The story about my so called cowardice to be settled, I rather think it’s a matter about a group of people who think that when somebody is not easily provoked like I am, it tended to mean that they had acquired a license to handle the person as they pleased, whereas for most people it tended to mean that he is not interested thereby causing most to move on and stop handling him after a while but not for these goons: a Police Officer will ask a famous person how they planned to pick up their fame when they were done persistently handling people and property that was not affiliated to them without permission and more so abusively in a very public way, so they will respond to such a question by enlisting criminals to collect my career for them – it is not what we are doing now as such, what we are doing now is preparation to be in a position where I can administrate this famous peoples nonsense or I can do something about it and the first step to it, is to ensure everything that is done to my career, finances and Office can be done to their own by me as well, no matter how famous they were. So I could never understand the cowardice story which was a product of a business where they never do a thing about bad people tackling them but never stop making life hell for morally upstanding people either, which builds into those stupid civil rights problem that we cannot be free from as such – now they have found mannerism associated with the way I might respond to my civil duties to play with and it had since transformed their stupidities into a handful of bullies. The first time my existence provoked them, concerned the way I am an Arch Prince but none gets to see the war and peace bits, just the peace bits that is meant for so called pussies, now what annoys them endlessly was the consequences of the problem they appeared to have with people who worked in the Armed Services and how the process applied to me, complaining all the time, just as much as their stupidities raise the point all the time. They do claim tempers like mine were the reasons the world was a bad place, what we know is that it is very unusual for people to make comments about another person and the persons career in a way that affected Clients that did not go to the persons place in order to seek a feedback from them; so I think that I have a much better plan to the looming sense that a reputation for acting in a way which affects general public freedom of speech was inevitable. In essence it should have made sense that if they knew I had a Royal Office so getting into a ‘tit for tart’ with them will place me in a worse position, none has yet been able to explain why they needed to raise the point about my cowardice endlessly - that stupid ideas that the Monarchy was a Cultural system that operated influences to the Highest levels of Government tending to mean that I ended up working some civil disobedience against their stupidities or what they have claimed added up to one with a big mouth, in order for them to understand that it works the way that most Governments in the world do. Eventually it is more forth coming than the business of relying on me for their gimmicks, about the way I had completely crushed Republican sentiments in the Country, of which the story is still that my Academic work, Office and Bookshop is a 'no-go-area' for them save they were asking for it and the big mouth generally means that I will do them again as it were - the claim it is that they are not all bad and I never said they were: what happens is that they always had ideas about the way the Country should be run and then they built campaigns and Publicity for it, eventually reaching a stage where they found out the reasons it was run the way it was but rather than face those consequences, set about ripping up my career and finances, once done, they ascertain that they had eliminated anything that ensured I could stand up to them, then set about tearing down my entire social and personal life to chase their own financial well being, always the insults blabbing endlessly, which is likely to make everything worse when I build my own publicity and it was about them thereof.


They do claim that I underestimated how much famous people hated me but the problem is not my realisation of how much hate people had towards me or the lack of it, it is the fact their stupidities will never stop showing up to pick up my concerns and deploy it for a different purpose to what it was intended, as insultingly as possible, then fail to understand it was possible for me to get off my toilet and get involved with their famous idiots multimillion pound careers if they were issuing threats at me for it. It will show up to pick up the personal life, public image and career to deploy for some other purpose and I cannot remember for instance when I invited the women who usually look like something that had a flawed sense of right and wrong, which encouraged anal sex, into a Court that was designed for female journalists who spent time claiming that their spare time was deployed to have anal sex with me, that then made sense of stupidities associated with being bullied when they hang about in Public places to report the news and I do not remember inviting the stupid men who suck the life out of every atmosphere until other people lost a career into it either – we know that their access to that court has meant feeling me in my bedroom, to talk into me abusively and get imagination up my bum to create a smell. The problem has really always been that if I brokered equity with Clients and they were customers of products that Clients had put out, I had to avoid antagonising them, to maintain my Clients’ businesses but they have progressed to cutting off the public from my Books and keeping their hands in the cookie jar without paying for it all day long – the outcome being a candy had been taken from a baby situation with a big mouth. No idea how difficult it is for them to understand what I am saying when I point out they needed to make the comments about their career and stay away from my Books. So, it does appear that this being the case, they had wrecked my finances which the idiots had not in anyway whatsoever: they have rather built up enough to get a response from me, something of a process where my entire life was transformed into a tool by which to improve the financial betterment of scumbags that I have never been formally introduced to, blowing off their big mouths in public places for it as well. Then we find them point out others who have been handling my concerns in that way, while all can see that somebody goes through a lot of trouble when it was obvious the niceties offered towards your concerns as per the way they wish to get around with it for their financial wellbeing, is not something that they did all the time or did at home or for trivia – these are sweet people, something that is happening because a Person is a public figure.

It could never stop boasting about changing me from a coward into a more courageous person, from the intolerance which consequences it complains about endlessly – the realty is more a matter of the fact it was a business of celebrities sending out criminals to collect my career for them, when I attended to the matter, the busy body idiots who want to join in on the bullying people to get paid for popularity by industry twats, spied on me at the loo, to build communities they get imagination up my bum and build a media presence where they ensured all I did to move the problem on got passed off as another person’s career – hence those who do not wish the business of me wanting more of this nonsense from them until they ended up with new personality disorder that is the usual ending that ensured they stopped bothering me, to become the least of their worries, need understand that when it comes to my Office and my Books, the disobedience is intolerable, considering they never told me 12 years ago that I am a coward when that stupid Jewish, British, American, German disobedience of which the Muslims are just looking for trouble that can reach them from all angles, began to put up the money leverage for people to trade as if I had lost something important, they are doing it because they think their vandalism will never be punished and therefore set to develop into other things (involvement with the Office and my Books is too close even for their own good). They claim I had a trick by which I avoided the civil rights gimmicks and republican madness but I suppose saying so was a more preferable explanation for the fact I am not as disobedient and disrespectful, to a point where I am caught up in the civil rights gimmicks and republican insanity, as they are, although their stupidities never have stopped claiming they were set to teach me lessons over it, with a big mouth.



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The general idea is that of a process where I think I will hold Royal Office when I cannot entangle myself from the filth of those who have personal plans and a social moral corruption that shows up on media to play with my Public image and find themselves amusing the whole time, making out they can only be stopped if killed etc. the reality is rather one of advertisement idiots rebelling against my Industry leadership and Involvement or rights at Broker and Holdings, which is not really supposed to be an issue if they paid attention to the job in hand but we all know that it is the same very stupid behaviour we see from their street idiots that make people smell and feel ashamed of themselves and it progresses to the bit where I may have worked on Culture and Society matters and they will show up to make a public case out of rejecting the benefits until such things as ritual killings of unusual people gets extended to albinos and bald people for instance and then they start to make a public case of expecting deaths to pile pressure on me, which ending is supposed to be ownership of the Royal Estate, which leaves me thinking it may probably end homosexuality globally if they did all together. Same as the story they are making me act fairly as such while the fact I may have given away my Books does not necessarily provide the same sort of service as having a copy of their own, which has now caused them to get on media to build a crowd that wants to be my friend rather than get interested in what part of my life is being shared through my Books since the last time that came into demand, hence always extreme perversion unless they are complaining because their own has been perverted too.


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I get told I never protect myself from Celebrity vandalism effectively but it has always rather been a simple case of the fact the Celebrities will make the Films and star in them over what I get up to but when done, for some strange reason they embark producers and everybody on some side merchandising activity which leaves the Estate and Company Finances in utter ruins, then we hear them speak of nasty surprises that concern not knowing when I came to my current decision about celebrities over the last decade. It is the same as it were with their hatred of the US NSA – that courted a Global protest show that lasted months and into years but has now obviously ended with a hatred for me and insulting talk shows that must be abusive and full of activities to do with telling me what to do about violence and extremism or how to behave to make them comfortable as a form of cause based public leadership because it is how they keep their tummy checked in order to continue chasing some ownership of my Public image which they dream about endlessly. Same as their most recent gimmicks concerning a hatred for Donald Trump, where I am not having to prepare for what the ending of that hatred will be.

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So, I am said to be worse off in every social situation but I am not, what brings on the worse off is people spending time making abusive comments about my concerns, as to express how entitled they thought they were, to a process where my career was stifled, and my person deployed to help them deal with consequences of their personal decisions. So, we find that they cannot make those comments without getting after the jugular of my finances, as if they were at war and we were enemies, only to end up looking as if they were doing what was entirely within their right to do, which then bottoms out my market all together. The case here mostly is that they come from a world where financial wellbeing was entirely reliant on the bottom chasing gimmicks which I am not involved with or vulnerable to in anyway, hence the need to wreck my finances and get me sorting it out for them instead of enjoying my own life, because it would have undone their sense of superiority otherwise, what has gotten me noticed by the way that the other gits at the Monarchy spent so much time making sure I did not get into a relationship with somebody from the upper class, so anybody I got into a relationship with will have to do something about the bottom chasing bits to maintain our relationship and I will have to deploy my Office to protect their interest to that effect but first I must get into a relationship with somebody but these guys need to make comments about their own careers if they absolutely had to make comments as their lives relied on it or I am set to stop it the way that makes me more comfortable than everybody else will be. They do claim I am responsible for a process where I ended up in that disposition in the first place but I am not, it’s the daddies for whom every prospect of taking advantage of me to make money had failed, so they had since resorted to life changing abuses and a process of determining what my personal life was going to be, hence as long as the ageist idiots were confident of a no response from me, they will wreck my entire life and shower me with insults every day, while their foolish fame fools who think they were celebrities believe I should not have been furious that they cut the public off from my Books, to stifle the sales and make the secret to their fame and the answer for the problems picked up through their foolish personal decisions. They do complain that I wreck their careers as well and it’s a story of the yapping gotten completely out of hand the first time round, such that for the damage done, they got a response from me and they showed up at the backyards of Industries where not even daddies corrupt fat cat gimmicks worked on me, the next response I think, will produce a result that shows up on their bank balance, so that I might enjoy some closure concerning their gimmicks, I intend to ensure that it was the finale. They do claim I am finished and done but trying to keep up some important image factors which suggested otherwise but I am not in anyway; what has happened is a process of being stuck with people who had no business with me, like a perverted and obsessive interest in a writer while they clearly did not read Books, so others were unable to work with me on a financial disposition and I was cash strapped because my Books were not selling – the other being the personal life issues where I planned my finances to get my market acumen tied up in a creative equity Trust, so I am now stuck with people who want to handle me because prospects of money that exists in the trust, either way of taking advantage of me or not, had their names written on it, so instead of a relationship with somebody that adds up to a process where the social circles they were comfortable with got along with their idea of a relationship we have a two part story of idiots trashing my finances over suggestions of anal sex caused by their need to have both. Some of them have suggested it is a big ask but it is not, I am not vulnerable to the bottom chasing issues, if I get into a relationship with somebody we would need to both come out of it, the security will rely on me and my Office and if I had my finances sorted, it would never be an equal relationship, while my background is one in which my parents had divorced and I could not afford to take excessive risks. The rest of the case is that those who do the bottom chasing bits are not doing it to me as a matter of career, work or finances, they do it as a matter of the fact they were twisted and evil, had no moral and thought they had found somebody to inflict the consequences of their stupid personal decisions - causing middle class twats to show up here and tell me I needed to fight my battles rather than handle them, while making a mess of my public life everyday from the disposition of communities of violent lasciviousness their stupidities had built and had no wish to eliminate while complaining about me as well, whereby I do not think the prospects of them entering into a list of scum that I want to oppress from a Governmental disposition existed, if they kept their stupid hands to themselves and stopped handling me, especially the blacks.


Here the main question is about my mental health but there is nothing wrong with it as such. The problem is that in an Intellectual Property Administration business, people preferred to attack me with popularity and shower me with insults that help them converse the finer points of homosexuality instead of buy and read my Books and we can easily tell from whence the persuasion for such activities come.

What we find of the Industry part is that I would set out work stage where I broker equities with companies for a certain period, at the end of it, I want to deploy the Publicity towards my Books, what then happens is that a handful of wise gits set about building their own publicity to suggest that the period of property and equity broker was me indulging myself industrial popularity where I claimed to have familiarised with Industry big wigs and when it comes to selling my Books, the difficulties added up to a Candy taken from a Baby situation created by cracked up out of my league goons who find it very difficult to show enough respect for my career, as to buy a Book whenever they handle my Bookshop. Then the fall out of fellow popularity idiots on the streets who help them work market by inviting themselves into my personal space, to talk into me and get imagination up my bum, is that they were famous and had to make deals with people who kept an eye on those whose lives were wrecked to facilitate the fame, lest any of those had become violent but where my career gets into the picture was that my Books contained solutions to the bottom chasing issues associated with their personal decision to give people a hard time in all these. Then there is the question of whether we can live in a situation that avoided it all which we can more or less, as it is a matter of the way they made a mess of peoples lives to get rich, the way the victims responded and how the destruction of the careers of those who had ideas on how to improve the situation they had created for themselves by building a market place and putting up products on it, gets such persons to work for and serve them; the reason I need to get into a position that makes sense of a desire to put them on Hospital beds for some reason, so that with respect to every time Celebrities did this to me, I could administrate the problem or respond to it. The solution to all these being as simple as a process where they stopped making a mess of my career and Bookshop as the bills needs to be paid around here and of course stop running off abusive campaigns that ensure continuation of my concerns regardless of their activities, produced a result where it did not mean anything to anybody, no matter what I did with it.

They do claim I am a useless person but I am as such; women love useless people that can be kicked when down, want it with all the fibre in their being but do not want their equally stupid children to be one. Spends time handling people who are displeased about being handled, spends time with the male population that it does with itself and its fellow women, then it gets pregnant and builds a community that gets imagination up my bum, telling lies – yet it can be assumed that spending time with the Men should have educated them on Childbirth and pregnancy processes. They do claim that the outcome of these activities is that they had now completely wrecked my life and its utter nonsense – they had rather completely failed at doing so, thus their gimmicks had since turned towards the business of getting imagination up my bum and hanging about on Media to talk into me while clinging to my Office and my Books with public perception, it shifts my heart rate and causes my tummy to feel sore all day and that is mainly because they have suggested it was something important enough to make decisions on my career and finances. The others will be a handful of idiots who complain about it all the time once done making deals with it, the deals made people a product of wrecking peoples lives to get paid for being popular and making sure what they believed to be random members of the Public that can make their famous stupidities feel safe, were being forced to do the job because their careers will have been trashed to make it possible. So it is either that this is a group of fools that have spent the last 7 years of my time, ripping up my Public image and finances to build me a history they created for themselves and complained about all the time, talking more nonsense further from the idea when they were unhappy, they were so entitled that others were meant to make personal decisions with respect to career and finances on it, to develop into something more serious and when it comes to the serious bits, the idiots need make a decision bearing in mind how it starts from criminals getting in touch with my personal space because they asked for it, to this nonsense, reach a decision about whether it means I am saddled with a history they created for themselves and complained about or they have wrecked my life and decided what I did with it, as I have put up with quite enough of their abuses myself.

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("The matter of Caring about Money instead of Celebrity")

Here it is said that I am an example of people who pick up powerful position and set about abusing it but that would be the case if we eliminated a handful of idiots having built me publicity that suggested my career was good for gambling, as stupidly as they were raised and that it gets worse for me if they were sexually assaulted, had since graduated into a business of stifling Books I had written to serve a professional environment using popularity and Media. I do not as such consider myself responsible for any part of the consequences, but they have noted the fringe services of my intellectual property, so it is time to make war on famous people and popular idiots.

I am said to have made very little progress either way but this is not so, just more publicity being raised for activities performed by a handful of fools who had dreams of seeing me get into a fight with others because they had personality problems that needed to be rectified – the process involving a business of picking up my service processes to build something concerned me getting into a brawl with others, such that I lost and in which process I lost something important enough for their stupidities to make money by avoiding employment processes. The exit has been to inform them about the comments made for it and how it would add up to a business of avoiding trouble if they made it about their own careers, as I am also likely to ensure I did not appear to assume that rectifying problems created for a Bookshop is likely to make the Bookshop more successful while the idiots doing it were having fun by doing it, rather than start and end the day by wrecking at least 2 careers. They have since failed in everyway imaginable, therefore all is now decided by means of handling my career while working a community that gets imagination around my private parts and spends time with media fools talking into me, to make a smell that will wreck my social life, from which they may recover what was never damaged in the immmorality sewer they lived in, at my expense.

They do claim it is never clear why governments like to get around with pipsqueaks that are likely to talk a lot and disappoint often but the talking is a matter of when they pick up my civic duties to perform their stupidities and make a mess by, while the pipsqueak is a matter of the way people are not as afraid of them as they think, is the smaller people have devised a way to handle them safely in the past. I believe it is a very simple thing for people to do, to stop making stupid slighting comments about my concerns, wrecking my Bookshop, talking into me and getting imagination up my bum as a tool for deciding what my financial well being and the way that the public was meant to make use of me was, as stupidly as possible. Mostly, it is the insults they have gotten accustomed to and cannot decide what results will be if I had gotten accustomed to none of mine as well – this is not the way people run a life and when they think those insults had grown into threats, make it clear and take action when they believe their insanity had finally arrived at a point of no control, or accept there is nothing they can do about me and keep their hands to themselves.

It is suggested that I may be acting the way I do because of some misconception of what these people are really like but there is none here – the society ones are just as bad in the sense that they had to avoid doing what they are told at work, outcome being that they were always making deals with employers, who soon picked up their bottom chasing gimmicks, leaving them to turn up on the streets, make statements about my personality and develop insults that had become more important than the fact I am a writer to the Public, in order to make a way of using me to deal with the way employers chase the bottom. The others were the ones that showed up more often in the sense that they think they are a part of the Public I cannot control: their lives are built around decisions their stupidities had to make, the decisions made to rip up peoples lives and careers as a means of getting paid for being popular, employ somebody to keep an eye on the problem for them and rip up my career because what I wrote in my Books inadvertently contributed to solving the problem, over a hope mendacity of making me work the problem for them and then show up on media to run me down everyday so that such a hope might be fulfilled. It is therefore not difficult for people to see they could never wreck my career and their need to decide what happened with my finances, which had since progressed to community developed insults about my tummy and anus that had since immobilised me had to come to an end, especially the part about talking into me and getting imagination up my anus because it will wreck my social life and improve prospects of their stupidities getting money for popularity on my public image – it needed to come to an end or the complain about me every hour is set to continue, to such a tune as when they believed their stupidities were made enough, made contact with me to follow on the foolish threats I have warned them about too; when it comes to it these idiots were gamblers – smaller corrupt families that get beaten up by bigger ones all the time and have not calculated what I am likely to get up to as well, their need to run around the world ripping up diplomatic assets in order to get me sucking up to Celebrities that solve their bigger problems when they trash peoples lives to get famous or build communities that get imagination up my bum to be successful at Market, is the last straw when it comes to tolerating their sense of entitlement, while their need to make comments on my career in order to keep up access is the part that will ensure it ended very badly too. The fault lines are still the same – it never stops making statements in public about controlling the Royal Office and my Books instead of minding its own business and like the stupid threats, I have warned them enough times about feeling good over their personal life decisions at my expense in this way too. They claim I had bitten off more than I can chew and it is utter nonsense as it involved a handful of idiots picking up my Books, cutting the public off from it to build publicity about controlling it and the way those who should have read it needed to understand it contained answers to problems they had faced all their lives and will be used to solve those problems, fail to pay for what they were getting, cling to applicable diplomatic relations at Government level which had nothing to do with it and make statements about me being their kids through whom they fulfilled their dreams otherwise such outcomes as dogs doing my job will be the result and set about making abusive comments about my personal and social life everyday – this was then followed up by another group of idiots who always wreck peoples lives to get paid for being popular and got about trashing diplomacy assets to get me sucking up to Celebrities that solve the biggest problems associated with this lifestyle for them, picking up all I did about it to pass off as another person’s career through media bubble and then turning out to make me acknowledge their stupid fame by issuing threats. The entire time of which I am so well buried in work that I end up with a sensibility that suggested they needed more education about the consequences of these activities, while they got to make me look more ridiculous by the day. From here they claim they needed access to equality while the equality issue was the one about which they hated me the most i.e. they have got more of that stuff where what I did to clear out problems created for me was passed off as another persons career to help them get paid for being popular and needed to throw it at me until they ended up with new personality disorder, which then makes sense of the fact that one of the issues that explains very well, the reasons that this is deliberate acts of wickedness, was the fact that there was nobody showing up at the backyards of Celebrity homes to nudge famous idiots out of their homes, while they needed to maintain this nonsense by building communities that get imagination up my bum. Eventually they come out saying it’s not about fame but more about the fact that a low life like me was an Arch Prince which then brings to bear the fact they were utter scumbags and none knows how they worked out which of my sensibilities when I respond to being annoyed by them, added up to how I am likely to respond to civil duties, pinch it and display it as their own on media, to become stronger than their stupidities have ever been, which then decided what I am capable of. That said, the status is fine, the office is alright, my work is done to its best, but the money is not, which allows me to see better than most, when the idiots were unable to tell the difference between privilege and stealing and will never turn the clinging to my finances jugular so to speak endlessly, with foolish violent lasciviousness, on their own careers. The result of these is that when I stopped them from handling me, it will become more obvious they were not entitled to my career and that will be the day their real careers had begun, meaning that they dropped down to obscurity and it would probably get worse when they tried reading my Books to make me change this disposition, as the Books were written by the same person.

They always make those excuses that this was all about my Publishers being bad people and it is utter nonsense – what happens goes beyond the fact that although Celebrities were obsessed with making a mess of arrangements people had with their despicable producers, like in my case, removing public interest in my Books to confiscate it for the purpose of solving personal decision problems as stupidly as possible, we did not see people make a mess of the bits about the producers that worked the careers for the Celebrities. I am aware of a couple of issues on the matter even if my publishers were making the trouble i.e. my Publishers are aware I had written 4 Books but I have only finished one of the four, in a setting where even if they were making all the trouble, it was also in their interest that I sold the Books because of their commission, hence there is a sense I am planning to make money from the one Book and move my concerns elsewhere, all of which is caused by stupid German influence women linked to Celebrities, that want to write my Books as well: so the interference that suggest my Publishers were the problem is meant to be insulting and adds to driving forces that will ensure it ends very badly. The progress being a matter of engaging with my audience and not spend time working the business of Celebrities making a mess of the Books, about which we know it has been a battle as well because their idiots were off building dot com millionaire dreams at my expense on account I owned an online Bookshop again, now complaining about the risk of obscurity.





(Middle Class Rascals, Celebrity culture, Political Influence and Crime - 2002 to 2017 inventory of my Career and Academia)

(Of which it is said that I am driven by some sort of evil that stirs within but its utter nonsense as the driving force here is unnecessary work which needs be done because those who had worked hard to earn what they have, must have done something unusual to take it from those who were more deserving of it - so apparently all hell hath broken lose simply because I wish to explain how I come by what I own all the time.)


I am not suffering from sickness anxiety as suggested in anyway; what has happened is a handful of people spending about 12 years of my time, working me every day, as a character that is hollow and people can put things into, also had a great personality and public image that can provide people with a good night sleep and peace of mind. We have now reached the stage where the access they have had become violent because it is their nature and they loved to claim that none could see what they were doing to me while I have warned them enough to act and therefore started with a process of burning all that mattered to them, to ensure that their stupidities were see-able. It is particular motivation when they claim that they were kinds of characters that would wreck my career and pick up their own where they left off, in the mean time complaining to Politicians that I am a reason that a lot of people had suffered set back – so I am encouraged to ask them to get in touch with me and each they did, tell me I thought I was important but somebody else was as it were. It is supposed to be a sequence of events; from the idea my Books were a bum covering exercise, to questions of whether reading my Books made the problem worse, to people loving my Books and eventually me being a proud owner of a successful Bookshop and this idea that I can help others out with Intellectual property but cannot protect mine because they were popular is the ground zero on this matter. Currently, I have not been able to account for the way my time has passed between 2017 and 2020, which is the most I can tolerate of it, complete with features that showed a black idiot next door who got punished by the Police, wanting me to attack him and get into trouble with the Police as well, while an alliance between white big brother and Muslim/Asian guy had since given rise to an elimination of everything that suggested people should not get imagination up my bum or play the highway to schizophrenia games with my social life, each time I stepped outside of my door and its going to end badly when it ends as I want it to. The part where they have been punished for it, showing that I am not expected to chase my own security, as there is likelihood of my actions adding up to an important directive for Public service and security Operatives. So I am told that people never stopped burning my finances but I am aware of this as such – even the wealth equity system that is taken up by mistresses that want to make something of the activities men spend their time on because they hated women, had nothing to do with my Bookshop and earnings, only the Celebrities who needed to show they thought of me as a punching bag and it is not going to end well either. They do boast that the wealth equity is now available to all which would mean as stupidly as possible that it had become a matter of activities carried through by gits with ideas about hating those who got along with me, therefore utter nonsense. So they do say the Royal family is in crisis but it is not, only the Prince of Wales performing some activities that led people to believe he took to certain women, got a wife and wanted another, calamity after another and now I am a centre piece for another saga i.e. he wants to do the work I am doing and had already made a grand mess by setting himself out as a character concerning whom criminals and ex-convicts may secure a different life from the one they picked up when they ended up in prison; a matter that is usually fundamental for people who had dealings with government as a show of good behaviour lost and one can only do the best I can for public stability that ensured that the Crown was seen to change hand down a specific route, thus these results are questions as to whether HRH could perform his role all together. It is not exactly clear why it is that people who believe the United State of America to have appointed them a handful of proxies and that the US Government spends its time putting them at the foremost stage of Policy making, loved to put themselves in charge of social matters about which they know nothing and set about getting others to pay the price for it financially. The current state of affairs are that Europeans, especially Germans are now engaged in a punishment spree, after I had a say in their need to chase business fortunes by having need of my assets, which is an unprecedented precedent for abusively handling others but they had decided was an unbeatable industrial popularity – the Americans are a little more incorrigible than everybody else, so I have to run through the popularity gimmicks and the celebrity and the politics and Media, whilst the British were a threat to anything I did to move on people who were a threat to my business image because I according to them thought I was important while other people were, the bottom chasing issues which had since become a phenomenon because they keep finding themselves in a situation where they had to fight my wars since they rather preferred to be bullies than they wanted to be human.

Eventually it is said that there is now enough evidence to show I will never recover from these matters, while there is really nothing to recover from, just the question of how I go about stopping people who enjoyed playing up practical jokes on my career and finances until they had wrecked it, claiming my responses were exhilarating whenever it was not a threat to their stupidities. As for my diet however, I seem to have combined food supplements in a way that eventually developed into something that appears to have the ability to control heart conditions – I am aware too that the Queen is aware of the creation and so is the Parliament but the idea of other people not being able to secure access to this creation has not yet achieved a process of showing that those who are involved with Government had a good behaviour requirement whereby they did not act in a way that helped to support those that have had an encounter with the Police over lifestyle issues. What it has done instead is stories of the way that Millennials needed to start taking responsibility for their abusive activities which is all very simple whilst a 12 year abuse of my personal life, personal and work relationships, studies and career, had since produced a result where the Media was manned by characters that enjoyed inviting themselves into my Court to get imagination finger up my bum for practical jokes purposes, power and a means to get what they want – this is left out of every complain that is issued about me and it was rather important that they told people about it instead of blabbing what Millennials had to do about their abusive activities that were a product of the fact they can see almost everything. This again will be said to have been a search for convenience on my part but it is not – I have tried as well, the biggest question these days is whether I pursued the fact these goons have recently trashed my social media because I am running a business with it, to transform a position they had adopted where they were not going to get jobs if they could work to gain access to and to control my Royal Office and its content property instead, this they say was a plan that progressed towards an outcome where their stupidities would become dot com millionaires in the future and none can tell what motivates people, no matter how stupid, to build a crowd that wants access to another person’s Office and personal life, instead of get a job either way but they are convinced that they were a threat to me and the insults cannot be controlled for the time being. So it seems that this behaviour was profitable on account that another group of idiots at Industry came up with ideas such that each time they abused me, they got rewarded with money, about which I had ensured it continued long enough for idiots of these kind who spend time dreaming and working towards a dream where I picked up a royal Commission and set about trying to make money somewhere around the shadows that the businesses they are involved with had casted at the market – hence they had since ended up with the kinds of employers, employees and business partners that their stupidities had always dreamed of working with and Millennials do not have to be accountable for anything whatsoever. In my case I now have to sell my Books but another group of fools had media jobs and were famous, so they needed to make a mess of the Bookshop for practical jokes and we have already done 6 years of warnings so far – the old story of the way we do our school leaving exams as a matter of the years spent developing talents acquired as a child, in a school environment but they have evolved to invent plans that helped them avoid the simple process of getting out of bed to chase a job without having most of their stupidities rely on somebody else’s ability to do the same, after which the idiots then raised the smell issues all the way to Buckingham Palace and issued threats at me, which is the reason they are getting a response.



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