ageist insults and talking rubbish at me with it all the time thereafter – daddies threatening me every day because they want to make money with my property and cannot buy a Book as it were; we are not talking about the Muslim ones, those usually beat up women less when somebody else has given them a  good one and then I will end up dealing with some claim I have not suffered in the same way and do not deserve to have what I have all the time, talking nonsense at me about its violent capabilities a salesman that will find no other way to make money save mid-size gangs talking nonsense of what those in authority should do to make them comfortable – I have reached the end of my limits with the matter and one more such insulting threats that creates this parity between me and the media and suggests it’s all my fault for putting government matters at their disposal and I will teach them one they will never forget for my part too: I mean they do talk of their millionaires being insulted by me but those need to look the part as well and stop talking nonsense about a Royal Estate they do not recognise in order to afford themselves a license to handle mine without facing problems. I hear it’s a matter of the things I have already done to them but we are talking about labelling me a new kid on the bloc while I am older than they are for violent purposes and we see that nonsense all the time where the reason a person should be stabbed was that they are ugly even though they have a personality of a celebrity that needs to be taken from them and put to good use, which is never criminal activity according to media until the stabbing actually happens; so what we have seen from these idiots in the last few years is a need to get on that stupid media and link me with the worst neighbourhoods in the land, so that when it did get to the point where they were linking me with criminals who are still doing time as well, it brought home the bits about the others who cannot make money save through insults, getting from me things their millionaire goons do not have, leading to outcomes where those who have a couture with me or broker equity with me see the value of what they have and what I have plummet overnight while I then get out of bed every day to try and act in ways that ensure the shareholders were reimbursed all the time; since then I got myself a residence in the worst possible neighbourhoods and built up every anus and penis experience on my website which will be very hard to beat and their fantasies had since been fulfilled, while I am wondering why they cannot find ways of making money which are not so insulting for others to experience – feeding into those of them that are really tough and therefore cannot stop stealing stuff, making statements about what was set up to take away their jobs and family from them etc like some statement that needs to be made to get rid of any magical powers protecting things that do not belong to them, so they can take it like they own it, leaving the owners sick and breathless and punished just for existing; as I said, they need find a way to make money which is civil by September or I will start my own as well. They always say they will hit what I care about; women maybe, environment certainly and so on but I do suppose this campaign that lets me encourage people to want their shares in those stupid companies will not be deployed, nor will the need to control celebrities and popularity goons so as to ensure they stopped wrecking my finances and helping me when they have no means of doing so, by running their lives to a point where I can tell them where their limits are – so they are clear to make their move and need to stop tempting me – a sky scrapper for a tree, that is what I say and they are good to go or need to keep it shut and keep off my Books. We all know they say it’s my fault and that I never institutionalise with the Country leaving me exposed to all sorts but do are we aware there is an explanation for that too i.e. idiots like them are raised in such ways, so they can sit about somebody else’s personal finances and private space to talk nonsense about importance of extremists, pointing to men who decide those that grab their own and toss it to the dogs cannot have a Country as the reason their activities are justified while their stupid women tell me I will get into trouble for not letting them their stupid freedom when all I want is to see them keep their filthy mouth shut unless they actually did write my Books and have something to say to that effect; I have made the explanation simple – I do not wish my audience thinking of it while I engage and do not wish to talk about it while I do, they need pay attention to the job in hand; if nothing serious happened all that time they drew bad neighbourhoods and serving criminals at me, to spice up the need to destroy peoples business if it wasn’t working for them so they can pretend the recession is not affecting them, while having a problem with women just walking out the streets and enjoying some fresh air; nothing will happen when I ensure the community croon who thinks there is nothing wrong with choosing the path of crime for their kids because there is money going round in government but none in their homes, or indeed ensure culture and society does not end up where it should be for them so they can be cracked up as well – it is the right tool and correct measure for a process where I am being made to go through the experiences of making a breakthrough while my parents support anesthetised me to some problems associated with the fact I am paying my Bills now etc, looking like I have been operated upon without responding to anaesthetics all the time; needs to clear my public image space, keep its mouth shut and stop showing up around this business empire if it does not want a Book. Of course it is never true there is nothing I can do about them; these are simply fools taking money from rich people who want my Public image so they might get onto media and Industry and Politics to prevent me from having it and like I said, I am about to start cutting their own to pieces as well.

The case of the need to be afraid of these guys does not apply; I mean we all attended school, we all were children, we all had time to discover what strengths of ours we should not underestimate, so I am completely lost as per why they think that others are not capable of those stupidities we see exhibited all the time – then there is the women talk we hear endlessly but if it wears pants and goes off to stand in a street corner and say she is talking one on one and any who wants to fuck her or sexually assault her can go ahead, these goons will wither mostly and it could be one that is completely insane therefore having acquired a weapon all together as well – thus no idea why they cannot see the sense being made to them when they are told to keep their hands to themselves, blowing off those stupid threats at me all the time: we all know it’s a matter of what people have time for and if I said that the story will immediately change to blabbing about how I need to make time, make time to kill some ageists and masculinists and feminists they mean since it cannot keep it firmly shut as it were. It’s never really been an issue; just all about people channelling insults at me and these threats are things that open them a new kettle fish every time I have to deal with any because they do not think there is an incentive that will cause them to behave otherwise but we all know they understand I am aware there would be no trouble if they were the Arch Prince and there was enough respect from me for them, with that big mouth we see all the time; so it still comes down to the pop stars and the media and celebrities finding themselves a civil way to make money by my deadline or end up finding out I will never feel sorry for what the results of a continued performance of these activities will be and they do like to say I provide false hope but we all know that no one will ever get to stop me or even find me doing it, should I off set drugs trade and illegal black markets stuff, to ensure that their businesses are never left the way they left it in any 24 hours like we see their stupidities do around me, which is why they think their disobedience is so important that when told to keep their stupid hands to themselves and off people private parts it does not seem as though they have been made a fair deal. We all know they do nothing else except attack me and find they cannot handle me so they can attack something I care about; somebody maybe or property which ever one suits their purposes and it is possible I am bluffing that they need to find a civil way of making money very soon as well – everybody knows what happens when Police shoot the one that keeps stealing because it is punishing those who have not allowed a faith and a personality to be peddled or made their aura available for idiots and communities to lean on and feel good about existing, they will claim it is shot on my behalf and then we tend to find out what it is exactly they can do about me after that.

There is talk of some secret to happiness I have got of course which does not actually exist; what does is people making out they are more important than I am and then setting out to build me a history they think I should have had and this therefore means they become obsessed with damaging my finances while I become obsessed with letting the history hang somewhere, such that whenever I feel idle and wish to put pressure on them I get to explore it; what happens mostly is that I have business with my Court and that is usually a women that have to deal with feminist idiots and gender discrimination all by themselves, so they start to chase me around and I have to make an arrangement; this means that they spend their time with feminist insults and let me do whatever I like with sexuality which hurts the lesbians, while I take care of the gender discrimination thing, nothing like having a secret to happiness and we do see these idiots who build up such a perception at it all the time, its as though nothing will make their stupid lives worth living save being in a position where we were their slaves getting pushed about – so it slam it on his chest and on his tummy and on his head absurdities with them all day long, so that they believe when Police shoot it, that they will do anything about me too. I mean everybody can see I do not support homosexuality but these sorts of actions make people homosexual, so it should have been logical all along i.e. it wants to make use of my leadership but know better how I should let it – which translates as a process where the idiots are absolutely oppressed by the senselessness around them but at the same time since I am not affected by it they want to make use of me in a condition whereby they are superior and therefore know better, so I do talk and act in ways that make them even more queer just as I do not support homosexuality. In the end most of these things are a matter of what you were not there to tell people, since its largely a case of what people do not know which you do know; so if I see a homosexual contrary to popular notion it does not provoke or offend me in anyway but if I had to speak with them about homosexuality I would tell them otherwise, and if I were there some 15 years ago before they turned into people that will eventually grow up to be homosexuals perhaps I would have told them differently of the facts they know – these other group of idiots that I do not help but will grab my work and make a mess of it to help themselves and then turn the damage they do into a boys and their toys occasion on Public media are just crooked and the more I try to make them straight I am aware is the more crooked they will get. It’s the same as the pop stars ripping up my finances to teach me lessons about being disrespectful towards your mother and now they are stuck respecting mother become convinced that whatever I do to handle difficulties will be at their disposal as a form of privilege because they are famous and this does not actually operate in every situation too as it were – so they are dealing with respect for mother stuff and have no way out – I win again. They do claim they tell me what to think and that my claims are an ego trip but we all know they are complaining because they interfere with anything I have with other celebrities and love to grab my work and public image as a took for making connections, only to complain later that I seek respect where I am not giving any. So I am aware of the worry I have become some Prince of suffering which I have not; the only thing making what I do look like suffering is the fact there is an alternative persona put forward and not the real me – the real me does not like sex, it is the reason these goons are obsessed with the idea if I am stretched between Community and democracy, between East and West they will get to do it; I mean there is a probability people will take your Royal Estate if they had half the opportunity and you have somebody in your most intimate space and what you are doing with them is having sex and since she is not your wife and you are not married, it shows what you know about sex – so I do not like it and do not like talking about it: when we do give them the opportunity to explain what their problem seems to be with a Court system that helps its members manager lesbian insults and gender discrimination, we see these facts feed through endlessly that the scum are convinced the answer to their problems is the day we became their slaves with that big mouth they have got and the blacks are the ones that have no respect for the fact being an ethnic minority puts you in a position where you are always flustered or are made to be , so I tend to break that stupid heart every time I see it as well.

So do I know whether anti-depressants make people violent or not since I have taken them? I do not know but I know that it is like sleeping pills and when you take those kinds of drugs you are required to obey what your body is telling you to do and being disobedient to it will cause you problems, so those who enjoy taking their own out on others may become violent, it does not mean the drugs make them violent. I for my part took anti-depressants because my evil birth mom told some doctors I needed some, all it did however was suppress my thoughts of sex which had positive effects on me but is something I can do by myself and do not need drugs for. The story of respecting mom and pop stars being not one of serious important matters but one of the fact these idiots live their existence out in such stupid ways that when the rest of us think of money we think employment while when they think of money they think the best sort of enemy, so its never really something they do because they have been offended, when you are targeted it is because you are the lucrative enemy and the enmity with you has been invented because its just business like anybody here is playing with them. So a lot of work goes into building the Royal public image as such and I need to see them keep their mouth shut over my Books otherwise it will cease to be the simple case of idiots who pillage peoples lives to make a lot of success of insults money and are being controlled by their parents on one hand and people who have made money through fame but do not want to be controlled by their parents taking my side, becoming something about whether or not I would find enmity with pop star idiots lucrative as well and whether or not it would have been another lifestyle choice wouldn’t create me a problem since we can always learn from what they have already done i.e. I cannot even breathe or have a private or sleeping space in my own home because I am being made enemy of showbiz scum; complete with features like black idiots and lesbians making soul music out of my suffering or wanting to do so. It is usually okay and stable right through to whether or not people are homosexual with the Police having their jobs and investigating who is handing Police work to somebody else from a racist group and who has trouble keeping their hands to themselves, until they get involved without being asked.

Eventually we hear I deny my mental illness all the time, which of course is utter nonsense – the reality is that I have no mental illness if I am perfectly aware I have gone out of the bits of idiots concerning attacking me to inform me of the kind of day they have had so as to improve their stupid lives and finances, to dealing with the ones that are always pinching stuff and blabbing about how it’s all put there to damage their lives. The other part of the story being one of how I provoke people all the time, which I suppose just happens by existing and does not bother me at all – their main problems is that they threaten me and because I know what to do about them it tends to become a very distracting thing that causes me to think about it and drop out of University, which means the reasons they threatened me at all, concerning the need to get my business working for them and making them money by means of a credit economy will then ensure that it continues to get far worse than just dropping out of University. So what happens is that the drive to make my business work for them means they come from nowhere to attack me and my bottom hurts over absolutely every move I make because they need to ensure I am working for them on account they need to dole out credit and make profit and like to show up to issue threats at me talking nonsense about their well off enmity nonsense that runs everywhere at their 3 to 5 bedroom flat villainy and those stupid cars that do not have panels in them that was built recently – then there is the bit where I may attend a theatre but cannot concentrate or enjoy it because the bloody idiots leave a trail of paedophilia everywhere and I am left thinking about secretes that people are trying to keep; so this is the root of the abuses that are a function of their bad history never mind rape, so that it means they want me to have a bad history as well and hence have a problem with a Court where we manage their ageism and gender discrimination and the lesbian insults of their female fools, talking nonsense about how their problem would be solved if we were their slaves and how they are a boil it down kind of persons while I am a spread it out kind of person who thinks I can take them on, so it might really look like somebody will gain from adding to me what they have and to them what I have with that big mouth they have which it seems always wins a fight against anything and we are talking about the insults of their stupid children that is soon followed with complains at International communities over their civil rights either; those attack government operatives and talk rubbish about a fist fight them start to worry about clever violence and seek privileges of injustice and something to rely on it is for them apparently because the Politicians soon become more obsessed with showing they are powerful than with anything else, which is not what is happening all over government buildings these days anymore since last a process where they are the ones complaining took over and we see it all the time whereby it is either they are deploying people’s lives to have sex with somebody else or they are deploying people’s lives to run their careers, soon after of which we find they have some sort of back up and I am always looking miserable so people think my Business empire does not believe in its products and the part of my business where somebody just takes it upon himself to tell people about my products which means that homosexuality is not necessarily a bad thing outside of Church unless it is carrying out a clearly set out wickedness has completely disappeared, with features such as me talking about the way homosexuality affects other people’s businesses replacing it – so my bottom hurts and their big mouth will definitely see they get a closure for their stupidities out of me as well We hear that talk that I risk a war all the time but we all know no such thing will happen when they obviously threaten me because they can do and undo with me all together and yes I do get told that I suggest I can handle these guys but I can; they are idiots who never leave culture and society where it should be, idiots who do not seem to pay attention to the fact that the rest of us are very well aware of its existence and do not need more information on it – if I stop the scum making money from claiming I rob them of deals they should be getting from their wives and make arrangements to shoot it every time it dares to carry a Gun, it will amass weapons for any wars that gets on my nerves in secret and clear my space that way and nothing like their stupid threats will be the result of anything I do about it for my part as well. The bottom line is that they threaten me and it distracts me from my academic work, which happens largely because they handle my literary work and public image without payment as a means for making money and then I have to prevent it from happening which leads to the millionaires seeing that if they cannot take me on then they can rely on the fact their money will never run out, give some to the poorer ones who then show up to ensure I do not develop beyond a certain level, so they can deploy my work to make the money and pay it back, which leads to a process where I refuse to allow it happen and they on realising it is becoming an empire versus empire battle and not a money issue have started to seek help from Politicians that will allow them recover their money by making use of my services without payment and I am left wondering what all the fuss is about, how much they earn and how much the Books cost really; so there is nothing that they can actually do about me, need to stop issuing them stupid threats and need to stop pillaging my Book sales to make money in very abusive ways – I have mentioned the time to tolerate this will run out by the start of September 2017 and I will be cutting their own to pieces rather than go about discussing it from then on. I mean every time you move their millionaire stupidities on, the whole business of being attacked by popularity idiots because you are just a lucrative enemy while the rest of us seek employment to make money just gives way to people having the right to decide they do not fancy this music or that one but it is obviously not in their interest according to them to keep off handling my Books, putting pressure on me and threatening me when I am not budging - it does appear that stupid money did run out eventually. They do say my activities do not offer people an exit but we all know too that successful people do not become successful by spending their time on this nonsense for the best part of 12 years, to talk nonsense at those they have never been able to push around for years over which property and leadership they need with that big mouth: even saying this will mean they can now insolently get off to do the things they were supposed to do to keep being better human beings and having more money than I do but its all good for them to work on a business empire that gets to their heads and makes trouble for me whenever they have failed to work on it in that way provided they do not work on my own Empire as well. We are not talking about the media idiots pushing pressure on me and slamming it all over me either; these are just the kinds of idiots that will take this problem from one about getting the millionaires that will get hurt on my account to hand them some money so they can spend their own media careers doing that, to one where their bosses will find out how bad their day has been all the the time, but all in their hands of course as it is rather easier to keep their dirty mouth shut. 

I mean it is simple to move on from doing this if I could but the answer has to be given as per what level of abusive insults leave people so miserable the customers are not buying the products because they think the sellers do not believe in it or gets Royal Princes dropping out of University, to sit about responding to their daily stupidities because they find such a reaction to it amusing; this is not how the business empires are built but whether or not this is the main conversation now depends on how much time I have left to gather myself a workable pension so that the younger ones might not grow up thinking these fools do not know what they are doing, while all along I was always aware of the risk that if I opened up a Business it may expose the good people who have worked for their money and now live in a world where they do not cause the government to spend money on crime having their world taken over by idiots who do such things since they still have the energy to and have never worked for anything in their stupid lives.

They do claim I was the undeclared enemy but we all know that its only the enemy they have never really beaten down to a point where they can put up an investment on doing so like they claim they have when the Politicians ensure you cannot silence their lies by spending tax payer funds on the Popularity culture to talk nonsense about being important at a later date. Its like when they claim they are business interests when they think they want to get involved with people I have business by in order to abuse an ethnic minority and get rich etc and then it grows into all sorts of nonsense from then on – everybody else knows that they will find me a good person to work with if they used tools for the purposes intended and kept their hands to themselves. In the end its nothing but making money in ways that places the pressures and organ failure risks on somebody else, I challenge people to come up with this too as such, and we all know that knowing what they are and what they are doing, refusing to question themselves about it or make changes, simply deciding they want more money for some strange reason, the Police and Armed forces are facing the same risk too (???). They do speak of how I speak in ways indicative of criminal activity which I do of course and it is all over my websites because my Audience should be engaging with it as it were, it is the way people talk when they are trying to sell Books all together - in the end we hear talk of how Bond Movies have the same effect on people but I have a history where I watched my first bond movie when I was 8 (for your eyes only) carefully supervised by my Dad, watched my second bond movie (Octopussy) when I was 21 but we all know with the nonsense we hear these people talk about, they may not be spending time with their popular culture if they can spend their time watching the action bits of Bond Movies instead, none of the Music interest them or the characters those people who make the music portray for instance, which is one of the reasons people leave home to join terrorist groups and make others feel very angry about it, the same reason people kill enemies to protect innocents that they later kill because all they have worked for has dissipated along with victory.

I hear most of my complaints are results of the actions of Muslims of course, which is an old story – same old game of deciding whom to be superior to not really paying off as it is difficult to tell who is talking about being a real Man with people from a religion you have never experienced but have already been quasi attacked for walking down the streets thinking when you had opened up your heart to the world it makes you a man among men; so it seems that when it comes to the main stuff, we find people getting stuck with difficult circumstances and starting to think what I will not give them will be taken by force, which never really works. The rest are just pro-teenage idiots from all backgrounds who feel they have the right to finger my bum for instance and means those insults they read off a dictionary either suggests I do not stand a chance if I did anything about it or that there is no way I am likely thinking about doing anything about it but we all know the blabbing generally means that we get closer to a stage where getting what their millionaires do not have from my work and Estate in such abusive ways will lead to some serious problems for them too and that will only spell the beginning, never mind the fact I can always decide what they spend their time on if I wanted, never mind the fact that if it continues and they kept blabbing I know exactly what to do to make them into hated characters which they think they have made me into as well; as mentioned before, it’s okay for the gratuitous insults that mean my reaction tells people what to do with their business empires but all will be well if they are not working on mine too – the reality is still the same where they have come to realise how much work goes into building those big brands that cause them to rip up my academics and finances and run off to get top jobs that allow them to get on media to set me out as village idiot that people love to abuse: I for my part am doing intellectual property administration broker and what they think should happen to me is entirely the decision of the Government of various companies, theirs of which was to sell the products not pass insults at and abuse me and needs to start being that way too before it goes horribly wrong; normally it is fair to reiterate that people could always be successful in less insulting ways but it will still leave to the imagination the kinds of insults that become a habit and affect other people’s incomes. All together it’s about people acting the part when they get involved with big business which is really a world of unparalleled honesty – since it is impossible to steal people’s property when million other people know it belongs to them unless some human rights were being taken away so that those who are doing it may risk one that belongs to them too; the part where I cannot do anything about them of which is entirely fantasy i.e. I can tackle feminism and lesbianism which is one of the stupidest things I have ever experienced apart from that need to ensure I am some sort of icon for the suffering of mankind along with the need to bask on my Books and Public image for convenience which is a copyright breach – there are the main aspects where their complain is concerning the manner in which some people are providing services and the way they are providing it to those affected to make money, the eventual outcome is usually to target moral and religious people and trap them somewhere to provide a service for women for the rest of their lives, which they do not wish to; so my prognosis is usually that it’s okay for Lesbian to finger my bum and complain about my interference with her relationship while she wants me to make me an icon of male suffering in order to have a character whose existence she can copy to fuck others of the same sex with, when she is doing it with her own property. The other two are mainly the ageist criminals who stack up series of small crimes that help them gain enough money to build popularity that lets them chase the big ones and stay out of prison for doing so; targeting me all the time because they are stealing a certain lifestyle off me – while the third is the gender discrimination goons we see all over fame and fortune stupidities and popular culture pretending that if I have not made clear that I want to spend the rest of my life with revellers and vices like these it is likely to be how I want to spend it and so I might claim I am not homosexual but actually my activities support good homosexual sex. In the end I do get told that I do not support homosexuality and then again I support it and it’s not clear where I stand but like we have to deal with a provocation of media fools claiming everything I do belongs to them alongside the laziness of private security industry scum fingering my bum for it all day long whose capabilities I wish to provoke and assess as well, homosexuality is something consenting adults do but there are some who use it as a weapon and its purpose is to rip up people’s lives and create some very filthy equality, which when added to what they already have makes them the superior ones; so it is a behaviour that is common place only in well organised comedy shows on TV but since it is being practiced on me means I have to make my own statement about the fact it may be suggested my life is a joke but they are not the ones laughing at it too. I do get told the Media is not my enemy and I do not think that it is anyway; just a process where I look at it expecting to find media workers and finding people with something on their minds and then I find that I have gone from a half priest people want to be able to bully and seem to be working towards being able to, into a character that is on the minds of media fools with plans that involves getting into the studio and the office to hurt me until there is an outrage for no apparent reason if the story of being a lucrative enemy is removed from the picture that is, so then it goes way down to the case of getting to mess around my Court which I have expressly informed them is female only as well and sit about threatening me to talk nonsense that involves choosing my friends and the friends of women in my Court for it too; so I pump it up and pump it to a point of explosion a majority ethnic group and now it walks about their superior Kings and Queens asking people to give some information it wants to deploy to keep a job that gets to its head – while I break the hearts of the ethnic minorities and catch my breath that way every time I see it. I understand they say I am making a mess of the Monarchy which is not actually the case; its a matter that boils over to produce an effect where people go from ripping my work to increase their incomes with media jobs to becoming Cocaine dealer errand boy around my Estate - so what people are left with is the question of what is really going on, which simply a matter between the no God and no morality people and the Church goer here;apparently when they jump up my public image to make fame and fortune they need to keep it because they are my personal Gods, they want to keep it so when I tell them off for anything they would have been famous enough to do a talk to the hand routine or just become threatening, so it has become a case of invading the personal and scared space of an Arch Prince and defiling it versus rounding up media and popular culture and celebrity like sheep to give them a particular place around Church business so their insanity can be monitored and controlled; hence there is a bit of illness and hysteria involved. Of course I am aware it might be deemed that I complain too much but when seen in context of a 2 hour talk show of gay fun that involves mocking me and abusing me and providing a certain kind of local leadership on that basis within the same time slot for weeks and then months and then the best part of 12 years, then I am sure people will understand why I punish people for messing up my Books, while I drag them back to fix any mess they make of my Public work and why they claim I started first by writing my Books and refuse to read the contents in the hope I will regret and abandon the project which cannot happen as the item is for sale all together as it were: so we see the same behaviour all round, it wants to go to the shop and do whatever it likes because it is old enough to be your grandfather and its son works on TV or the Military, in my case it saw me walk down the streets and started a violent gossip that spread like wild fire about the need for me to be dominated spiritually before I am allowed to finish my academic work, wherefore whether or not I get a job after will be a matter of my attitude - until the serious things happened of course and I dropped out and wanted a piece of their Hyde as a result of it too. I have mentioned feminism to be the stupidest thing I have ever experienced since it complains to a death dealing point about people providing servicing and using peoples lives to get comfortable in unacceptable ways but sets out to do nothing else with it spare time when there is no trouble to pay attention to, save trapping moral and religious people and making them solve a problem to make feminism comfortable for the rest of their lives, generally seeking to do the same things all together as a form of gender equality drive and I do get told its not what feminism is really about since the reality is that when men get more pay for the same job, what this kind of feminism wants is the mens pay to remain the same while the womens pay is made the same as the mens pay. So am I aware of the case where somebody shows up to damage my property because some some strange reason it has contributed to a process where his stupidities deploying peoples lives and public image to do jobs and careers and sex has been denied the due that he rightfully expects from his wife and there shall be battles unending over the personal finances of their bloody mates etc, bearing in mind the scum have an inability to leave culture and society where it should be in the first place and definitely cannot keep their hands off peoples private parts obviously.

The threats are always good but on this occasion will clearly not support the premise where the idiots get into music and TV studios to attack me until people feel sensations of out outrage while they talk nonsense of what has become of my tummy as well; it is not that I think that the oldest sermon about me has been undone especially when they complain about the problems people like me have created to deserve such treatment, it is not that I think people are peddling my faith and my personal life and my public image as such, it’s just that I suffer so much pain because these fools think it is their right to do so and I have no right to deny them such things, for which they are on course to get a closure for that stupid problem of theirs all together as well. So that it might be said that I am an example of the threats their freedom face as it is not quite clear how a person from go from nothing to such a stage but we all rather know that their house Wife idiots always have work for me, while the society scum and community fools are the royal work that I am actually doing all day long. I mean here is somebody with a Public image due to the fact he is a public figure, so others have decided that they wish to ensure we cannot get off to address a crowd looking decent, having some so, covered their tracks so they can wear their stupid suits in peace by surrounding and trapping him using society goons and community relations idiots, which he now has to get rid of in order to get to them and make them behave, just so he can get on; left wondering how stupid people really can get, blabbing about somebody going from nothing to being a threat that hard working successful idiots face. Then we hear the women say it’s a problem I am not equipped to handle whereas everybody knows I will extract that stupid self confidence that loves to approach me and gets involved with rich people to pass insults around here all the time and beat it down so badly it will have to set up some popular culture canopy that I can burn as well; otherwise it is a case where the bit in which they allowed other people be was the easiest of all these tasks – and I do hear there is no solution in sight for what I am complaining about naturally and that was because the solution was in my hands I.e. I broker equities with people freely but some are just so narcissistic they set about peddling my public image and personal life and faith and then spend most of their time clinging to my personal finances as well, when I tell them to keep off it and refrain from touching the Books issue their stupid threats at me as well, following up their pinching which is used to punish me for existing, with a process of backup small army involving tall boy criminal on the left churning my tummy and knowing where my anus is all the time; so that it does seem it happens because they have got fucking drive and ambition and do not know what I am capable of as well.

Now we are here because they continued with these activities on account their money would never run out; apparently the money has run out and people are desperate and so my bottom hurts because I have a viable means for running a business and they need to roll out credit economies and make people work for them by taking out loans and paying them interests, so every part of my body hurts because I have this Empire and tend to it every day since I am the reason their money ran out, but oh I am actually the reason their money ran out as it were. We are not talking about the bestselling screw driver turns to the left and somebody invented a tool that caused it to turn to the right because the existing model does not serve left handed people – so they worked out that a Royal Estate operates under the canopy of their insane empires and are now chasing my bottom because people are chasing their own, to tell me it’s the much debated Royal Estate which I do not mind anyway, better debated than a world of mystery an adventure ceasing to simply be appreciated here it is rather than becoming some steak on the table of casino film making with foolish Politicians and stupid Hollywood goons; I mean a classic toy may not mean anything to them but people are still making it never the less anyway – such that they will strike what I care about for the way I have treated them because they are looking for a compromise on one hand, while they will get after the Royal Estate on the other: in terms of the former of which the way it obviously works is that they were successful people and I am a threat to people freedom with an ability to go from nothing to being a threat to people with six figure salaries since we were mates to begin with and it is worthy to get out of a half monastery environment to get stuck with peoples house wives inventing work for me that does not pay in the most deviant and abusive ways imaginable, so I might not have the energy to work on making myself a part of a community that will support me so the process of making a living might not attract or court bad crowds, while their community idiots and society trouble makers are the actual jobs I am doing at the Royal Estate to facilitate their stupid success all together as it were, therefore I should care if they want compromises and it’s pretty much the same with the latter which is a case where the stationary in the Office will cut them up and it will get serious from there.

Now there is that old case of how Popular culture and its operatives can do whatever they like with me; the general prognosis is that of my fear of them because I have much to lose but of course the reality is that the fear itself is entirely based on the fact I have not yet made time to ensure that the influence they have on me is not that of fear no matter what they do, so it is more a matter of being caught out all the time and if you are caught out every day it can affect your mind - however which I should not necessarily beat myself up over it and more so do so all of the time too, this I will try. The prognosis itself however is very different from the reality which is that if you are not doing anything about the fact the actions of pop stars are threatening, then the result is that the puppet that is you will be made up and displayed all over media to they can do kiss kiss routine with it endlessly and if you do nothing about what happens to be an endlessly threatening behaviour from them all the time the outcome is always still the same, they make it up and make a puppet of you and play kiss kiss to fulfil a desire. This is very different from the other matter of lack of certainty in Government work where they say I have thrown away all I was given at Royal Property and did so getting involved with media as well; the primary prognosis of all I do has always been that of the fact that popular culture fame freaks are already notorious as they are and this process where their part of society has this added advantage of local communities that can do and undo is unacceptable and will not stand, not just because I do not like it but because they love to threaten me - you see they like to make me out to be things they describe as a cunt, the female side of society, something that must be put somewhere that will create the atmosphere which will allow them to have sex and so this dirty filthy sex thing that I must put up with while their foolish Children make fame and fortune gleaning it from my life and work and destroying everything while they do in order to control me is just one more thing I must put up with besides the nature of their Industry and lifestyle being one of being rich and famous in a mansion as residence or working in the sex Industry all of which operates on the parameters that they have established a link between hurting people and in this case people like me and me to be precise in order to make money. Hence my intolerance of it and the fact they have been able to enforce it at the highest levels of Government office with the help of a group of Political fools has wrecked my academic work and my finances and now they have reached a point where they cannot cease to jump on and savage my book sales on a daily basis; this is not to say that the idea of them having sex and those communities having sex will be tolerated, I will not put up with that as well and they can do that look they do all they want, it is only the 12th year of this vandalism every blessed day, the dirty filthy sex is the only thing they know and they are always the top dog while they are at it.

Like that other tale they tell of my books not being affordable within the premise that they have cut and pasted and copied contents of this site and its subsidiaries like they did the previews of my books and have possessions of it, which hence means it would make no difference if I did password it or not, just like the old story of being published on media that has created the complains they have to make noise about today. My books are affordable; each page is equity that can run a business and for the smallest in the group currently on display they are priced at £25 for equities and securities brought to the lowest possible levels of communication for people - I mean there is a catch of course is that I expect men within my world to work with me and that I only work with women directly to that effect but the books are worth their cost is a certainty. I am not suggesting for a second that those who are only interested in the story are inferior customers - its just worth mentioning these facts and to ensure they understand there are risks associated with having a copy and then being interested in only the story since there will be people that think somebody is in possession of something valuable or important that they are not making use of; especially bearing in mind that idiots that know more about money than everybody else want to pretend at all times they are distributors of my books and have copies of their own to share with those who behave and that it is all about power and wealth, looking for trouble all the time until they are subjects of a game as well and then it will be time to ensure they do not go down for it alone. 
When they seem to see things operate and work in the same way as each other all over the world they become incredibly attached to the media and love to make those insulting statements about how nothing I say makes any sense - but we all know it makes as much sense as needs be made to ensure I become notorious doing strange and horrible things to them, then cash into their good reputation on Media to get rich and famous and important and of course once this part of the Career is settled and I am off to my academic work they can cross me again like they have done so far. It will never really be known whether it is more insulting if they mess up their stupid lives and spend lots of years creating civil rights to make it better then pretend you will see the world work the same way as they see it, thereby which they never ever listen to anything you say and talk nonsense of your activities which stifle peoples freedom provoking them or because it is their civil rights to do so - my rhetoric stays the same of course; they need to save the insults or keep it formal and listen to what I am saying.

In effect of which such things as poverty being a matter of justice and not a matter of charity was always concerned with the fact that when people are insolent and abusive and inconsiderate, the likely outcome will be one of those stories we hear about somebody having a bad wife at home who has ensured that the entire world is not worth living in for him especially over matters of money which others must therefore co-operate with on account they have a big mouth - whilst when people are religious and God fearing and believe in justice and equality for all, it becomes one of those stories about women who hate women who do things to men that are wicked and selfish and inconsiderate etc hence they will do such things to you as well - so that the bottom line becomes whether or not people have damaged your property and turned out to tell tales and lies that suggest media has become their ultimate escape route and salvation from all problems, at the same time of which they think they are stupid and homosexual and must feel like letting you know they want to fuck your bum all of the time every single second. It does not occur or work that way on account that things such as Church idiots and Nelson Mandela exist, it does because it is the way society operates and is something we all have to live with and live in. As for the part the Church plays to ensure you can never rest the question is why they ordain homosexual priests when they know the Bible specifically forbids that kind of lifestyle, why they allow them to feel they can behave in anyway towards me for example doing things to me I do not like and when I get up again they are there to do it again and again and again then talk nonsense about how I need to tolerate them when it is the very idea of what they do not want done to them that they enjoy doing to others considering we already have a history of International racism and genocide in this continent - like the MPs and their stories about poor poverty and justice which is rather about how to use poor people to steal as against the prognosis of buying things and paying for them if they can use it to wreck the finances of those who have a faith, where it will end and whether Priests do these things because they expect that I will tolerate them until their stupid penises end up inside my bum-hole? It is rather remarkable that the Church leaders do these things and expect the rest of us to believe they are unaware of what the outcome of their actions are when we all know all of them are married with families - so where does it stop?

A typical clear of this matter will be what their Politicians and campaigners say about Gypsies and Roma and Bulgarians etc but I tend to find the reasons they discriminate against these kinds of groups really funny indeed - since what we are talking about is a process where they discriminate against them either by getting involved with them and not knowing it because they get involved with everything and like to find other people they can accuse and make into human shields thereafter then tell lies all the time or the fact and reality is that they have not got a clue what they are doing and because these groups travel around and get around they have seen things and have a fair idea what they should be doing and will take it up and do it for them. Hence it seems that all they can do is say only what they know and take one day at a time which means that these groups were right in the first place all along. It is not what I am doing; what I am doing is more concerned with a literary empire that I went into University to build on so people can extricate from my dissertations and personality what career I have waiting for me when I graduate push me out of my studies with endless bullying and a mental health issue and run off to grab my future with media and the City, about which I had no choice but to start off the Career before I finished my academic work which will be one less thing in the whole package that I will have to do in order to settle up. 


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 The biggest matter we have at the Company Emporium and The Royal Estate Intellectual Property space within it is that of Equity Property instability; by this I mean that there is a sense from Associates and Brokers that I withdraw Equities when Advertisement is running and hence a certain need to re-affirm positions and relations which creates a confidence assassination and deforms the Equities especially at security property themselves. My position here is to clear that up as a matter relating to the fact that I have not been shipping a lot of my books lately and the effect of that is the sense that can be exploited, that I am either not doing the correct thing or that I am still not yet employed by this Company, hence at the precise point where I need support - just to catch my breath mostly, of which the only support I will accept by the way is financial, this disposition can be exploited to its fullest by some trouble makers, not a condition of Equity property withdrawal or withdrawal of support for Brokers and or the Advertisement put up on public media to that effect. With respect to this of which as a statement of assurance I should mention that I believe it is settled enough for me to concentrate on matters concerned with Employees all over the Country. When I say the trouble makers have no religion but claim to have won a great fight and they tell me they will comply but not all religion will meet my demands as I will soon find out and it does not pay off at the end, it is usually considered to be unusual but of course to me it is not - its like the matter of my racial slurs and claims my involvement with the British Monarchy is the biggest betrayal that black people have ever suffered in the world but they continue to provoke me towards the matter of slavery by naming me their great servant who knows more than they do in order to serve them with what I know, abuse and defile me just as a matter of having experienced something rare to help them face a lazy day and make money without working for it and take a bit just when I walk down the streets expecting to live up to those claims they will kill  me and have it all with a big black golliwog mouth and their foolish white women who feel they can do and undo thinking they can have sex with anybody as well. This is how far we have come since vast sums of my funds must be wasted by black people in order that we might have to continue to beg the white man for money so they might have power and so we have reached a point of something I could have done by applying slavery and slave trade on them which I have not because I cannot for them to dig into for power and for good measure since I have accepted that black people must no longer be poor to serve the white man then black culture must be famous enough to make celebrity fame and fortune for them and hence continue to pile it up one after the other and talk nonsense about my view of racism and how much I speak of slavery like it was a game.  A mere mention of these things have such a great impact clearing the air – it is indeed such a commotion out there and nobody knows why the fools cannot seem to move on. It has never been a complicated crisis with a Labour Party in the UK that is no longer in office spending British tax payers money on them so that they might be able to sit somewhere to defile me all the time in order to make me ugly and use my beauty for something else as they normally put it, we have reached a stage where that tax payer funds and the good it does them makes a case and my case is that they will be fine provided they do not trifle with my Christian stuff and the fact I believe in working for all I get. They can go off to Africa and stake the future of an entire country on it of course so we can find out again. As for the matter of being beaten finished and done: as I have mentioned on several occasions and anywhere else where this matter applies, my irritation and the sanity of the just, HH The Princess of York is my Girl friend not the girlfriend of some Dave from the US and people do really need to let it be, besides which Mr Richard Branson is definitely insane (I mean it is not an emotive issue but it is a matter of great wonder how it is possible to go from not liking the kind of personal commitments that another is involved with and more so in the terms of relationships, such that it results in enmity with them and I have not got a clue who these stupid Americans all over the Royal Family because of think they are anyway, at least I do not know yet so far).

The benefit system really is not a dole and not half as much of it as it is claimed either – what it really is, is a system that Politicians and their relatives can deploy as a means of keeping the best talents in the Country, keeping them out of jobs and using them to get rich. The new names they have invented for it is a matter of pressure and duress to such an effect. This is not a serious matter; as far as I know I have set out a business and there are property equity in it brokered with Industries and what my challenge is, is to raise funds and get the products out there so they cannot abolish the welfare state now, I mean it would have been a case of where it was all finished after the damages they have done to ensure I end up there, hence an assumption that they have the right to keep those stupid contraptions of theirs they regard as businesses which they do nothing with except hurt and attack me all the time, it would have been an assumption that there will be no revenge for it. I mean this matter has no reached a point of wreck my finances and get me on welfare and threaten to take it away right down to my entire company being hearsay – I mean how can a person’s company become hear say and what is the process behind making that happen like the state of affairs we have at present? Each time this matter about the benefits system is put off time runs into years and then years and then even more years and we are not talking about their idiots in the welfare system itself – those exist for one purpose only i.e. Nelson Mandela is important, we are all potentially homosexuals, we want to kick some men arse and cannot do it by ourselves, your work here is to ensure you are fed up with seeking employment; they cannot abolish the welfare system now, need to get off my book sales and realise my company is not hear say in a very public way. A lot of the time the main concern people have for most of the time is a matter of how much trouble I am in with Americans which makes no sense whatsoever - I mean if the US wants to rule the world with little tourism economies that spend their time like ferret idiots doing other peoples good international reputation for them, then that is perfectly fine - I mean it is usually a case of US leadership one moment and US bombs the next anyway, however the case arises along the lines of British Politicians that will tie me down to please the Americans and so that is what they have heard in the air waves and thus turned up egos pumped up to find out if it is really the case.

HH I. Uno I - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, unbehalf of the Company. 



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