So there is this question of my case with Capitalism and big business of which there really isn’t any; Capitalism is I planned to save my first £20,000 by the age of 17 and started selling some Cup Cakes in Dads Garage for it to chase my dreams, the rest of what we have to put up with really are a bunch of menace playing up some big business gimmicks and loving that condition in which they expect to drag somebody to a Law Court, that actually does not make any sense, since if I have no money while I must pay off a 20 Million pound fine for example, there is nothing anybody may do about it. My case specifically is a matter of another group of idiots imagining that the only way that the fact they had become big Celebrities would annoy me is if they tore up my whole life to make it happen and they cannot be made to go away; so it is progressing towards a question of why they have those overseas accounts and are not paying taxes, the same way they got support from Politicians to damage my own and then never give up getting out of their beds every day to climb up public stages that help them keep it damaged with a big mouth. The rest of what people complain about is a grand old case of doing wicked things to those who can help them to make out either God or the Devil do not both exist or that it does not make them the enemy to do so, just makes them people who are keen to survive by insulting, abusing and using those that can help them – hence because they have this stupid media to run endless insults by, we find people join them a lot of the times and it becomes a social matter of blaming somebody else when people damage your livelihood, instead of doing what you can about them. They do say I have not got a chance against the big business stupidities naturally which is utter rubbish; all they do is gather in their cliques and pass around profit from any markets they are playing their stupid games with, the stupid games that are based to denying others the basics as a means of magnifying the importance of consumerism but the Media ones really get to my nerves since its not possible to make sense of somebody passing around insults and abuses in my direction over the fact I share an ethnic minority position with them but the Media will spend all day claiming I attend University to try and explain it until I had dropped out and then set about making out they were more important than I am and the whole time while complaining never stops pointing towards my Royal Hermitage it wants to confiscate, never stops clinging to my Literary Empire and never stops following me around to make a mess – they pass around those profits in cliques and at the end of the year wonder why I am the genius and they are unable to make more money than they had, so they end up with an imagination that goes up my bum all the time, which I could really do without and yet it was completely unnecessary, avoidable and something I could really do without all together, if they were able to see that if it mattered to them that much, it might have made sense to buy the Books I have written, read them and ask me for what I know, not blow of the big mouth about which one does not stand a chance and tell me my Empire exists in my head.

I am told that I am mediocratic in all I do but it is utter nonsense, what happens for all the insults that women throw around here is that black people have decided they want to get through their own sordid and insulting existence that complains about the problems solved by leaders they have no regard for and disrespect endlessly, is the act of addressing me, talking though to me and generally suggesting that whether I liked it or not, I cannot be left on my own, distracting me from the academic work and making a mess of the writing studio and career every day – so it has not yet come to the point where I had set out a Public position on not wanting to be addressed by my brothers obviously yet, so its that big mouth blabbing about what I liked or not being irrelevant. The Muslim ones cannot keep their hands off my bum and then once they had successfully wrecked the academic pursuit, we find they saw it an impossible task to let me a breathing space unless I reached out and took one such for myself all together, at which point it then starts to get a lot serious. The whites are the reasons we need public control on everything we do with ourselves and they expect us all to be completely naïve about that or else. So in the end they would all say I have pointed out these things but have not made progress with myself, which progress is based on making it quite clear it would not and does not bother me at all that they want to get around their concerns with a criminal baggage behind them that needs the derivatives of my Books even after they are told it is my earning and patent margins which is not available for usage as such and like to make a case of themselves on Media for it all the time, irrespective of information for my part suggesting they do not have a contract for this and I am not interested in their problems but only in whether or not they had paid for a Book at my place and need to have it delivered to their pathologically laying addresses – hence progress with myself, about which it cannot be so difficult for them to keep away from my Books and to stop following me around.




I am told that I am rather convinced that I can walk on water, while it is either what I have said and done does not make any sense or it is deathly serious – which indicates some public place trouble makers are out of their depth and some antisocial behaviour performed by adults and in public service gave way to a sense of serious mindedness. The point generally being that it is because of me that somebody lost a Royal position at Buckingham Palace, concerning which they are determined to ensure I have lost mine too but it has rather always been a matter of some goons at the Monarchy that The Queen wants nothing to do with because they have anal sex with everybody – so what happens is that they hang around and nobody tends to pay attention to anything they do and have been targeting me because they have been making friends with society goons who get their hands up my bum and tell of what must be done to make Celebrities important and rich, which consequences propels them to seek these sorts of friendship, obviously which it becomes a huge public matter on account anything that looks like these must without hesitation end up with some sort of sustained and continued support from Politicians irrespective of the fact they were complaining the effects everyday – for my part I deploy it to facilitate some Book sales because they simply will not stop organising themselves into communities that ensure they blow out these things on my personal life, finances, academic work and career. The difficulty it seems, being one of showing that the excesses of Society does not have a place at the Armed Forces and that I am just a Hermit Offering the services of the Commission that was given me to aid the Monarch in whose service people pick up jobs at the Armed Forces.

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Please note I may not have paid a great deal of attention to my language on some occasions; it is an attempt to consign those language to history. Just as I have of a violent Nature to highlight the processes by which it is possible to get from feeling unforgiven for hurting another person to feeling justified for taking the life of another. 

The Hermitage Administrative reasons for not Polishing these feelings are  that  not doing so draws up a complete understanding and  for Equity applicable , of what I have done to impugn Market separatism.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.





(Civil Defence Corruption | Defence Industry Corruption | Law - Liberty -Morality | British National Currency Liability Admin)

The Great old story at the Global Markets being hat Politicians especially when Socialist and in acts of fundamental entertainment for Society goons and applicable Media bullies have become quite fond of telling being that I have a great amount of information in Public which needs to be analysed and understood in revenge for moving them on and out of my Concerns as a People. The reality however is that this Firm has no information but Equity Property that has been placed on a Business site which is meant to be Public and is worth between £25 Million and £30 Million in Trust Reserve and all in writing, hence analysis is not just beyond stupidity but there is nothing unusual about the appetite for destruction that these three groups of people possess, nothing unusual about their history proven and eventual clear as well as obvious insanity based cries for freedom and Civil Rights at some stage too. It has always been a Case of their Culture and Society abuses on one hand and My Books on the other which show how important the Books are at sale and management - Men(on the left and the right) plus Civil rights idiots at Financial robbery and pillaging on one hand by which how much of the expensive and destructive vanities of Politicians need to be controlled can be measured and My Person plus this Firm on the other, I do not hold an opinion that this might likely change.

In the end, those people who have a space on their left hand side where all the goodies you imagine will end up in your face, have some money to back their position with and likewise the ones on the right hand side as well, the rest to whom I am trying to sell my Books only have pipeline money, so I would like to sell a lot of Books which I cannot when people do not have enough financial power to utilise new investment opportunities and that does not come when there is financial pipeline leakage caused by those who intend to have their own pipelines as well or just general vandalism; obviously I did not select the easier route in this matter because they are a clear and present problem - the case has always been as simple i.e. if it will cause somebody else that much distress, it is not worth doing. They say my people are bad as well but I suppose they are as bad as an inability to look about a Book sale community because others are leaning on and basking in the good feelings of my patent while making trouble to ensure they were the last people to see and make use of it, in order to mediocrity retain the feeling for themselves exclusively i suppose. They tell me I expect to sell my Books by pushing people away, which is not remotely close to what they are really doing i.e. knowing a Book about Liabilities will have such an effect as helps people with mental illness, especially depression but chose to kill every other way people understand my Books, set themselves off on Media as controllers, make it out to be a tool to help people with mental illness only and then tell me how they want it while they have not got their copy to prove it - the rest as they say is the same old notorious (sordid) history they are known for: it appears it is how it works, how it is done obviously - the populism and the 'we were up to no-good at school but turned out to be very wealthy' feature.

The Predominant talk of recent has been one concerning a process of taking away my lifeline and I have had this atmosphere handing all over me of goons getting to know where my Books are and using it as leverage by which they will grab something important and the service I ill be offering for a living shall amount to sex, led by insolent American Democrats and their insane street fools that can address anybody they like and have nothing to live for, while the Media ones create this sensation that I will not live to the age of 60 all together on account of the social and moral corruption associated problems that absolutely dominate the stupid ways they have lived out their existence. They claim my Books are not successful and that they are just helping me make my mind up about taking them down with plans in mind naturally but we all know people do not buy Books they are told to, as much as they buy Books they have a relationship with and that if I wrote a Novel all that Media insult and interference would have had no effect, in fact would have worked out for the better, if I wrote an Academic Book I would have needed to find the University Libraries that will stock them but I write here Books of Liability and the provocation and problems these sales money scum are causing me along with their stupid Politicians are that for instance some of the Establishments following my social Media profile include: Jaguar Autos, Lamborghini Auto, Net-A-Porter, Neiman Marcus, Ellie Saab, BMW, Mercedes, Lincoln Autos, General Motors and most of their subsidiaries and I have devised the operation such that for every networking Advertisement I carry out which is designed to help me make a living from the Broker Holdings I have with the 12 out of thousands I have mentioned here is to secure a process where each Legitimate Follower earned will also come with at least 10 Industry Goons following too, so the job is always getting done but while I have it am still unable to sell Books of Liability on a daily basis because of what Media and Popularity does with my Public image and Person everyday, while the reality is that just one of these many Establishments giving me an endorsement could amount to the big break that will last a lifetime, while those responsible for the short fall are checking me to ensure my behaviour complies with culture, which takes the need to tease and abuse Royalty to a whole new level of fun for them. So, it has come to that point where people need to understand that if it is not 100% about me, it cannot be about me and that it cannot be 100% about me if it is not following me on my profiles, nor can it be about me if it is not 100% about me in the real world. It simply cannot be that difficult to create and maintain a Library environment for Books, which people can develop a keep a long term relationship with around here all together. The need to make me fear them which tends to boost their ego and energy as their insults and disobedience grow to unbridled levels is all good, i am lost as per which lifeline they intend to cut around here all together; hence usually very patient and has a good temperament but this nonsense has gone on for way too long and my duty along with my Royal Partner is to look after the real Fans associated with us and not the Politicians - these are the people for whom I ought to set trouble makers on a path to correction and threaten with wealth inequality for - not Politicians, like I have done permissively so far to obvious cost apparently.

As for the racism issue itself; that was a behavioural pattern exhibited by evil people at all times - half will show up to protect me from the other half who spends most of their time issuing threats at people they do not know and have never seen - this will develop into a stage where the ones that are protecting me will want me to be treated like a girl all the time while the others will try and keep me out of a community where I might be financially comfortable; so its actually something I can get my Teeth into and not the other stuff that gets me all lazy cove etc - it will continue if they want me to target their ageism with a level of disobedience that ensure all they do not want done become my main preoccupation until their finances are affected, just like we see them do because they are narcissist enough to: nobody can argue against an accounts bottom line, what is happening there is what they are really doing - the easier alternative is that its a really big Planet out there and theirs is not the only Country where the Majority population considered itself superior to the others.

I am very well aware it is spoken of a need for me to get along with Celebrities which is not what I wish to do at all - what I wish to do is get my life back and that mostly involved the fact that the most that happened outside of my control when its normal will have been where White Guy works in Security Industry and has been working for some wealthy people and somethings have been happening at work and somebody has been making a song about it making a show on my Public image but people were having fun - since last these guys noticed there was money involved in my stuff, the entire world has witnessed their insanity and nothing important at my expense and now most of the friends that were chsen for me when I got my Estate afresh do not appear on public places of the limelight anymore, some of them cannot heal even after they have stayed outside of the limelight all together; I have not had any plans to get along with Celebrities, I need to get rid of them.

They say it is a friend or foe question and it is not such a question at all: This is an Intellectual Property Administration Business attached to a Royal State Estate and the Interested Party needs to pay for usage and products, need to buy the Books to make use of it, so that popularity goons around the world might get to deploy my embattled Public image to make riches and fame considering the sort of thing that has gone on for too long, then move into their business backyard and chase their bottom, so that they can show up around my Government business to put up all sorts of shit over the power of money; which everybody knows a continuation of such nonsense is what denies me the opportunities to secure finance for my investment all together.




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The general idea is that of a process where I think I will hold Royal Office when I cannot entangle myself from the filth of those who have personal plans and a social moral corruption that shows up on media to play with my Public image and find themselves amusing the whole time, making out they can only be stopped if killed etc. the reality is rather one of advertisement idiots rebelling against my Industry leadership and Involvement or rights at Broker and Holdings, which is not really supposed to be an issue if they paid attention to the job in hand but we all know that it is the same very stupid behaviour we see from their street idiots that make people smell and feel ashamed of themselves and it progresses to the bit where I may have worked on Culture and Society matters and they will show up to make a public case out of rejecting the benefits until such things as ritual killings of unusual people gets extended to albinos and bald people for instance and then they start to make a public case of expecting deaths to pile pressure on me, which ending is supposed to be ownership of the Royal Estate, which leaves me thinking it may probably end homosexuality globally if they did all together. Same as the story they are making me act fairly as such while the fact I may have given away my Books does not necessarily provide the same sort of service as having a copy of their own, which has now caused them to get on media to build a crowd that wants to be my friend rather than get interested in what part of my life is being shared through my Books since the last time that came into demand, hence always extreme perversion unless they are complaining because their own has been perverted too.


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I get told I never protect myself from Celebrity vandalism effectively but it has always rather been a simple case of the fact the Celebrities will make the Films and star in them over what I get up to but when done, for some strange reason they embark producers and everybody on some side merchandising activity which leaves the Estate and Company Finances in utter ruins, then we hear them speak of nasty surprises that concern not knowing when I came to my current decision about celebrities over the last decade. It is the same as it were with their hatred of the US NSA – that courted a Global protest show that lasted months and into years but has now obviously ended with a hatred for me and insulting talk shows that must be abusive and full of activities to do with telling me what to do about violence and extremism or how to behave to make them comfortable as a form of cause based public leadership because it is how they keep their tummy checked in order to continue chasing some ownership of my Public image which they dream about endlessly. Same as their most recent gimmicks concerning a hatred for Donald Trump, where I am not having to prepare for what the ending of that hatred will be.

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There is talk now of endemic failure of leadership naturally which is utter nonsense there is no failure of leadership anywhere, it’s the irony of the idea that those who have what has not been gratuitously left for them to keep even though they did not deserve it by idiots who are many times their size or given to them by tall scum getting dangerous with money in the City centre, do not have the right to enjoy the same decency or Human rights that other people are allowed to have by Law. Now they are famous and important too, some of them are Celebrities therefore had what others do not, that these things have been gained at my expense is completely irrelevant, the point is that I am abused because I am important and once the history had been built they were important too, same as the business of having what other people do not have. They do say I speak of these things but it does not make me better off which is what must change unless the Books I write actually belong to them and we can see it’s the same way they spend time helping goons to the secrets behind how women protect themselves when faced with very violent and evil Men, so that these fools might be able to creep behind people a quarter of their size and help them to fame and fortune which lets them dart off the sugar baby insults that builds up the idea they are about to kill somebody and I am about to work for all I own and hand it over to weak women, that they tell me its about the market I have built for my Books and not the Books itself, as stupidly as possible.

It feeds into this case of the crisis with China that I never mention but we know what happened was that China set itself out as a trading Block, I set out Hermitage Canopy Interests with them and Liberal USA took over, insults and abuses ensued and China became a better replacement for the Japanese economy while any issues that arose will be the fault of the British, in much the same way the Japanese Economy was used as the Pawn whenever their need for the insulting popularity gimmicks they enjoy so much was going to make me breathless and sick each time I had returned from any issues associated with goons trying to show me if I started a fight with them concerning the fact I did not go along with their needs and demands over my work, their money would never run out, always such a show and commotion set out for such nonsense and that big mouth blowing off all over the place to distract from the academic work and we soon have to get back to the root cause of the problem and find that it happens because nobody paid a great deal of attention to their ideas about women, so they want people to make public statements about criminal feminists – it will then ensure that when people try to protect the self from criminal feminists the Liberal American goons are better off at the expense of such persons while defending self from them means the criminal feminists take a turn, as for the sexual abuse issues they work so well at whenever they are involved with the Japanese, should I do a thing about that, they will rip up my whole life and update their public persona with my public work and public image to preserve their jobs and tell me my main problem is that I describe them as a bunch of fucking idiots. So fair to say I want them out of my business with China as it is clear nobody is in control of anything anymore these days while their stupidities generally perform these deeds to claim they run the world with a big mouth; the goons who would never do a thing concerning their need for destruction with Countries they really care about are out there now decimating Fish stocks and endangered Species, destroying wildlife Habitat at will and they had signed a deal with Iran that ‘big bad Mr Trump’ now wants to break to pieces, while the World is now in desperate need of leadership that ensures the mindset of the general public is one that wants to work for what those who have possess, not envy it and call for civil rights.

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