So there is this question of my case with Capitalism and big business of which there really isn’t any; Capitalism is I planned to save my first £20,000 by the age of 17 and started selling some Cup Cakes in Dads Garage for it to chase my dreams, the rest of what we have to put up with really are a bunch of menace playing up some big business gimmicks and loving that condition in which they expect to drag somebody to a Law Court, that actually does not make any sense, since if I have no money while I must pay off a 20 Million pound fine for example, there is nothing anybody may do about it. My case specifically is a matter of another group of idiots imagining that the only way that the fact they had become big Celebrities would annoy me is if they tore up my whole life to make it happen and they cannot be made to go away; so it is progressing towards a question of why they have those overseas accounts and are not paying taxes, the same way they got support from Politicians to damage my own and then never give up getting out of their beds every day to climb up public stages that help them keep it damaged with a big mouth. The rest of what people complain about is a grand old case of doing wicked things to those who can help them to make out either God or the Devil do not both exist or that it does not make them the enemy to do so, just makes them people who are keen to survive by insulting, abusing and using those that can help them – hence because they have this stupid media to run endless insults by, we find people join them a lot of the times and it becomes a social matter of blaming somebody else when people damage your livelihood, instead of doing what you can about them. They do say I have not got a chance against the big business stupidities naturally which is utter rubbish; all they do is gather in their cliques and pass around profit from any markets they are playing their stupid games with, the stupid games that are based to denying others the basics as a means of magnifying the importance of consumerism but the Media ones really get to my nerves since its not possible to make sense of somebody passing around insults and abuses in my direction over the fact I share an ethnic minority position with them but the Media will spend all day claiming I attend University to try and explain it until I had dropped out and then set about making out they were more important than I am and the whole time while complaining never stops pointing towards my Royal Hermitage it wants to confiscate, never stops clinging to my Literary Empire and never stops following me around to make a mess – they pass around those profits in cliques and at the end of the year wonder why I am the genius and they are unable to make more money than they had, so they end up with an imagination that goes up my bum all the time, which I could really do without and yet it was completely unnecessary, avoidable and something I could really do without all together, if they were able to see that if it mattered to them that much, it might have made sense to buy the Books I have written, read them and ask me for what I know, not blow of the big mouth about which one does not stand a chance and tell me my Empire exists in my head.

I am informed that I am mediocratic in all I do but it is utter nonsense, what happens for all the insults that women throw around here is that black people have decided they want to get through their own sordid and insulting existence that complains about the problems solved by leaders they have no regard for and disrespect endlessly, is the act of addressing me, talking though to me and generally suggesting that whether I liked it or not, I cannot be left on my own, distracting me from the academic work and making a mess of the writing studio and career every day – so it has not yet come to the point where I had set out a Public position on not wanting to be addressed by my brothers obviously yet, so its that big mouth blabbing about what I liked or not being irrelevant. The Muslim ones cannot keep their hands off my bum and then once they had successfully wrecked the academic pursuit, we find they saw it an impossible task to let me a breathing space unless I reached out and took one such for myself all together, at which point it then starts to get a lot serious. The whites are the reasons we need public control on everything we do with ourselves and they expect us all to be completely naïve about that or else. So in the end they would all say I have pointed out these things but have not made progress with myself, which progress is based on making it quite clear it would not and does not bother me at all that they want to get around their concerns with a criminal baggage behind them that needs the derivatives of my Books even after they are told it is my earning and patent margins which is not available for usage as such and like to make a case of themselves on Media for it all the time, irrespective of information for my part suggesting they do not have a contract for this and I am not interested in their problems but only in whether or not they had paid for a Book at my place and need to have it delivered to their pathologically laying addresses – hence progress with myself, about which it cannot be so difficult for them to keep away from my Books and to stop following me around.

It always unfailingly leads to the same results; Establish a system that facilitates wealth equality and it will be free for all because people can make money by hating me with it due to the fact that I have enemies and those enemies have money to spend – have some friends get around bending my concerns into a corner where their involvement is about mopping up my income margins with any money and publicity they have and it will become other peoples obsession to do so as well, right down to the leadership that Democrats are providing in the USA at the Highest level of Government which they also spread around the world as stupidly as possible – Establish a relationship with some Companies and find that every fool who has been spending money on equipment and venues to get famous has spent the money they make from my public image without authorisation to get involved with the Companies because they wish to keep dominating me, which amount to some form of industrial stalking and cuts the bottom out of my earnings every day while they behaved as if it was a normal experience, that all human beings are this stupid; hence never true that I have taken to the idea there is a part of my responses which they are complaining about that I need to take personal responsibility for, as they never get involved based on the platform I have exposed myself by.




I am told that I am rather convinced that I can walk on water, while it is either what I have said and done does not make any sense or it is deathly serious – which indicates some public place trouble makers are out of their depth and some antisocial behaviour performed by adults and in public service gave way to a sense of serious mindedness. The point generally being that it is because of me that somebody lost a Royal position at Buckingham Palace, concerning which they are determined to ensure I have lost mine too but it has rather always been a matter of some goons at the Monarchy that The Queen wants nothing to do with because they have anal sex with everybody – so what happens is that they hang around and nobody tends to pay attention to anything they do and have been targeting me because they have been making friends with society goons who get their hands up my bum and tell of what must be done to make Celebrities important and rich, which consequences propels them to seek these sorts of friendship, obviously which it becomes a huge public matter on account anything that looks like these must without hesitation end up with some sort of sustained and continued support from Politicians irrespective of the fact they were complaining the effects everyday – for my part I deploy it to facilitate some Book sales because they simply will not stop organising themselves into communities that ensure they blow out these things on my personal life, finances, academic work and career. The difficulty it seems, being one of showing that the excesses of Society does not have a place at the Armed Forces and that I am just a Hermit Offering the services of the Commission that was given me to aid the Monarch in whose service people pick up jobs at the Armed Forces.

I do get told I dragged myself into this position which is utter nonsense, I never did - I got a Royal Commission and started to work towards what was required of me for it in the latter part of 2003, their gimmicks started since I was about 19 years old and it’s an example of the extent of provocation it is willing to execute, that the more successful I got was the more of the problem it followed me around with. Some people tend to point to my refusing to acknowledge the root cause and means I cannot get help but the root cause has always been the respectful Christian bits; their dream has always been to make me into a character that had a good reputation but was broke and it therefore meant they were better off if they harmed me and better off if they didn’t – now it has become quite clear I am not in any way vulnerable to the gimmicks they invent to control my finances and their insults tend to mean the business of waiting for them to execute what I want to do when they are drawing the pensions, to make their stupidities serious minded people for a change, will never be done if I did not get to beat down the Celebrities for it as well, so I really think insulting and goading me rather that stopping it tends to mean it will blow up in their faces. It is hurtful and if they do not see me do it them, they should not be doing it to me. Much the same as I do get told my views are apocalyptic and they are not; the Females think they should threaten others who are being bullied by them already each time the effects of spending time on such nonsense instead of the money issues that really bothers them comes to roost, on account they had civil rights – the Males want to play these games, controlling the finances of those from whom they can steal what they need without getting into trouble with the Law.

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Please note I may not have paid a great deal of attention to my language on some occasions; it is an attempt to consign those language to history. Just as I have of a violent Nature to highlight the processes by which it is possible to get from feeling unforgiven for hurting another person to feeling justified for taking the life of another. 

The Hermitage Administrative reasons for not Polishing these feelings are  that  not doing so draws up a complete understanding and  for Equity applicable , of what I have done to impugn Market separatism.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.

I am informed that the way I handle these matters mean its difficult to find a resolution but I am required to handle it in a case by case bases, what happens is that the part about the bullying and civil rights abuses because they are chasing money and their problems are more important than other peoples lives gets dealt with, the part where its about what they see and what they covet which is what they are like once the veil pulled over our eyes are removed, gets swept to the side lines temporarily.  They claim I leave out the part where service operatives provoke them by getting imagination up their bums but it makes perfect sense that whilst that happens I tended to protect myself from them by making sure that they along with their culture and society goons want to be famous all at the same time. Some have said that it is sad I am now the biggest threat Celebrities face but we know its been a decade of nauseating financial complications for me because of a gimmick they put up after inviting themselves into my personal finance issues on account they know where my Bookshop is located, playing up stupid games of how if they were angry it mattered if I were it didn’t, talking nonsense about how much money they have got while they keep extracting some from my Public image at the same time. I mean, if each time people stood up during a Public function to claim they were more important than an Arch Prince, somebody got an imagination up their bottoms, would it have appealed to them as something they wanted to stop doing, if they had normal minds? The stupid comments they make about my concerns to insult me and race each other to Millions on my Public image can only continue for me a little longer and then I will earn that break I really need for their stupidities once and for all.

The tale that culture would not exist if I had my way is utter nonsense naturally – I am sure that when municipal trouble makers and goons who want to plan their lives on other people’s wallets share my personal space and bed chamber because I am dealing with nauseating financial complications on account of their involvement with my personal finance matters, they understand what financial complications for an Arch Prince whose activities associated with chasing financial matters their insolence have deemed a Gold mine actually is, the threats is all their big mouth wagging as it were – so perhaps they will hire security to deal with the goons that perform such acts and then confiscate my Estate to kiss better the pain after getting into a fight, assumption being that human beings have been as stupid as they are if history bore witness. They say War nearly broke out on my account but it is not on my account in anyway whatsoever – what we have seen is the effects and consequences of MPs taking normal persons and making them very disturbed individuals; the way I carried on with mine and they started a story of me carrying around a character MPs should own because they made decisions that affected the lives of criminals, after which every junkie with tribalism gimmicks to fool around with wanted something up my bottom in their imagination, which at this stage means that I will not be dropping out of University because they were naïve about what they were messing around with but for me its an example of what happens if I had decided I wanted to move on and none else mattered.





Industry goons and Celebrities have said it is quite great that in all I have done, I have ended up in a difficult situation as well. The truth is rather that I have not ended up in anything that remotely appears as they have described, if I had only ended up chasing the business of a spike in my stress levels and a sickening feeling that comes with it because the whole business of being myself has been blocked by fools who are superior to me and were using it to facilitate their own financial well being, by which my whole life had come to a stop yet again and it did not matter if they were having so much fun disobediently - it simply means I have ended up doing so to a stage where I had adopted the mind state of a miserable person while I am really an excessively happy individual. The Moral of the story being that they might want to keep an eye on a need to ensure whenever they get jobs from Companies, they concentrated on those jobs, instead of dig up the Company and search it for characters that may be doing a special thing for it and set about wrecking whatsoever they wanted to make their stupid lives easier, I will be getting my hands on the jobs all together, the next time I feel completely detached from my existence itself in such ways and therefore completely unable to control my own body. For their part they say I have omitted the reason they hated me besides everything they needed to do to find an excuse and ensure they got to share what I had and spent it on their stupid selves at any cost and that it concerns a time that I took up a job as a Private security Industry guard which I did and the time was spent being abused by them running off pinhead insults at me with CCTV, that allowed their idiocy build communities that got to chase my bum even while I was at the role, while I ended up with a mind state that was weaved into the whole process of what people were doing in terms of their imagination getting around my backside and private parts, I too for my part had made it quite clear where I stood and now there is no love lost on both sides where they promise another excuse to spend my property on themselves was a matter of disciplining their stupidities showing up to play with the security guard job the same way they play with the academic work and Bookshop, since neither they nor their children can now put me out of their minds and tend to beat themselves to the loo everyday as well, they will spend my property to recover but then again which the main case still stands i.e. I supposed they wanted to know what usually happened with a shop - so I had made it clear it was a matter of good arriving at the Ports and being carried down in very big Cars to the Shops where they were displayed and people only needed to take the one they were interested in and get down to the tills for it, while what happens in a Bookshop is that an Author puts pen to paper and then sells it as it were and I have caught up with my own life again, now determined to ensure any who repeats this nonsense gets to feel me for it too - I tired of tolerating the media comments about my concerns and I need to get around to my Public image and my Books thereof.

By far the biggest problem we have here is that of Journalists and Celebrities picking up my work as something which helps to support their own, instead of buying Books at the Shop and I really cannot tell how hard it is for them to stop doing this and to acquire Books I have written each time they showed up near the shop anyway. The consequences in question being that they start their day making comments about my concerns and end their day the same way, trashing the market to improve their lives, if I had managed to move them on during the day, they perform routines that trashed client interests, most popular of those routines being the claim I simply cannot handle the fact they were financially better off than I am. So I am rather done with it – needs stop picking up my work and ensure it did not leave without a paid for copy of my Book for every involvement with my concerns and needed to stop making comments on my Public image to pursue its concerns in safety after the stupid personal decisions it had made which is incredibly rude thereof too.

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The general idea is that of a process where I think I will hold Royal Office when I cannot entangle myself from the filth of those who have personal plans and a social moral corruption that shows up on media to play with my Public image and find themselves amusing the whole time, making out they can only be stopped if killed etc. the reality is rather one of advertisement idiots rebelling against my Industry leadership and Involvement or rights at Broker and Holdings, which is not really supposed to be an issue if they paid attention to the job in hand but we all know that it is the same very stupid behaviour we see from their street idiots that make people smell and feel ashamed of themselves and it progresses to the bit where I may have worked on Culture and Society matters and they will show up to make a public case out of rejecting the benefits until such things as ritual killings of unusual people gets extended to albinos and bald people for instance and then they start to make a public case of expecting deaths to pile pressure on me, which ending is supposed to be ownership of the Royal Estate, which leaves me thinking it may probably end homosexuality globally if they did all together. Same as the story they are making me act fairly as such while the fact I may have given away my Books does not necessarily provide the same sort of service as having a copy of their own, which has now caused them to get on media to build a crowd that wants to be my friend rather than get interested in what part of my life is being shared through my Books since the last time that came into demand, hence always extreme perversion unless they are complaining because their own has been perverted too.


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I get told I never protect myself from Celebrity vandalism effectively but it has always rather been a simple case of the fact the Celebrities will make the Films and star in them over what I get up to but when done, for some strange reason they embark producers and everybody on some side merchandising activity which leaves the Estate and Company Finances in utter ruins, then we hear them speak of nasty surprises that concern not knowing when I came to my current decision about celebrities over the last decade. It is the same as it were with their hatred of the US NSA – that courted a Global protest show that lasted months and into years but has now obviously ended with a hatred for me and insulting talk shows that must be abusive and full of activities to do with telling me what to do about violence and extremism or how to behave to make them comfortable as a form of cause based public leadership because it is how they keep their tummy checked in order to continue chasing some ownership of my Public image which they dream about endlessly. Same as their most recent gimmicks concerning a hatred for Donald Trump, where I am not having to prepare for what the ending of that hatred will be.

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